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Baccarat Forum / Decision Making
June 16, 2024, 02:50:36 PM
Good decision making is made up of numerous things at the bac table by people that have learned Wagering a fixed mechanical bet and any type of negative progression will lead to losses; Plain, simple and will never ever change, PERIOD.

Okay onward, as KungFuBac said, "Random doesn't mean scattered evenly" and also, "using sequence/counting doesn't improve ones chance probability of success ". 

Remember those, because IMO and that of countless experienced bac players I associate with, will clearly live by those statements as a basis of play.

The true advantage of Bac is being able to follow a shoe, a section of the shoe, or any combination of the shoe's pieces.  Because, nothing can change what is going to happen unlike all other games in the casino.

The shoe is set once the cut card is placed and the burn card is matched with the appropriate number of cards that are not going to be in play. There is no way to set up a shoe by an automatic shuffler, no matter what so many people think or put out there on the Internet. Like I said, the shoe is set, they cannot be changed matter what any player or dealer says or does during the shoe's presentments.


You are great, but at times, you cannot get out of your own way while gambling. Same as so many of the best athletes when they are playing their sport.

You have to recognize what you were doing and why you did what you did.  Recognize your decisions and look at the shoe as better than yourself. In my opinion there's no other way. 

Something out of nothing. It happens and it does influence those that are not conscious of what they are engaging in. Plain and simple, think about it. You better realize it because it sure happens at the table multiple times during the shoe.

Can you replicate?  Figuring it out or just a hot streak? It is an advantaged decision process with risk, especially with holding your win amounts and your continuous Wagering of the shoe or session. The biggest downfall to players is believing short lived hot streaks are the results of their decision making process, because when they begin to lose a few decisions the negativities hits hard and affects their emotional and frustration levels.

And when you are emotional and frustrated, your decision making ability sores into the negativity fast and ugly. And when you allow that to happen, the casino will own your previous winnings and your buy-in amount as well as any further buy-ins you engage in somewhere in the upper 90 percentile of the times!


1). Realize What Analysis/Decision Making Is While Playing. You cannot analyze every situation, every situation occurring, every trend or every pattern, etc. There is positive and negative presentments that are happening for each of us at a live table. And you have to apply your decision making with a combination of your opinions, feelings, perceptions and beliefs as well.

2). Application of Protocol.  If you attempt to apply mathematical mechanical protocols to a shoe or two or three or four, you're in for big trouble. This is a proven fact. But in cases of positive wins or negative losses you have to feel comfortable to continue and handle each group of the wins or losses in a positive way. If you don't you will turn a positive session into a negative one, as well as turning a negative session into even a worse session. REALIZE WHAT PROTOCOL IS AND HOW TO GAIN AN ADVANTAGE FROM IT WHILE EMPLOYING IT RELIGIOUSLY.

3). Drawdown-Adding Ability to Hit Winning Hands or Sections.  Probably the most important item is to be aware of a drawdown of your buy-in funds.  Most all times there will be some type of drawdown without having the ease of winning from jump street. How much can you handle and what are you prepared to handle? Drawdown is a necessity that seasoned players will expect and not allow it to affect their emotional feelings causing frustration and anxiety at the table, which are amongst the worst things you can inflict upon yourself.  NOTE:  Seriously think about Drawdown and the psychological influences it can and usually will impose on players as well as physically watching your hard earned risk money dwindling in front of you.  And when you walk in and buy-in with your money, it doesn't matter if it's from an outside job/profession/career or from previous wins, it really will not matter. Think!
Totally Unbelievable!  "Dear Judge, I was a police officer but I have a gambling addiction.  Please don't give me too many years in prison because I used to serve our community".  Yeah, Right. What a total menace to society that was a Gun assigned law enforcement officer.  IMO, put him in general population at a hard core prison and not some low level prison camp either.

"A Las Vegas police officer was sentenced Tuesday to 12 years in federal prison for stealing nearly $165,000 in a trio of casino heists, including one in which he was found guilty of brandishing a department-issued weapon."

Baccarat Forum / Ultra Banker Dom Shoe
June 08, 2024, 11:25:21 PM
Bankers 51. Players 20.

What is very unique, was that it produced 30 Bankers to the Players 3 where those 3 streaks of Bankers clumped together. 

Not much more to say.  Ultra Bankers dominance with some doubles as a prelude to the Bankers showtime dance!

Once again, as I say repeatedly, '0-1-2-3 Ties' usually leads to a very good Section for easy picking!!!  Check out the beginning, (1 tie) simply textbook so!  While it's happening, smack it and smack it hard!  FIRST 48 HANDS, O-1-2-3 TIES, AS I SAY SO OFTEN!

Lots of non belief by the people playing of course.  A few make some profit, those that did gave it back in the hope of repeating it with subsequent shoes, lol. 

Anyway, feast your eyes!
Off-topic / Baccarat. The Way It Used To Be.
June 05, 2024, 10:16:26 PM
I know it will never happen again , never ever.  But I sure do miss the old school Baccarat rooms and the high limit rooms—ran and patronized the way they used to be, which also held the original bac tables. 

The tables were all two-sided with a capacity of 7 people each side, having their own plenty of space area.  No back betting, no handing money to another, no capping wagers, etc., etc.  There was one dealer standing that would call the cards, once the person that had the shoe slid the cards to the dealer standing.  Yes, each person physically had possession of the shoe and dealt the cards.  The person kept the shoe as long as that person made Banker winning hands, when the person made a players winning hand the shoe was passed to their right.  The person having the shoe could wager for Bankers or Players.

It was considered bad luck and uncool by all means to pass and not take the shoe, or pass the shoe if you made a Banker and didn't desire to deal additional hands.  If you were wagering for Banker, you would slide a card out of the shoe and to the dealer standing face down.  Then you would put the next card under the corner of the shoe face down.  Then you slide the next card for the players to the dealer face down, as well as another card for the banker under the corner of the shoe.  If you were wagering on Players side, you would slide the 2 face down Bankers cards under the shoe to the dealer and the dealer would slide you the Players two cards.

If no one was on players you could tell the dealer standing to flip the cards or hold them face down.  Then you would look at the bankers side cards you had wedged under the shoe.  On rare occasions at certain casinos, one could ask permission to pass the Bankers cards to another person.  If anyone was wager on the players side, then the dealer would slide them face down to whomever had the highest wager or whomever several said to pass them to.  Then you would expose the bankers side cards.

If needed, the dealer standing would call for a third card for the P or B or both.  Those would also go to whomever turned over the first two.

Shoe started in Seat 1 and travelled counterclockwise.  Where the shoe ended, the next shoe would begin in the next spot.  New cards of course each shuffle.  But a real shuffle, unwrap the new cards, mix-wash-shuffle. A true 20-30 mins between shoes easily.  Old cards put in a zip lock bag, marked, tagged and taken away. 

There were no electronic scoreboards.  Most all kept their score and notes on a house provided scorecard and decent pen.  Usually a two color pen at most places, blue and red ink.  Also, no side bets at all.  Only B, P and Tie. 

Most people were not playing a few hands by any means.  Sure a very limited amount of people would come on and play a small amount of hands, then leave, but not many.  Most of those type were frequenting the mini bac lower limit tables on the main floor.  Virtually no one dressed as the majority does today or should I say post late 90's.  Meaning no ripped jeans, no hoodies, no sweatshirts, no shorts, no ultra casual errand running clothes.  Guys had on slacks, dress shirts, Tommy Bahama style shirts, etc.  Women had on dresses, pants suit outfits, skirts and blouses, etc. 

Besides the dealer standing that would call and handle the cards, there would be two banker dealers seated with 2 completely independent chip racks.  One for each side of the table.  There would also be one floor person standing behind each side of the table, the entire shoe.  All dealers and floor people had 20-30 min breaks and got tapped out, etc. 

And as long as the person with the shoe was making Banker winning hands, no dealer or floor could go on break until the next winning player hand.  Same thing with a chip fill arriving at the table, shoe could not be brought in until the next winning player hand was made. 

Before the highest majority of all big bac tables were removed and replaced with minis, midi-Macau style tables, the people playing had the option of playing the big table mini style, where as one of the two seated chip rack dealers would deal the shoe and flip the cards, etc. 

But all in all, the whole atmosphere and level of camaraderie were heads and tails over what it is today.
Baccarat Forum / Just One More
June 04, 2024, 02:32:11 AM
One of the things that I do look for, is "just one more" events. 

My reasoning is, because change happens and will happen no matter what it is, what is happening or what the gambler desires.  And when it does, I sure have made a lot of great larger positive progression wagers on 1-2 and 3 of the next hands. 

True, that it might go a different direction, but a person needs to understand what the shoe might produce, more so than what he desires. 

The shoe loves to do two things and usually section those out.  Sectioning out means, exclusive to a certain section only, exclusive of other sections, and I favor 3-5 sections a shoe.  1). Out of the norm.  Break and deviate.  In other words, Against the current.  2). Continue with the more likely flow but against what has been produced by one or two more. 

My combat?  Working my buy-in a bit and of course, getting into my casino risk capital with a bit of fear.  But when wins come, dividing the profits into new un-feared risk capital while putting aside my buy-in so I am whole. 

No, you don't know what is or what is not going to come out.  Those on forums that claim to always know and all the system sellers are full of bull stuff totally!  However, if your not on it when it comes out, you can't win. 

I will post some pictures of just one more here.  Please understand that just one more, does not have to be a continuation of P/B iar.  It can very well be chop-chop or doubles, etc.  But for sake of explanation and simplicity, I will post pictures first of iar P/B. 

I will comment on the boards tomorrow.  But the 2nd picture also has a beautiful 8iar chop chop vs. the previous 2iar chop chop.  Large wagering on the 3rd one on until it falls off to a double. 

            👇EXAMPLES BELOW👇
Baccarat Forum / Back To Back Phenomenal Shoes
May 26, 2024, 10:19:42 PM
Went in at night and had these two.  Most did well, few cashed out and left.  Sad part was, most gave back their profits and win after the two shoes hoping to recreate additional ones.

First shoe.  30 Bankers vs 15 Players.  4 Fortune 7s. F7s at hands:  6-9-19-25.  Pic shows up to hand 52. 

At hand 19, came straight down and made that 'BOX'.  So many are in total negativity at the live table about the strength of what a shoe can do.  Love those boxes!  Wait until the very next shoe I will show you!

Will post the pic under the first one before the box was made, so you can see it.

Second shoe.  44 Bankers vs 32 Players.  4 Fortune 7s.  Fortune 7s at hands: 8-22-38-60.  Yes, 84 hands total. 

Once agai, what a damn BOX!  Love that to the max!  Some of us were playing for it and many against it. 

The Bankers run was hands 35-50.  It stopped and cut to Players after hand 50.  On hand 65 it went straight down for that classic BOX!

TECHNICAL NOTE:  Look at that Bead Plate in the second shoe, last picture!  Something I do follow, when it is happening in some kind of readable order/pattern.  The Bead Plate treats me well at times.
Baccarat Forum / Great Shoe. 5 F7s and 41B vs 29P
May 26, 2024, 09:49:10 PM
Banker heavy shoe. 

Fortune 7s at hands: 8-10-18-70-71

Loved the back-to-back F7 in the end.  At the table hand 70 had a 6 on the Players and Bankers had a 9 and an Ace.  Banker flops a 7 for the F7.  Next hand Players have a 3 and Bankers have 2 face cards.  Players flop a 7 and everyone on the Bankers (most all of us) are yelling for another 7 to the dealer.  She flops another 7!

Beautiful and great shoe for those that stuck with the Bankers and went consistently heavy. 
Hi Everyone!

Let me put something out here to answer some questions I have received off the forum while it was down/offline for a few weeks.  Kinda Two-fold.

First.  As many of the regular members noticed, there was a slow response to searches and posting with an extended time to load or retrieve content.  The forum needed to be 'cleaned up', have files removed and deleted, as well as problems with the server.  Victor who performs my maintenance had problems with a couple of things and this was supposed to only take a couple of days or so.  It took longer than we imagined by far. 

Second.  I was consumed in day-to-day life events including experiencing unprecedented dozens upon dozens of absolutely dangerous and life taking EF3 tornadoes the past few weeks.  While the day-to-day events were going on with myself and attempting to push 36 hours into 24 hour days, the forum problems were occurring.  I paid no attention to them.  Never followed up with Victor and put it all on the 'back burner' as the saying goes.

Second and a Half.  Recently I was questioned by two members of the forum as we communicate by phone as well, about the status of the board.  Long story short, I was ready to shut it down for good.  I do not profit from it, cost a little bit to keep it up and maintain it.  No advertising, links or commercialization of any type allowed without sponsorship and no one wants to pay anything to be a commercial member.  I also do not tolerate the well known circle of drama members that desire to soap opera every day and cause problems.  Upon review, we have a lot of readership and sign ins, but just a few regular members posting real, worthwhile and interesting posts. 

Upon communicating with a couple of members I was encouraged to keep it online as they believe it is a real type of non mathematical place to post and read.  Here is a quote from one of them, "your forum has a lot of meat on the bone posts, plus a broad range of approaches".  And, "most forums only have elementary level playing strategies/very few experienced real players at real tables". 

As well as, dealing almost everyday with memberships that sign up and then start their linking, spamming, phishing, etc., garbage.  Checking IP addresses and of course banning and blocking all the nonsense and drama driven concerns that make forums troublesome and aggravating to so many.  Once again, advertising, links to websites for gaming that so many will only take your money and are unregulated, and all the unrelated linking and diversion attempts.  It takes time throughout each and every day to attend to all this.

So, I was heavily leaning to staying offline and done.  But I rethought it all.  And here we are.

And here is a personal message quote from Victor to myself regarding the server and maintenance end of it.

"Hello & good day Glen, the server is good to be used normally again.  All data is okay.

In the end, it was the operating system unit getting clogged by files. I freed enough space already to cover the rest of the year.

Sorry for the interruption.

I'm in the process of offloading the daily backups to a secondary server, in order to minimize the possibility of this happening again.

Thank you very much again & much blessings."

I wish to add that I am hopeful to have more posting and members desiring to interact rather than just sign on and read. 

Wishing everyone health, happiness and good luck.

Administrator and Forum Owner
Myself and a couple others decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary today. 

We pulled out before 5a.m., and went to a nice spot down by a lake on a road we can continue down for the casino we eventually desire to wind up at later today.

We brought our breakfast and will discuss our thoughts and ideas as well for the sessions we will be engaging in.  Watch the sunrise and make some 'good time' life observations. 

Here are some pictures from a little bit ago. 

Will post pictures of the score boards if possible after the play.
Off-topic / Dinner and discussion of autos
April 03, 2024, 04:45:52 AM
A few of us (that regularly play baccarat together) met for dinner at a steak house tonight and we got talking about weird and strange autos that were produced a while back. 

It was actually a nice change for us, as we didn't talk a word about baccarat or the casinos.  We all had steaks with those huge old school shrimp cocktails.  We all enjoyed a superb glass or two of some great cognac as well.

Here the are with some pictures attached for your reference. 

Ford Pinto
Chevrolet Vega
VW Bus
AMC Pacer
AMC Gremlin
AMC Rambler
AMC Concord
1974 Ford Mustang II
Chevy Citation
Chevy Chevette
Chevy Corvair

And the Baker's Dozen special stupidity award goes to Cadillac for their, "rebadging of a Chevrolet Cavalier" into a CADILLAC CIMARRON!

From Motor Trend: "The compact Caddy was touted as "a new kind of Cadillac for a new kind of Cadillac owner" in its day. Certainly. Cimarron by Cadillac was built on GM's J platform at plants in South Gate, California, Lordstown, Ohio, and Janesville, Wisconsin between 1981 and 1988. Depending on the model year, Cimarrons were powered by 1.8- or 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines good for 86-88 horsepower. But if you were really livin' large—as one did in the Eighties—there was a 125-hp 2.8-liter V-6 available. Transmission options included a sad three-speed automatic for the V-6 and a sweet four- or five-speed manual for fours. Not impressed yet? Have you seen the Cimarron's thirteen-inch wheels and seriously classy hubcaps?

The Cimarron, introduced for the 1982 model year, became an instant icon of badge-engineered mediocrity, a mean stew of cynicism and desperation tinged with the sour stench of wheezy four-bangers and cheap velour," is howAutomobilesang its praises, adding, "In the early '80s, Cadillac still stood for a certain large-scale American bombast, but the Cimarron drove an 88-hp, four-cylinder stake straight through the heart of Cadillac's brand identity.

Inside, the front-wheel-drive sedan came standard with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a tachometer, perforated leather bucket seats, hand lever parking brake (sporty!), air conditioning, Trianon deep-pile carpeting, and an AM/FM radio—with four whole speakers! The cabin offered 89 cubic feet of passenger volume, per the EPA, which also pegged the Caddy's mileage at a decent 26 mpg city, 42 mpg highway."

Baccarat Forum / Beautiful Shoe-Great Quick Profit
April 01, 2024, 01:12:43 AM
It was an astonishingly beautiful shoe for those that played the banker and stuck with it. Setting aside that nasty 'cut' and has to go back to '50-50' type of belief. And believe me, there was a tremendous amount of verbal stupidity going on at the shoe by people with that mentality.

Players was only producing a single win each time for eight times.  I snapped the picture at hand 23. After the 4th single player was made.  What happened after this, was almost a replica of what you see here in the picture up to hand 40 something, a bit more than the entire first half of the shoe.

On the 8th hand was the first F7.  Had 2 three card 9-0s in the bankers favor for wins on the dragon bonus as well.  The next section produced more F7s, three card 8-0s and three card 9-0s in the bankers favor as well.  A quick $20k or so, wagering $200-500 most hands and more on others, $50 on Dragons and $25 on F7s.

There are so many emotional factors that are mixed in a Baccarat Players decision making process, most do not understand or know the proper way to deal with them. But when shoes happen the way this one did, it very seldom hurts the casino because most all baccarat players either cannot believe it is happening or they are scared to wager the right way with large bets and capitalize on it.  And the highest majority of all winning patrons, unfortunately give it back to the casino in pursuit of larger and greater wins. 

When it is there and you are on it, you have to set aside all the variations, strategies and allow yourself to win and win handsomely.

Yes, not all shoes will produce what you see below in the picture. But, when it is there-it is there. That happens quite often in the game of baccarat, you just have to be open enough to allow yourself to see it.

In order to catch the 'Now Vs. Now', you have to forget about the 'Before Vs. Now' at the table. If you do not, you will always-always-always give back your winnings along with your buy-in and most likely your bank roll if you keep playing that way.  Or, you will not capture an easy and quick 20-30-40 times your buy-in.

As I figured, later in the evening after I left the casino, I got a few phone calls.  Most all that did win stayed and gave it right back in their pursuit of larger and continuous winning. 

Without a solid MMM and knowing how to color up, stop and reset, you will have the fight of your life to hang on to any kind of bankroll let alone profits.

Baccarat Forum / Be Careful of Presetting
March 25, 2024, 04:10:10 AM
Be very very careful of believing in the preset, I'm going to wait for 'such and such' and I'm only going to wager for 'so-and-so'. Meaning a series of chops, long streaks, doubles, and numerous other events that happen in the game of baccarat.

What is Presetting?  A setting or value automatically assigned to something.  Example:  Wagering for the cut after a tie, or wagering for the same side after a natural, or continuously wagering for the cut after 3iar, etc., etc.

And usually the above is engaged in, because of previous experiences and your desire for those to return so you can wager correctly. Be careful, real careful and conscious of this! Before Vs. Now, is dangerous to your buy-in most of the time. Keep it Now Vs. Now. A concept so simple, yet so difficult to most.

H-Money and myself talked about this after his quick $15k win the other night.  https://betselection.cc/index.php?topic=11712.0 He did discover that the highest majority of what he normally wagers, are preset decisions based upon previous experiences.  He realizes that those experiences have almost nothing to do with what a different shoe is presenting.
Alrelax's Blog / Don’t Think Just Do It!
March 24, 2024, 10:20:21 PM

Last night it was simply beautiful!  Simply amazing, flawless and a touch of stomach wrenching, even thou I wasn't technically playing.

Here's what happened.  I went to the casino to pick up H-Money my buddy. He was dropped off there by a family member and we were going to go out to eat, after I picked up and then give him a ride home. I get to the casino and I'm standing there with H-Money, he is into the place for about $3,400. Asks me how much cash I have on me. I go in my pocket and I have $820 plus a folded up $450 that I had to drop off to somebody on the way home. I tell him $1,270. He asks for it and I give him $1,200 even.

Understand what was going on, as I was standing there watching for about 10 hands. Everybody was losing.  No matter what side they were wagering on the majority of the people were losing. There were hands such as the following ones I will write out.

P=2/face B 10/7 and P pulls a 6. Everyone on bankers.
P=4/9 B face/6 and P pulls a 4.  Everyone on bankers.

Everyone switched to players. 
P=10/8 (of course quick hi-5s) B turns over 10/9.

Most all the serious bettors switched back to bankers.
P=9/8. B=5/A.

Most stayed bankers.  P=9/9. B=9/8.

Then hands such as: P=face/4. B=face/face. P pulls a 6 and bankers pulls a 10.  Most were on bankers and that, "darn can't even beat a zero" was said out loud in frustration.

Everyone on players with large wagers. 
P=5/9. B=2/10. Players turn over a 7.  Bankers turn over a face card.  Another frustrating hand for most.

H-Money says, "let's do this" pretty loud.  Throws in the $1,200 I gave him and he had a few hundred left in chips.  He was attempting to get some camaraderie going, but most were down in their buy-ins and multiple re-buys. You know heads in their hands type of aura going on. 

It is a $2,000 max table. H-Money puts $800 on the bankers side and slaps the table. Most follow with a couple being on the players side.  Players open an 8 and a 2, Bankers open a 9 and a 10 for the win.  H-Money quickly parlays it all and adds the other $400 he had for the table max.  Dealer says table max out loud, the pit person sitting down with her back to the baccarat table turns her head and says OK, because she saw all the regular players.  One other person is near table max and the others on bankers are probably $50 to $200-ish.  Cards dealt, players total of 6 and bankers had a two card total of 7.  H-Money lets out a loud "Sweet Whispering Geronimo" and lots of laughter and happy faces. 

Understand this is an EZ Bac table, no bankers commission and most are regular patrons and friends anyway.  H-Money is staying at table Max and I will make sure he colors up and leaves if his winning streak continues or whatever he is feeling. Lots play for the cut or doubles and then the cut as we all know. 

Well a good 15 minutes later if not 20 minutes or so, seven more winning IAR bankers were made for a total streak of 9.  H-Money stuck at table max on every single one, from the 2nd one on, with lots of fanfare from numerous people playing.  Of course he lost the last one.  By the way, the hand that fell off was, P=N9 and B=N8. 

H-Money got his $3,400 back, gave me my $1,200 and walks with $10K plus a few hundred.  Nice dinner off casino property paid for as well as a gas fill up, both courtesy of H-Money. 

Side Note:  Lots of people playing cannot capitalize handsomely on streaks, extended chop chop, extended doubles or countless other events because of the drummed in belief of, "it can't or shouldn't happen" so they wager continuously for the cut and then when the cut comes, they go for the IAR, etc.  Or, they stop wagering all together. 

But H-Money hit it hard, stuck with it and I made sure he colored up and cashed out.  I can't say what he would have done if I was not there.  But I do know, wins like that give unhealthy beliefs that a continuation of winning has to happen and quick winnings are very quickly given right back and additional buy-ins are attempted to win again.   
I wrote about it before and I think it's just simply amazing how Fred Smith kept this company alive for one more week to cover his fuel bills, that led him to $5.8 billion dollars net worth as of this year. Which included taking $5,000.00 to Caesars palace in Las Vegas and winning $27,000.00 to cover a week's extra business life!

Quote from a magazine; "I asked Fred where the funds had come from, and he responded, 'The meeting with the General Dynamics board was a bust and I knew we needed money for Monday, so I took a plane to Las Vegas and won $27,000.' I said, 'You mean you took our last $5,000-- how could you do that?' He shrugged his shoulders and said, 'What difference does it make? Without the funds for the fuel companies, we couldn't have flown anyway.' Fred's luck held again. It was not much, but it came at a critical time and kept us in business for another week."


In 1970, Smith purchased the controlling interest in an aircraft maintenance company, Ark Aviation Sales,[5] and by 1971 turned its focus to trading used jets. On June 18, 1971, Smith founded Federal Express with his $4 million inheritance (approximately $29.8 million in 2023 dollars)[17] and raised $91 million (approximately $690 million in 2023 dollars)[17] in venture capital. In 1973, the company began offering service to 25 cities, and it began with small packages and documents and a fleet of 14 Falcon 20 (DA-20) jets. His focus was on developing an integrated air-ground system. Smith developed FedEx on the business idea of a shipment version of a bank clearing house where one bank clearing house was located in the middle of the representative banks and all their representatives would be sent to the central location to exchange materials.[5]

In the early days of FedEx, Smith had to go to great lengths to keep the company afloat. In one instance, after a crucial business loan was denied, he took the company's last $5,000 to Las Vegas and won $27,000 gambling on blackjack to cover the company's $24,000 fuel bill. It kept FedEx alive for one more week.[18]

In 2003 Smith, along with Robert Rothman and Dwight Schar, purchased a minority share of the Washington Commanders, an American football franchise belonging to the National Football League. The three owned a total of 40% of the team until 2021, when they sold their stake to majority owner Dan Snyder following discontentment with Snyder.[19][20] Smith also owns or co-owns several other entertainment companies, such as Alcon Entertainment.

In 2000, Smith made an appearance as himself in the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away, when Hanks's character is welcomed back, which was filmed on location at FedEx's home facilities in Memphis, Tennessee. A DKE Fraternity Brother of George W. Bush while at Yale, after Bush's 2000 election, there was some speculation that Smith might be appointed to the Bush Cabinet as Defense Secretary.[21] While Smith was Bush's first choice for the position, he declined for medical reasons — Donald Rumsfeld was named instead.[22] Although Smith was friends with both 2004 major candidates, John Kerry and George W. Bush, Smith chose to endorse Bush's re-election in 2004. When Bush decided to replace Rumsfeld, Smith was offered the position again, but he declined in order to spend time with his terminally ill daughter.[23]

Smith was a supporter of Senator John McCain's 2008 Presidential bid, and had been named McCain's national co-chairman of his campaign committee.

Smith was inducted into the Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame and also awarded the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement in 1998.[24] He was inducted into the SMEI Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in 2000. His other awards include "CEO of the Year 2004" by Chief Executive Magazine[25] and the 2008 Kellogg Award for Distinguished Leadership, presented by the Kellogg School of Management on May 29, 2008.[26] He was also awarded the 2008 Bower Award for Business Leadership from The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[27] He is the 2011 recipient of the Tony Jannus Award for distinguished contributions to commercial aviation.[28]

While CEO of FedEx in 2008, Smith earned a total compensation of $10,434,589, which included a base salary of $1,430,466, a cash bonus of $2,705,000, stocks granted of $0, and options granted of $5,461,575.[29] In June 2009, Smith expressed interest in purchasing the controlling share (60%) of the St. Louis Rams from Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez.[30] In 2009, Smith earned a total compensation of $7,740,658, which included a base salary of $1,355,028, a cash bonus of $0, stocks granted of $0, options granted of $5,079,191, and other compensation totaling $1,306,439.[31]

In March 2014, Fortune Magazine ranked him 26th among the list of the "World's 50 Greatest Leaders".[32]

In March 2022, Smith announced that he would step down as CEO and become executive chairman. He named long-time FedEx executive Raj Subramaniam as his successor.

Baccarat Forum / 7 Fortune 7s Within One Shoe
March 13, 2024, 07:05:59 AM
7 Fortune 7s in this suburb shoe!  :)

F7s at hands:  2-15-46-55-66-70-79.

Look at the start and the finish.  Exact same.
Hands 1-2 and 79-80.  Player-Banker F7.  Banker F7-Player.  First F-7 was players 2 face cards and bankers blackjack, players pull a 6 and bankers pull a 6.  Last F7 was players had a face card and a 10 and bankers a blackjack, players pull a 6 and bankers pull a 6.

Note:  I had a friend that was there and was wagering ($1,000.00) on every 2nd line bet, from the very beginning.  And that was his only wager.  Won 18 and lost 10.  Pocketed a nice $8,000.00 for a bit over 2 hours of time.  Not bad huh?

Note:  Also how every one but one F7 came about on a cut from the players side.

Note:  Also just prior to the 9 banker streak it was 35 players to 24 bankers.  Classic and Consistent Equalization occurred!  Loved that one!
Let's cut the chase and understand the power of influence. Bad influences will affect your wagering and profitability.

1).  Expectations that will prevent you from winning and might increase your losses greatly. There are plenty of expectations that players believe in, for example, believing that statistical averages will appear in their favor during the few shoes they play within a session. But there are plenty of other unrealistic expectations and you better define what they are and get rid of them;

2).  Oblivious states of mind, where as you convince yourself you can win and buy-in past initial risk capital buy-in over and over. You better come to grips with what the initial risk capital and your buy-in should be and look at it as your chance to win or call it an attempt to win and walk away;

3).  Continuously telling yourself excuses for losing hands or not wagering larger amounts on your winning hands. Very dangerous influences that will put you into a completely wrong state of mind you don't want to be in;

4).  Senseless play that only leads to grinding you down. There's no way I could define them all because we all have different expectations we believe in, therefore you better think about what grinds you down and how to avoid falling into senseless play.  If you think it doesn't happen to you, you are not ready to define it and improve your game yet;

5).  Have some type of MMM/PLAN, that you strictly adhere to, with 100% belief.

When winning, never walk away unless you used up the allocation for additional play within your MMM.

One thing I repeatedly tell myself when I get to my personal win amount and my MMM kicks in is that; "If I held onto my winnings with a plan as well as controlled my losses, I would have a hell of a lot of money that I gave back in reckless pursuit of winning more". I consciously say that during most all sessions when I get into the win status, when I do. 

Remember, you are responding to what you cannot control. Meaning you're facing a shoe that will produce anything and everything and not adhere to anything you believe in or not and in random order. Therefore results will affect your inner thoughts, with or without your conscious permission. Remember that while at the table!

MMM is not bet selection, such as 1-1-1-2-2-3, or wagering on any number of triggers, etc., etc. Those are bet selection and wagering beliefs. not MMM.

A true MMM Plan, is a solid concrete method that will dictate what to do with your winnings as well as limiting your play when you lose. Period. It also can allocate larger clump wagering with a certain portion of your winnings giving you an advantage, especially with positive progressions allowing you quick profitability in much larger amounts, that most do not engage in or find it difficult to. 

Think and think hard about what I am bringing forward here.
Here it is from the government.  And I will tell you, it is no game.  The casinos enforce it.  The world of the SAR is very strong and goes into play between $2,000.00 and $3,500.00 if the player is not a regular known ID on file player, etc.

Just thought some of you would like to know (as if we already all did not) where the majority of the new members signing on, first or second posts, attempting to insert their Links, Phishing, Spamming and everything related to those 'low-life' computer journey livelihood ventures people originate from.


There are others, but those are the top 3, that I catch, when I run their IP Locations.  Yes, some do use USA or other country 'Proxy' servers, but there are ways to catch those as well. 

And to reiterate myself and my policies here, I am not against well known and regular posting members inserting links to their posts.  However as far as links to online gambling websites, I rather those are not inserted for various reasons. 

One of those reasons is that I feel most of them are not honest in their business practices.  I tried to deal with a couple of them that are on other forums as well.  I have proven their business practices to be dishonest in many ways.  If they are dishonest in their business practices, I can only imagine what they engage in with their players. 

As far as someone that is honest coming on board here, posting and promoting honest and reputable gaming sites, I am open to that.  But, I want to know who the member is beyond an anonymous, by proxy, email contact only, as well as whom the gambling site is with references and certifications, etc., etc.  Then the person can sponsor our forum and promote business in a real and open way. 

Most likely won't happen because the way I look at those attempting to Link, Spam, Phish, etc., is the same as those that call our cell phones with their robot or off-shore call centers trying to sell after market car warranties, house warranties, burial insurance policies, etc., etc., etc.  And if you attempt to redial and call 99% of them back, your cell phone carrier will tell you, the number you reached has been disconnected and is out of service.  The more creative ones actually have started using your own area code and first three digits as their originating business number, and it is not.  Others have found computer programs to actually show call back numbers of real live businesses and others, that are in no way connected to them.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Right along with those texting they are from the USPS or UPS and there is a package waiting, etc.,etc., just click the link to get it delivered.  Oh yeah one more.  The one about the $1,537.17 charge to Walmart or Amazon and if we made it there is no action required, but if we did not click the link to stop the pending credit card charge, etc., etc.

So, I have nothing against someone that desires to promote honest and reputable online gaming, but I want to know who the person is as well as the business.   

Baccarat Forum / Great Shoe
February 29, 2024, 11:07:28 PM
Absolutely great shoe. Will post later tonight.

But I will tell you one thing if people don't start posting and posting something viable about baccarat I'm going to change the way that the membership signs in and has access to the forum.
Here are two more great shoes.  First one was a Bankers paradise finishing with +20.  One Fortune 7 near the beginning. 

Second one had another 13 hands after this picture.  Streak of 12 Players occurred, followed by the last hand which was the 6th Fortune 7! 

Fortune 7s at hands; 23-31-45-60-65-80.

38 Bankers, 40 Players, 7 Ties.

First Banker of the shoe (hand 6) opens with a banker 30:1 3 Card 9-0.  See picture. 

One of the Fortune 7s, (I snuck a picture) I had a $250 base bet (first of a new base series bet) black chip on bottom, $50 dragon bonus and $25 fortune 7 wager.  Dealer is cutting out my $1,000 F7 win-$500 black and $500 green.  2:1 for the dragon bonus, win by 5, already laid out, $100.
Played 3 nights this past week.  One night I had 2 shoes, first with a Players 9 Streak and 3 Ties and the next shoe had an opposite Bankers 9 Streak along with a 3 Tie as well.  Fortune 7s are circled.

And after the steak of 9 Bankers I started my F7 wagering.  Here is a quick snapshot of the 7 flop.  After this the Bankers side just inundated the game for the next 25 hands with only about 4 or so Players winning.  2 more fortune 7s also came out.

Seat 5 was mine.  Base unit of $300 or so with $25 Fortune 7s.
Off-topic / Photo Ops
February 06, 2024, 01:10:57 AM
ADulay gave me the idea for this thread.

I do like sunrises, sunsets, rainbows and unique sky colors.  Here are a few.  Could not resist to capture them.

First one was about 20-25 minutes earlier than the second one.  It was a fantastic coloring of the sky with a gradual relief of the dark black cluster of clouds.

KungFuBac's pick is the 49'ers.

My pick is the Chiefs.

I have to go with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes to get it done.

Any thoughts?

Baccarat Forum / 6 Fortune 7s and 39 B-30 P
January 13, 2024, 02:13:29 PM
My 0-1-2-3 0/Low Tie applies here 100%! 

Clumping and Chop in first half.

End of shoe everyone is at $500-$1,000 a hand (1k max table) losing most every hand, literally calling for their believed upon chop-chop that had to appear, etc., etc.  Most people made $2,000 to $5,000 but gave it all back with wagering against those side-by-side B-5iar and P-3iar and the final B-4iar (there was 3 additional Bankers making a 4iar but I snapped the pic at hand 77 instead of hand 80). 

Interestingly, the last 4iar Bankers were, P natural 8 Bankers natural 9, P-6 and B-7, P natural 8 Bankers natural 9, and the final hand was Players 4 and Bankers 2 then the Players pull a 9 and the Bankers pulling a 2. 

Fortune 7s at hands: 3-4-5-21-35-50. 

Again, anything and everything happens at the table.  I have never witnessed a 3 back-to-back Fortune 7.  I have seen 2 back-to-back with a 3rd in the same Banker streak, but never 3iar.

No matter what you use to guide you through playing Baccarat, will ever repeatedly work and allow you to win with consistency. Nothing at all!

Your wins will be the result of a proper Money Management Method, that gives you advantages with concrete buffers (which include buffers to cut down, increase safely as well as stop), if you have the wherewithal to follow it-without thinking it will turn around losses or allow you to continue Wagering shoe after shoe after shoe.

Even when you are winning and you have multiplied your buy-in numerous times, mistakes are unavoidable. Do not blame yourself, if you do you will allow disadvantages to enter your play very quickly. Then you will be off track and you are certain to lose, or give back large portions of your win money.

I will tell you something, from years of baccarat play reference mistakes. It is not a problem to make them. The only problem is, if you never learn from them. And learning from them is not figuring out the placement of a wager after a trigger occurred. It is a bit more complex than that. It is actually reading randomness, capturing what is being presented and being guided by a real Money Management Method. Call me out on that, but I don't really see any other way one can make money at the game Baccarat. At least on a continuous basis.

I witness players actually fear failure at the tables all the time. I know if you are afraid of failure, you cannot win at the game Baccarat and do what needs to be done with wagering.

It took me a while to figure out the difference between a successful master and a beginner at the game of baccarat. And that is not always measured by the years of play. But I do know for sure, that a Baccarat Master has failed more times than the Beginner has even tried.

If you are a beginner, drum it into yourself you will fail. If you can recognize that and use that, you will add valuable pieces to the puzzle of baccarat most all people can never ever recognize, let alone use.

There is no rock-solid way, trigger system, or scheduling of wagering to continuously win, or even win small hit and run sessions with 51% +, as so many seem to believe. The same goes with triggers and scheduling that wins a few hands, but every person playing that way will lose far in excess of what he has won attempting to re-capture the wins with the beliefs subconsciously adopted for all the wrong reasons.

But, just because it is not happening at a certain time, one shoe, three shoes, eight shoes, a few weeks here or there, in no way means it never will. You have to learn the way while you are playing. Some things will be wrong at varying and unknown times, mistakes and losses must occur before you will have the confidence and be able to tackle the shoe challenges, doing it all with sheer passion and purpose along with a way to consciously understand randomness, employ a good GREAT M.M.M., and leave your emotions/frustrations at the door. 

FINAL THOUGHTS:  1) To myself, success is being able to win greater amounts monthly than I lose.  2) Being able to maintain my true passion and purpose when I play. 3) Maintaining my bankroll with occasional increases from wins.  4) Using my win money (cashed out win) for other things than gambling.  5) And most importantly, accepting both mistakes and losses with a Baccarat Masters frame-of-mind and attempt to learn from those.

(Taking advantage of presentments you understand, with a M.M.M., you follow results in the attachment I posted here).