Author Topic: Long Term Sleepers using RKG  (Read 3020 times)

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Long Term Sleepers using RKG
« on: February 03, 2017, 10:06:10 am »
During my essential research (my wife calls it playing !) I came across a small amount of cash at 1centroulette.
I decided to play for the hidden even chance (18 sleepers remaining) and the hidden dozen.

After 25 spins I had 18 numbers that hadn't been hit 
I (some would say foolishly) doubled my stake each bet but won on the 28th spin.

After 39 spins  I had 12 numbers that hadn't been hit these won on the 42nd spin .
I was now playing level stakes so broke even.

On the 42nd spin I was alerted to 3 finals which won on the next spin.

I then stopped while 42 units ahead.

I'm not recommending 1centcasino as I've had a problem depositing with them, but I was able to withdraw my 0.42$ profit OK, now what shall I spend it on?