Author Topic: My heart will still go on ! (I hope!!)  (Read 4120 times)

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My heart will still go on ! (I hope!!)
« on: June 23, 2017, 10:37:07 pm »
It happened again!

Last week I collapsed at home.
Luckily my wife was with me and called the emergency services.

I was rushed to hospital in the Air Ambulance again !  (I'm becoming a frequent flyer now! )

It wasn't a heart attack this time I was just overcome with the heat.

Obviously, I'm taking it fairly easy now, so I may be a little slow in replying to queries so please bear with me

One thing that's cropped up recently is people saying they can't run the free download of RouletteKeyGold
The usual reason for this is that they've tried it before. It has been going for 3 years now so it's not surprising!
Nobody who has subscribed has had problems running the software.

I understand if users want to pass a copy on to friends or relatives but I do have to protect my program.
(Just think how rich Bill Gates would be if nobody pirated his software!)

If any paid up subscribers would like an extra one years licence for someone they know then I can supply an extra licence for just 30.00.

Recently I've been playing for shorter periods I just wait till there are 18 unhit numbers then I'm alerted automatically, and I usually win.
Occasionally I may go to 12 unhit numbers.

I did another video recently to show what I mean. In the video description are 5 consecutive links to other winning sessions

To get a free 14 day (or session) download of RouletteKeyGold fill in the form accessed using the download tab at and providing you use a genuine email address you will receive download details which will only work if you haven't tried it previously.
All this happens automatically and a licence is issued via PayPal should you register.

When I manage to work it out again I'll add an option for a paid for 30 day trial
But if you want one in the meantime just ask and I can do one for 10.00 GBP

Good Luck

Peter Preston

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Re: My heart will still go on ! (I hope!!)
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2017, 09:22:08 am »
Hi Peter
so sad to hear about your poor health.
I just want to say thank you for your software I have been using it for 1 month or so its the best I have seen and I am still winning.
hope your heath improves.

Jim Bailey

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Re: My heart will still go on ! (I hope!!)
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2017, 10:05:04 pm »
Thanks Jim and everyone else who has wished me well.

Initially another heart attack was suspected (they don't send the helicopter for anyone!) but after tests this was ruled out ! :thumbsup:

It turns out I had a gum infection and this weakened me and I was overcome by the heat.
I was prescribed antibiotics which cleared me up in no time.

Soon I  have to go back into hospital for a few days to have some teeth extracted!  :scared:
I'm on the waiting list and I may be called anytime within the next 6 weeks (they say) , so forgive me if I don't reply to emails promptly.

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Re: My heart will still go on ! (I hope!!)
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2017, 11:01:57 pm »
Good grief!  You are the wars.

I recall some saying about bad luck coming in threes -- not without foundation in your case.

I was wondering why I'd not heard back from you after emailing you. Now I know why!

Good to see your morale -- if not your pecker -- is up. [In case our American friends are grinning they need to see this: ]

We look forward to your full recovery.