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Title: Dissecting a Shoe Played
Post by: alrelax on November 26, 2018, 06:24:53 pm
P-B(F/7)-PPPP-B(F/7)-PTP-BB-P-BBBBTTBBBB-P(P/8)TP-BB-PPTPP-BT-P(P/8)P-B-P-  (hands 1-39)


The 'Top Row', or the first-out of the B or the P, contained all the Panda-8's and Fortune 7's, except the last P-8.
The parenthesis notes the P-8 or the F-7 for the previous hand, not an additional hand.

I do very much like the 'top row' on the Big Road, AKA scoring horizontally or recording actually what came out as compared to all the other prediction roads, etc. 

Players= 42

8 and 8 for the two longest B & P runs, both equal

This shoe did adhere to the '-/+ 10' rule, which most shoes do follow, at the very end it was P=42 and B=33, a '9' deficit for the Banker. 

More as thoughts pop up and if anyone has any comment(s) on the shoe, etc.  Thanks.