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Here is how winning consistently works.

You go on the internet and stumble over everything that doesn't work for years. You try everything you can think of. You overlook advice of others because it has nothing to do with what you are interested in now. Even though any advice has yet to cause the casinos to change tactics in the last 200 years, you keep searching. Some of you do your own research even. You keep this up hoping to discover the so called holy grail that nobody has discovered yet. Once you find it you go silent on the internet forums...

... ... ... ..........................................!

This is the first time I've started a thread in the Baccarat forum. You might wonder why?

I have recently decided to move away from 24 to 26 numbers per bet and dropped back to 16 to 18 numbers per bet. I'm now a 50/50 player and MM issues on this forum apply to my new adventures. Instead of one stream of data B/P, I have many more streams of sets that equate to 50/50 bets. All that means is that I see more opportunities from trends. Still, it's what you do with that data that matters.

That only creates a reality check where the three states, phases, occurs. So the only way to deal with this information is to attack and retreat. That's where I'm at now.

I'm shifting my focus to 90% MM. I believe this is where the focus needs to be. I have boldness issues. I've cut my teeth on flat betting. So my big bets are never more than three times my flat bets. I've discovered that that is not enough. I could be wrong though. I had two bet levels, low and a little higher than low. Now I'm checking to see if 5 times or 10 times my flat bet amount works better. Any advice would be welcome. It's back to school time for me.
Quote from: Jimske on November 30, 2015, 06:18:46 PM

Nonsense.  Total misread.  I can take what I dish!  Your posts were deleted because they were OFF TOPIC.  You still haven't explained in any satisfactory way why one "negates an edge" by betting every hand.  Neither has Gizmo and neither has asymbacc.  So get off your high horse telling me what "we both know"

Here, they will be on topic.

Everyone knows that card counting 21 players wait for opportunity. It's not a mathematical advantage unless they deliberately target a favored condition.

Look at these spin results for 100 spins and 12 different dozens tracked in groups of threes: notice the red dominations?

.....x....xxxx.xxx...xx..x.x.....x..x.....xx..xxx.....xx..x....x...x.......x.x..xx.x..x...x...xx..x. -- 34
xx.x..xxxx....x...xxx.......x.x....x..xxxx..x....x...x..x..xxx..x.....xx..x.x.xx..x....xxx......x..x -- 38
..x.x..................xx.x..x.xx....x............xxx............xx.xx..xx..........xx.....xxx...x.. -- 24

....xx..x.x.x..x.x.x..x....xx..x.x..xxx...x.x.x..x....xx...x...x...xx.x...x.x...x.x...xx..x......xx. -- 36
..xx.......x.x.........xx.x..xx....x.....x......x.x..x....x.x.....x..x.xx..x..x..x......xx..x....... -- 26
xx....xx.x....x.x.x.xx...x......x......xx..x...x...xx...x....x..xx.......x...x.x...xxx.....x.xxxx..x -- 34

............x..xxx.x...xx...x...xx..x.x..x....x.x.x.x.x.....x..x..xx.x.xx.x.....x...x..x.....x...x.. -- 31
..x..xxx.xx..x....x..xx....x.x.........x..xx...x.......x..x.....x.....x....xxxxx.x.x.xx...x.......xx -- 32
xx.xx...x..x..x.....x....xx...xx...x.x..x...x....x.x.x..x..x.x...x..x....x........x.....xx.xx.xxx... -- 33

...........x..x..x.......xx...xxx.x.xx.......x..x....x..xx...xxx................x...........x.xx.x.. -- 24
..x..xxx.xx..x....x..xx....x.x.........x..xx...x.......x..x.....x.....x....xxxxx.x.x.xx...x.......xx -- 32
xx.xx...x...x..xx..xx..xx...x....x.x..x.xx..x.x..xxxx.x....xx....xxxxx.xxxx.......x.x..xxx.x.x..x... -- 44

You could just bet on positions that look like they are heading into a domination, if you know how. Bet $2 per number in the dozen that might be in a state of domination; bet $1 per number on the other dozen that coincidentally appears not to be asleep.

BTW, Gr8player plays like a genius level professional player too.
Gizmotron / In a nutshell
July 10, 2013, 05:13:28 PM
The separation of the bet selection process from beliefs is a key to leaving the casino as a winner.

You use bet selection to see the current conditions. Having a fixed bet selection process allows you to use it as a tool. You can see the conditions caused by its use and the flow of random spins happening.

From the observation of those conditions you can adjust the value of your bets. If the conditions are that you would lose then your bets should be nothing or a minimum table bet. If the conditions are that you would win then you should use a high flat bet. If the conditions are that you neither win much or lose much the the bets should be minimum or nothing.

There is one condition that effects everything. That is when a condition changes. If it change a lot then you should bet nothing. You should only target and bet big when the conditions are great.. This is a skilled craft that you can learn to perfect. Experience is the needed requirement . From that alone you will begin to see valid opportunities.

If you know this technique then you know I'm telling the truth. There is no need to discuss how the sausage is made or to wander off into the weeds of disrupting the thread. You all know that I use the characteristics of trends for my bet selection choice. Refocus should be on the conditions and the repetition of the changes.
Even chance / With regards to even chance
June 14, 2013, 03:24:35 PM
With regards to even chance please try to visualize this. You have A horizontal line running across the page. This line represents breaking even. Now overlayed on that is a sign-wave of win loss results. With that following a statistical path of average you would see a sign-wave of symmetrical form slightly edging its way down across the graph from left to right. It would descend  about 5 to 6 out of a 100 spins. Now everyone knows that Roulette does not act symmetrical. But it does tend to follow an up and down characteristic to it. When you start out, there are times when you can quit while you are ahead. Because of the law of averages eventually it will be impossible to end as a winner. Eventually the win spots on the graph can't ascend high enough to end above the break even point. But for a while, early on, there was an opportunity to quit as a winner. Roulette is not a complicated game. It's just that some people can't see the simplest of opportunities
Here is some new telemetry:

Too big to post

If you check at the bottom you will see it was a very difficult session.

Even chance / @Chrisbis
March 11, 2013, 02:47:06 PM
" Hi Mark. Have you shown 213² your tracker system ? he could learn a thing or too about watching for trends and events."

It's posted here for anyone to download it. I think that he has seen it. But what's interesting is that he doesn't use it. He visualizes a common condition of randomness just by looking at the marquee. That's a wonderful trick. He's right about how often the common condition exists. It's most the time. The trend characteristics are much fewer and far between. I have to search among some 25+ groupings to find a strong occurring trend. They don't happen for long stretches at times. There are twice as many singles as there are doubles. Intermingled singles and doubles are the most common state. Anyone can verify this. Just make a list of trend/notTrend results ( tttNNNNN...) You will see a lot of N's.
Gizmotron / liveCode goes Open Source
March 09, 2013, 01:55:21 AM
A true write once, run anywhere, software development language goes Open Source.


My favorite development language is about to be free.

When I turn loose my validation of concept software, it will now become easy for coding experts to analyze every command and function. As an open source app it should spread throughout the world as an amazing example of contradiction. It will be a game changer for casino owners. It will work on smart phones too. That should cause a new round of casino rights.
Gizmotron / The Global Effect, what is it?
February 24, 2013, 11:01:22 PM
Just in case it's too difficult to find this information I have decided to make it all clear right here.

First a simple test.

Can you see the global effect in this string of red & blacks?

rrrr BBB rr BBBB rBrrr BB rrr BBBBB rBrBrB rrrr BBB rr BB rrrr BBB rrrrrrr ...

When I'm done you will be able to see it the way that I do. You could kill the casino if you see it the way that I do. Lets first see if anyone sees the big picture. Please contribute. There are no wrong answers that have useful directions. Please, no progression stuff. This is about guessing the next bets.
General Discussion / "Woulda,coulda,shoulda"
February 19, 2013, 07:19:54 PM
Sam - "Woulda,coulda,shoulda"

I would like to know what other's think. I provided the practice software, the charting program, the list of trend characteristics, and the complete technique for using these trends and the current conditions and effectiveness.

I chose this forum to publish my work for free. Except for advanced concepts everything is here. I would have gladly discussed these advanced concepts but nobody has expressed any interest, save that one here already knows them.

If you did not download my charting program then it is nearly impossible to understand my teachings. You could duplicate what I do in live casinos, where I use hand written index cards. You can't see the trends like I do without these kind of charts.
General Discussion / Trigger This
January 31, 2013, 07:31:22 PM
 RoulettKEY -" Ignatus...why do you not ever listen to people who have far more experience in testing, study and play than you?

No one here is trying to beat you down...we offer constructive advice and then you get offended and it spirals a little outta control sometimes.

I can recall on another board being scolded by you for "complaining too much" when I tried to offer a voice of reason because you had invented the grail which I knew did not work...(this is just a month ago)...you would not listen to reason. Your minions had run thousands and thousands of spins with defective math and were ready to own the casinos. You continued to deride me and within 12 hours of the holy grails discovery it was fully tested, annoited, and anyone with a voice of reason shouted down...oh yeah..and then it was removed because of faulty math, faulty logic and it crashed and burned... And...it did so in such a dramatic way that you removed the entire thread as if it had never happened.

Do you get your kicks by starting these kind of threads and then just try to keep punking people?

Just askin'. Real players try to help you and everytime we all come away with the same feeling...every single friggin time. I am sure I am not speaking solely for myself. I do not know Gizmo or Ophis...have never talked to either. But I've read their posts, and I've read yours. You may not agree but you should take counsel and respond with a little dignity. Take it for what it's worth.

Now just a tidbit on your 123-Move. It's a 12 or 13 number bet with basically 3 sets of 3 fixed wheel sectors. You just linked wheel sectors 1,2 and 3 together and called it dozen 1...wheel sectors 4,5 and 6 together...dozen 2. Wheel sectors 7,8 and 9 together...dozen three. It's not revolutionary. You are talking to people like they have never bet wheel sectors before. We have...we do.

Some sector methods play the center sector and the two neighbors, sometimes people take the last number hit and it's direct 6 neighbors on either side (keeping with your dozens theme). Some are looking for hot numbers and other sleepers, others are looking for patterns such as your 1.2.3 or 3.2.1. People are speaking from experience that you are not giving them credit for because anybody that has been on the forums or around the wheels for any length of time have seen it, done it and know what the upside and downside of these methods are. We are trying to tell you.

Many methods can be great if they are just 10% new. Just a little different slant at the way you look at something. Change the trigger, change a progression, implement mid-stream stop-losses...the list goes on and on so far as the tweaks that make a decent method an exceptional method. The problem is many of the best tweaks make the methods difficult to track and play in live wheel sessions and that has to be taken into consideration as well. There are many players on these forums that can be a great asset to you...don't keep driving everyone away and wondering aloud why no one will help you test today's great idea."

Just thought I would save this before it was cowardly removed.
What about following trends?  What is it?

Construct - Wikipedia " A construct in the philosophy of science is an ideal object, where the existence of the thing may be said to depend upon a subject's mind. This, as opposed to a "real" object, where existence does not seem to depend on the existence of a mind. "

At best, following a trend is a process of identifying formations envisioned in your mind. Because of that, following a pattern uses the same process. The only difference is that often patterns suffer the difficulties of complicated identification. But they do have many similar qualities as dominances, sleepers, and series.
Gizmotron / A Personal Request
December 31, 2012, 03:59:57 PM
I got these questions on a pm:
" You mentioned that it will take others to tell me your software works. May I ask what you mean by this?"

If I give away the 'proof' software I will not encrypt the source code. You might need someone to explain it to you.

"Will only certain people be allowed to use or view the software and they will confirm that it works?"

Sounds like the least foolish thing to do, don't you think? If I chose to make a point then you can have a look see.

"When do you think your software will be ready?"

Just about the time you have had a good laugh.

"On the forum I only try my best to advance roulette and make it an enjoyable place for people. There is enough sadness in the world. The forum can be a great place for people to let go of their worries and enjoy discussing and thinking about roulette."

Then you should enjoy yourself while many are still interested. Once a proven solution is published very few will frequent these kinds of forums.

Reply to
Gizmotron / Collision, When Worlds Collide
December 18, 2012, 12:41:17 AM
Collision, When Worlds Collide

This is variance gone wild. If you have a genuine skill for making good double dozen bets and good double column bets then you can place bets on the inside that only cover  16 numbers per bet.

If you have a collision of sleeping dozens with a sleeping column you have the perfect storm. You can use it to execute a multiple pull-off grouping of staggered positive progressions.  If you don't know what that is just ask.

The version I like is five units per number. I let one progression ride one spin and take it off, with its winnings. I let the other four units ride with their respective winnings. After the second win I pull off one of the four that has now won two in a row. Of course I takes those winnings off too. That leaves step three, four, and five with their respective winnings for each step.

You don't have to have a collision of variance to try this. You just need to be good at guessing the flow of current conditions. That's not difficult if you are experienced in this area of dozens  and columns. If you get the collisions right you only need 16 numbers to cover it.
Off-topic / the forum just took a dump
December 16, 2012, 10:08:22 PM
Now this window works great but on my last post the text entry goes way off screen right on my smart phone. I'm not sure why. This screen is about 86 characters wide. I wonder how that other text entry screen went bonkers?
Code experiments and function development for proof of concepts.

Gizmotron / Proof that trends work
December 06, 2012, 08:39:48 PM
Got my software. Paste this string of spins into my charting software, or your own hand drawn charts.

copy this : see attachment

copy it to clipboard
Press Clear
Press paste spins (don't add line breaks or returns)
Press load spins
Gizmotron / Tracking Software for Practice & Real Play
December 05, 2012, 10:20:34 PM
Here is the software I practice and teach / discuss with.

Upgraded to 3.2, now allows setting bets, keeps running total.
Fixed a bug. Now cleans up comma delimited lists of spins.

Gambling Philosophy / * Randomness Breaker *
December 05, 2012, 06:41:43 PM





Even chance / The Real Question about *Pattern Breaker*
November 29, 2012, 09:07:40 PM
JL - " PATTERN BREAKER is capable of producing. Most of the time YES. you win 6 you lose 1 you win 4 you lose 1. You win 9 you lose 1.

THEN! Something special happens, that random entry into the cycle goes on a winning streak15,20,25 OR BEYOND. "

Quote from: Gizmotron on November 29, 2012, 08:37:02 PM
Sorry to break this to you but that is common of a straight uninterrupted 3 step Marti also. I just created a plain old 3 step Marti with no special waiting for the last of eight patterns and no "HAR" intervals. And guess what? You can't tell the difference between the win/loss sequences for this test and the w/L sequences for PB. They have the same long win streaks as the mumbo jumbo win streaks. Your balloon is popped. This is the definitive "cat's out of the bag" moment. There's no need to wait two years.

I dare any of you to compare PB win streak claims against those of a common 3 step Martingale. Be prepared to be amazed.
Meta-selection / The Simple Explanation: Attacking Trends
November 28, 2012, 03:02:13 PM
How to see and attack the basic occurrences of dominations.

It is not uncommon to see 45 reds and 15 blacks in 60 consecutive spins. If you just flat bet red you are going to win at a three to one rate. The unit result is +30. If you have a properly formed chart you can look at it and see the dominance of red numbers in less than 1 second. If you can't see that then you are using the wrong kind of charts.

You should be able to detect the beginnings of a well formed dominance within 7 to 10 spins. So you begin to bet the dominant even-chance occurring opportunity found in your chart. As long as it continues, You get further ahead.

Dominances are very seldom the same. Sometimes the weak side is peppered with singles and sometimes the weak side is peppered with an absence of singles. You can attack this absence of singles while also sticking to your win streak on the dominant side. 

Are there any questions yet?
Double-street / Ultimate Randomness Pattern Breaker
November 26, 2012, 03:33:46 AM
If you can figure this out then you are king of the mountain .
There's nine steps in the progression.
There's Ten sessions at 150 spins per session.
There's no need for H.A.R.

41 - -138
19 - -276
10 - -414
3 - -396
2 - -372
6 - -324
10 - -462
6 - -414
4 - -372
8 - -336
3 - -318
1 - 30
2 - 54
4 - 96
5 - 126
5 - 156
8 - 192
2 - 216
1 - 246
11 - 108
4 - 150
6 - 198
4 - 240
3 - 258
7 - 318
5 - 348
1 - 378
1 - 408
6 - 456
2 - 480
3 - 498
3 - 516
1 - 546
20 - 408
1 - 438
1 - 468
28 - -138
3 - -120
4 - -78
4 - -36
1 - -6
3 - 12
8 - 48
15 - -90
3 - -72
8 - -36
4 - 6
3 - 24
8 - 60
1 - 90
7 - 150
2 - 24
23 - -114
12 - -252
1 - -222
13 - -360
5 - -330
8 - -294
17 - -432
2 - -408
6 - -360
6 - 48
6 - 96
2 - 120
8 - 156
1 - 186
4 - 228
2 - 252
1 - 282
9 - 324
1 - 354
4 - 396
5 - 426
5 - 456
2 - 480
18 - 342
10 - 204
1 - 234
3 - 252
1 - 282
2 - 306
4 - 348
8 - 384
2 - 408
1 - 438
1 - 468
3 - 486
10 - -138
1 - -108
7 - -48
1 - -18
8 - 18
3 - 36
8 - 72
4 - 114
3 - 132
10 - -6
1 - 24
5 - 54
1 - 84
6 - 132
4 - 174
1 - 204
1 - 234
2 - 258
6 - 306
2 - 330
6 - 378
15 - 240
5 - 270
2 - 294
19 - -138
8 - -102
2 - -78
3 - -60
1 - -30
1 - 0
7 - 60
1 - 90
7 - 150
5 - 180
4 - 222
6 - 270
1 - 300
2 - 324
9 - 366
5 - 396
3 - 414
1 - 444
8 - 480
2 - 504
6 - 552
10 - 414
16 - -138
2 - -114
2 - -90
7 - -30
5 - 0
5 - 30
4 - 72
8 - 108
3 - 126
5 - 156
10 - 18
7 - 78
3 - 96
2 - 120
5 - 150
2 - 174
9 - 216
2 - 24
7 - 84
4 - 126
1 - 156
7 - 216
13 - 78
11 - -60
1 - -30
13 - -168
1 - -138
12 - -276
14 - -414
4 - -372
5 - -342
4 - -300
3 - -282
3 - -264
12 - -138
10 - -276
3 - -258
1 - -228
13 - -366
5 - -336
6 - -288
3 - -270
2 - -246
5 - -216
1 - -186
7 - -126
12 - -264
4 - -222
3 - -204
4 - -162
1 - -132
1 - -102
1 - -72
2 - -48
8 - -12
-- ( -12 + -264 + 216 + 414 + 294 + 486 + -360 + 150 + 468 + -318 ) = 1074
I just tried to PM him back and he has that capability blocked.

So lets try this in the wide open.

I tried to register. Something very disturbing happened. You require the real name and birthday. That's a huge no no for giving out information on the internet. Everything about this smells fishy. So thanks but I don't know you.
General Discussion / Magical Thinking
November 21, 2012, 04:56:20 PM
QuoteMagical Thinking Simply stated, magical thinking refers to a mistaken belief that one thing has an influence on something else when, actually, the two things are not connected. Here's an example of magical thinking: you forget your umbrella one day and it rains, and you think that you caused the rain because you forgot your umbrella. Using selective attention, you may start to believe that it "always" rains when you forget your umbrella.

Magical thinking in gambling works in a similar way. If you win a large prize on a Tuesday, you may start to believe that Tuesday is the best day to gamble. In doing so, you're making a connection between events that are not actually related. There's no connection between times of day...
So if I understand these things, You start the session some time after walking into the casino. That means your sequence, using Pattern Breaker, is completely different for you than the sequence for someone else starting one hour later. So when you start is a factor of the difficulty in hitting the moving target.

In Pattern Breaker the point is to avoid back to back loses, and to have a win ratio greater than 7/1.

So in Pattern Breaker you wait for a last pattern standing. You then bet it won't strike at the very next three spins.

The only bad part left of all this is the waiting. I'm suggesting that all the waiting is unnecessary. You should be able to select one of the patterns randomly