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Unlike the so called infallible system which requires large amounts of time and money
this system usually wins in a short space of time.

The snags are:
That it must be played at a live French Casino using 'La Partage'
You need to place up to 6 bets each time so you need good mouse skills.

Instead of doubling the bets on a loss this technique does the opposite and doubles on a win!

In almost every game I play I see a run of 5 or more even chances. This is not a gamblers fallacy it is fact that this technique takes advantage of!

If you're not as quick with the mouse as you need to be then why not consider playing with a partner using a different connection to the same live casino
and dividing the spoils after the game. If you haven't got a partner contact me and I'll pass your details on to another user in your area or if you're in the UK
I'll even partner you myself.

I tend to limit my play to the first winning bet of 16/32 units or 37 spins maximum.
The most you can lose on your first bet is 3 units. After that you are playing you are playing with your accumulated winnings.

I'd suggest a bank of 100 units for stakes of 1 unit.

Do not try it on RNG casinos! (except for practice)

Details are in chapter 15 of The Winning Rules and Chapter 15 of my book 'Online Roulette The Winning Rules'
In Roulette Key Gold it is accessed by clicking on button XV
In the live demo below played at Betfair French Roulette I get a run on Low and win 56.00(GBP) more than enough to pay for a subscription to Roulette Key Gold!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/pd80gL5q52A" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Roulette Key Gold / Beware Recommended Casinos !!
April 23, 2018, 02:00:16 PM
I recently had an email from a member of the Roulette30 forum
with the subject matter "My roulette Tips and Recommedations",
yes I know it's spelt wrong !

It contained two links for one for Royal Panda one for Superior Casino.

Did everyone get this or just me?

It states "We do recommend them strongly without any reservation" and "According to player's opinion and our own experiences, it is definitely the best for US roulette players"  ( I don't know who the "We" is but as a member of this forum it's not me!

As both sites appear to be strongly recommended by Roulette30 I decided to have a look at them and test their withdrawal methods.
I did not accept any bonuses so I didn't believe withdrawals should be a problem.
So I made a small deposit in each won a little and then attempted to withdraw.

I had a look at the French Roulette at Royal Panda and unlike other French Roulettes in other casinos they do not offer La Partage where half the stake on even chance bets is returned should zero appear.
However, They do have an automated La Partage table.
I tested their withdrawal system and it took less than 24 hours to make a withdrawal so I'm fairly happy with that.

Superior Casino offer single zero European Roulette and American Roulette.
There are no 'Free Spins' in the European Roulette table
To withdraw cash takes 2-7 working days and after submitting a withdrawal.

I made a deposit via Neteller on the 5th April and it was accepted immediately. I made a small win and attempted to withdraw it.

I attempted to make a withdrawal on the 6th April. An image appeared on the screen saying "Your Withdrawal was successful!
I eagerly awaited my winnings and waited and waited....

(I notice at Superior Casino they say you can get a bonus by referring a friend. Well it's certainly no friend of mine who sent this link!)

On the 20th April they asked me for government-issued photo identification, a utility bill(not older than 2 months) to verify your address and a copy (both sides, please) of the credit card(s), if any, used to make a deposit.

Now on the 23rd April it is still processing! Despite me sending copies of government-issued photo identification and a utility bill. I refuse to send copies of my credit card as I paid with Neteller.

Superior Casino sent me over 30 emails since joining.
The majority encourage me to accept bonuses, reverse my withdrawal and even invest in Bitcoin. What they haven't done is send me my money!

Personally, I would never recommend a casino that I haven't successfully withdrawn from. And I am always suspicious of recommendations especially where they appear to be to affiliated links.
I do recommend that players avoid accepting bonuses and make a test withdrawal as soon as possible after joining

Perhaps Superior Casino don't like me withdrawing more than I put in, but surely that's the point of playing in the first place!

I've recently completed another short video at William Hill Penny Roulette

In it I get a bet on 24 numbers almost immediately.
and I show how to use the alert on 15 neighbouring numbers.

I finish with the 'Hidden Dozen' after 32 spins.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/2f8ILe5LbrI" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Roulette Key Gold / May the Fours be with you !
February 09, 2018, 05:00:41 PM
I've recently added a new bet to RouletteKeyGold.

It alerts you when just one set of 6 none overlapping corner bets haven't been hit.

(If you are on my mailing list you should have received download details. If not please use the form under the downloads tab at roulettekeygold.com)

So when you place the bet your place 6 bets that cover 24 numbers.

When every set has been hit it starts counting again so the alert is fully automatic

So far it's only lost for me once but then it won on the second spin.
The snag is if it loses you have to treble the stake.
Another snag is that it only returns a profit of 50% of  your stake

In the video  below it comes up and twice. I also have a bet on the 'hidden even chance' (when 18 numbers remain unhit)
and the Secret dozen  (when 12 numbers remain unhit)

This video is one of three played at William Hill Penny Roulette but please note I'm not recommending them, I believe it's best to play on live wheels.


I've added a new alert to RouletteKeyGold. (October 2017 release)

If you haven't tried the program before please fill in the form under the download tab at RouletteKeyGold.com.
Existing subscribers have been sent the new download details.

This new alert tells you when any one set of 15 neighbouring numbers (out of 37) on the wheel has
'slept' more than any other set and more than 5 times.

A worked example can be seen here http://winningrouletteplayer.com/Fifteens.html

To highlight any set of 12,15 or 18 numbers see here http://winningrouletteplayer.com/wheelclix.html

In the video below I get 2 alerts one at 7 spins and one after 15 spins

Both win on the first spin.
The bet cost 15 units and returns 36. Therefore, it's worth having two bets before either abandoning it or increasing the stake.
It usually wins but it might not. If it doesn't I'd advise against chasing the loss by increasing stakes. Instead I'd wait for the next alert.

At dublinbet live casinos it's easy to bet all 15 numbers at once by setting the racetrack counter to 7.
Other casinos (as in  the demo below at a William Hill RNG casino.) may take 3 clicks.

It happened again!

Last week I collapsed at home.
Luckily my wife was with me and called the emergency services.

I was rushed to hospital in the Air Ambulance again !  (I'm becoming a frequent flyer now! )

It wasn't a heart attack this time I was just overcome with the heat.

Obviously, I'm taking it fairly easy now, so I may be a little slow in replying to queries so please bear with me

One thing that's cropped up recently is people saying they can't run the free download of RouletteKeyGold
The usual reason for this is that they've tried it before. It has been going for 3 years now so it's not surprising!
Nobody who has subscribed has had problems running the software.

I understand if users want to pass a copy on to friends or relatives but I do have to protect my program.
(Just think how rich Bill Gates would be if nobody pirated his software!)

If any paid up subscribers would like an extra one years licence for someone they know then I can supply an extra licence for just £30.00.

Recently I've been playing for shorter periods I just wait till there are 18 unhit numbers then I'm alerted automatically, and I usually win.
Occasionally I may go to 12 unhit numbers.

I did another video recently to show what I mean. In the video description are 5 consecutive links to other winning sessions

To get a free 14 day (or session) download of RouletteKeyGold fill in the form accessed using the download tab at RouletteKeyGold.com and providing you use a genuine email address you will receive download details which will only work if you haven't tried it previously.
All this happens automatically and a licence is issued via PayPal should you register.

When I manage to work it out again I'll add an option for a paid for 30 day trial
But if you want one in the meantime just ask and I can do one for 10.00 GBP

Good Luck

Peter Preston

New Even Chance Alert in Roulette Key Gold

In every Roulette session there comes a time when 18 numbers remain unhit.
It usually happens between 20 & 30 spins.
And over the last few weeks of testing this bet it has always won within 5 spins and usually much sooner(for me). Naturally, I can't guarantee this will always be the case but I've only had positive feedback on it so far.

This new even chance bet has now been built into RouletteKeyGold and appears automatically when due.
It displays for about 20 seconds but can be re-displayed if necessary by clicking on the red number 18.

It's easy enough to place the 18 number bet at an RNG casino but to be honest I'm not quite quick enough at live casinos.

In the video below I'm playing for real money. The bet appears after 34 spins it wins on the first spin.
In this instance I decide to double up and bet again. It wins again.
I then stop this bet (with hindsight I should have doubled up an bet again) and waited for the hidden dozen, which lost 3 times before winning.

Just by betting on the 'Hidden Even Chance' Bet in RouletteKeyGold .
I've made 115 bets.

I started with an opening balance £5 which has now grown to £16.15

Initially I made 18p bets until I'd doubled my opening balance to £10.00.
Then I moved on to 36p bets.

In each case I doubled up on a loss.
My largest losing run was 4 .
My lowest balance was 3.19

I believe this only goes to show how dangerous a common Martingale strategy can be!

Image attached


Penny Roulette is back at William Hill !

It is an ideal testing ground for systems and techniques and programs such as RouletteKeyGold.

Until now I've had to make do with 1centroulette.com but the other day I noticed that William Hill have re-introduced their penny Roulette.

Being curious, and careful, I decided to play it till I reached the hidden even chance bet and then the hidden dozen. I won 77 units in less than 5 minutes !!

My method is to play until only 18 numbers haven't been hit.
(When the red 18 appears in RKG click I on it and all 18 unhit numbers are highlighted)

In this case 18 unhit numbers appear after 30 spins then throwing caution to the wind I double my bet on a win and go on till I reach the hidden dozen my usual stopping point.

See my video below

Roulette Key Gold / Long Term Sleepers using RKG
February 03, 2017, 10:06:10 AM
During my essential research (my wife calls it playing !) I came across a small amount of cash at 1centroulette.
I decided to play for the hidden even chance (18 sleepers remaining) and the hidden dozen.

After 25 spins I had 18 numbers that hadn't been hit 
I (some would say foolishly) doubled my stake each bet but won on the 28th spin.

After 39 spins  I had 12 numbers that hadn't been hit these won on the 42nd spin .
I was now playing level stakes so broke even.

On the 42nd spin I was alerted to 3 finals which won on the next spin.

I then stopped while 42 units ahead.

I'm not recommending 1centcasino as I've had a problem depositing with them, but I was able to withdraw my 0.42$ profit OK, now what shall I spend it on?

Roulette Key Gold / Payment systems
February 02, 2017, 09:59:42 AM
I just tried withdrawing winnings from 1centroulette.com to my Skrill account.
No problem but when I try to deposit from Skrill to 1centroulette.com the payment is rejected.
It's a pity because this is an ideal low risk testing ground.

I've also tried depositing $50 from Skrill to www.gentingcasino.com but they won't accept it Gentings tell me its for high rollers only.

I know I can withdraw from both casinos,I have done in the past but what's the best way to deposit cash.

Neither casino accept Netteller or PayPal can anyone recommend the best system for such casinos for  UK users?

One of my favourite bets is the hidden or secret  dozen.
This is occurs when 25 numbers have been hit and just 12 remain, it usually occurs after around 40 spins and is often considered a pretty reliable bet.

However, after recent discussions on Even Chance bets I noticed a similar phenomenon* on an even chances and have modified RouletteKeyGold accordingly.

At some stage in virtually every Roulette session there is a time when just 18 numbers remain unhit.

We've all probably seen the normal even chances sleep for over 20 spins but this set of 18 random numbers never seem to sleep for less !
So when only 18 numbers remain I believe they won't remain for long and so are probably worth betting on.
I'd even consider a Martingale progression! As in the second video below

I'd be interested to hear from anyone just how long 18 numbers have slept in your own play  and whether it was live or RNG
My record so far is 32 spins.
An explanation and two demos of cash play are below.
Any feedback will be much appreciated (I think !)

(phenomenon* I won this threw my spell chequer witch says its awl wright.)

Online Casinos / New Penny Roulette at William Hill
December 30, 2016, 06:16:43 AM
Has anybody managed to play the New penny roulette at William Hill ?

Despite the name the smallest chip I can see is 10p.

I managed to get it in practice mode but when I click on 'Play for Real Money" I can't log in.

WH seem unable to help!

I received a reply from WH  it said
"We apologize if we have not been able to get back to you sooner than expected. As checked, the matter concerning the minimum chip available for Penny Roulette (£0.10 when it should be £0.01) is already a known issue and is currently being worked on by our Technical Specialists. We will be releasing a new version of the game with the correct minimum chip however, there is no specific timeframe as to when this will be. Rest assured that this is being handled as a matter of importance. "

I was recently playing at DublinBet when RKG informed me that 12 adjacent numbers on the wheel had 'slept' 20 times.
Quite a rare occurrence. Luckily I was recording at the time and was able to place a bet as shown in the video below.

Level Stake betting on even chances using RouletteKeyGold

I'll count even chances any of the 18 number bets as counted by Roulette Key Gold. (I know its not quite an even chance bet being 18 out of 37 numbers.)

I'll use Red as an example but any set of 18 numbers will suffice.

During a session of 1000 spins one can expect red to sleep 4 times (BBBB) on average for around 31 times.

Similarly, one can expect red to sleep 5 times (BBBBB) on average for around 16 times.

Assuming Red won't sleep a fifth time bet on Red every time it sleeps 4 times

Total stake 31 units

If 16 of these bets lose we lose 16 units. However, the other 15 bets win returning 30 units.This shows an overall profit of 14 units. (a fairly typical result)
Of course it's still possible to lose but it is a rare occurrence. (according to my spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, few of us have time to play 1000 spins waiting for RED to sleep 4 times (on average 32 minutes)

But what happens if we bet when any even chance or set of 18 numbers sleeps 4 times, the time take is drastically reduced to only a few minutes between bets!

(If using level stakes on 18 different numbers the stake needs to be 18 times the minimum stake)


Incidentally, I've recently come across Powtoon for making cartoon videos, my first attempt at using it is below, let me know what you think.
It's free and I think I can use it to help the five out of three people who can't do Maths !
I find it tricky to get the timing right as you can see  but things can only get better !

For this demo of RouletteKeyGold I've used Betfair Casino and I'm playing Roulette Pro by Playtech

I don't get any alerts on H/L, R/B, O/E but I do get alerts on 3 sixains and 18 neighbours on the wheel

I've managed to program in another 37 even chances into RouletteKeyGold
see http://www.winningrouletteplayer.com/evens.html for  details.
I've set the default alert for even chances to 7 so now any time one of the (70+) sets of 18 numbers sleeps more than 7 times you get an automatic alert.
Also if you right click on a number in the top half of the window it shows a corresponding mark on the wheel in the lower half.
Right click on this and the following 18 numbers/chips are displayed.

As usual increasing bets after a loss may be dangerous so it may be better to wait for the next alert then either use level stakes or start a progression.

In the video below I get two alerts in 52 spins. So in effect I'm betting against a run of 9 a probability of approx 1 in 655 ! Now we can watch over 70 sets of even numbers, rather than the usual 6 so such alerts are much more frequent.

A free 14 day/session trial of RouletteKeyGold is available at RouletteKeyGold.com just click on the Download tab,  fill in the form (with a genuine email address!) and you will automatically receive a link to download it.
Roulette Key Gold / The other 37 even chances
July 23, 2016, 03:45:06 PM
Some subscribers to RKG have reported  considerable success with the new neighbouring dozens systems.

Some wait for any neighbouring dozen to sleep say 11 spins before betting.
Some wait for less then bet on it alongside other sleepers.

If seven show as sleeping this represents at least 18  numbers or additional even chance bets.
It's amazing how often they turn up!

There is no doubt that identifying a complete section of the wheel that is (or isn't) hitting is very useful knowledge.

The latest version is available for download to registered users only.

I've added a right click feature to the numbers, if you right click on any number on the table it
shows you where it is on the wheel a red marker pops up for a second or so.
So if you notice for example that two numbers have slept say 70 times by right clicking on both of them you will see exactly where
they are positioned on the wheel.

I've had to change the usual download address so if you haven't got it
then please register for a free trial by following  the download link at RouletteKeyGold.com or WinningRoulettePlayer.com
(The download page will now change on every release)

Instructions are at http://www.winningrouletteplayer.com/instr230716.html

The latest video is below, I've used an WH RNG table though I believe live is preferable (though much slower)

If you noticed that the ball had remained on one half the wheel for say seven spins what would you do ?

Would you bet on the half it stuck on or would you bet on the half it hadn't hit?

Would you wait for  9 spins or 10 spins or more to see if the pattern continued before betting?

Any answer is arguably equally valid and such a situation may well be grounds for starting a progression.

During  my process of 'continuous development' of RouletteKeyGold   I noticed while programming an alert for neighbouring dozens that several adjacent ones would come up simultaneously.

If seven come up at the same time then that means half the table is sleeping.

The first part of the video below gives an explanation the latter half shows actual play at BetVoyager No Zero during which I use neutral bets and get alerts on 3 sixains (yet another even chance bet) , 3 finals.
On spin 33 I get an alert that 5 adjacent neighbouring dozens have missed 7 spins this means 16 numbers have slept. I would have liked 18 but in the interests of the demo I bet and lost on the first bet, I won the next.

The numbers played were: 24,7,3,6,30,19,9,14,29,35,29,13,4,15,1,10,35,13,29,6,31,17,34,17,18,33,3,35,23,25,36,2,6,19,18

Apologies for the quality of the video. It started as a simple explanation then I put real play session into it. If any of you can do better please contact me.

The latest release of RouletteKeyGold is now ready, now you can watch an extra 37 dozens and even chance bets how will you use it?

One of you waits for any neighbouring dozen to miss 11 spins then bets on it and any other sleepers that have slept.

Another of you waits for several alerts at once before betting then uses a short progression dropping it after 2 spins but continuing it on the next alert.

After all you never have to wait long for another betting opportunity.

I've added a No-Zero button and a neutral bet button to RouletteKeyGold this is specifically for BetVoyager No Zero casino.
To be honest its the only NoZero casino I've used if anyone has experience of any others currently running please let me know.

Hi everyone

It's now a week since my latest heart operation and I've managed to do a little work on RKG
I've got to take it very easy while recuperating but it relieves the boredom.
Again bear with me if I'm slow in replying I never know when I'll be working or resting I should say or exercising but I won't  as it didn't do me any good last time I went for a 'healthy(?) walk!

Literally a heartfelt thanks to all of those who've wished me well.

I'm allowed to drive today and I'm going to the dentist, as the day before my heart attack I broke a tooth!
(It never rains but it pours!) :-X

Below is the latest video on neighbours as dozens.

The first half explains it the last half is actual cash play at William Hill European Roulette.
Although I prefer live French I've played the RNG table as it's much quicker.
The first bet is on 24 numbers, the second bet suggested is on 12 numbers (3 finals)
At the same time a bet on 3 sixains (half the wheel) is suggested
The sixains bet loses but I win on the final 6 as 36 comes in.
I then get an alert on neighbours system XVIIc which is all the neighbouring numbers on the wheel  between 1 and 13.
In addition to this I double up on the three sixains bet, I don't particularly endorse doubling up but admittedly I do sometimes.
Number 16 comes in and I win on one of the sixains and one of the 12 neighbours.
I then stop which can be quite a difficult thing to do when winning.

A new download is ready at the usual address, my next task is to tidy up the No Zero button functions for BetVoyager will post here again when it's ready.

Roulette Key Gold / My heart will go on!
March 02, 2016, 02:16:16 AM
After all my excitement the other day and my. Ride in the air ambulance it transpires I'd had a heart attack.!!!
So much for regularregular exercise.
had an operation yesterday , two large stent fitted so again bear with me if I'm slow in replying to requests and or queries. I expect I'll have to take it easy for a month or so, but will keep my hand in it relieves some of the boredom while rehabilitating!
Roulette Key Gold / NOT AGAIN
February 29, 2016, 05:08:09 PM
I'm in hospital again!!
I was having a gentle walk on the beach yesterday and suffered an 'episode'.
I was rushed into Exeter hospital by Air Ambulance!
Suffice to say i won't be working on rkg for a while.
but while here i'll clear a minor problem up.
the error message 'publication file not found'
you need two files in the same directory

they should both have the same creation dates, the lattter is the publication file. some people get errors because the extentions, .exe , .ilm aren't showing. adjust windows to show extentions then both should be visible. double click on the exe file and the registration page should open.

i haven't got access to a proper pc at present but should be back home recovering (slowly) in a week or so. i can hardly see what i'm doing on this tablet!
Meanwhile I'd still like toautomate the trial download process and if any of you are experts in MailChimp let me know and i may have work for you.
Roulette Key Gold / It's a heartache! Again !!
February 16, 2016, 07:41:21 PM
hi everyone
i'm in hospital again! the triple heart bypass i had last year has gone awry.  >:(

i'm in devon &exeter hospital awaiting test results.

it  had been going so well I'd been getting fit with regual visits to the gym, table tennis and swimming, a healthy diet, less alcohol and what for? Last week while swimming i had an angina attack luckily while i was in the shallow end!

the latest version of roulettekeygold is online at the usual address (check your emails)
payment of subscription and renewals by paypal will result in a licence number automatically.

i was just about to automate the whole trial download process from collecting emails to giving the 14 day trial and instructions but was taken ill before I'd finished!
the main change in rkg is a 'no zero' button click on this when using BV no zero roulette
and it will suggest slightly different bets especially on 12 neighbours and the hidden dozen.
this is in addition to the neutral bet button i'd previously added.

i haven't got access to a proper PC at present just a tablet with W8.1 and no mouse!
i've no idea when i'll be back home and working at least a week i guess but could be longer!
my personal email address is ppreston1000@gmail.com. i'll try and answer any queries and give download
links to the program if possibe , but please bear with me although i'm not doing anything in hospital
it's not exactly an easy life, but it is boring ! so please bear with me if i'm slow in replying.
I was playing at BetVoyager No Zero roulette and when I got to 74 spins I had eight sleepers!

Luckily I was recording my play.

I'd already won on the hidden dozen and other bets but eight sleepers after 74 spins !
I wouldn't bother with just two or three or even four but eight, I couldn't resist it! !
The default alert for sleepers in RKG is 73 it certainly paid off this time.

(As I'm playing a no zero table some figures shown by RKG are out by one I'm working on it and should fix it for the next release.)