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Started by Albalaha, August 04, 2014, 03:28:30 AM

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The second of Albalaha's Shoes.

This one was a corker as well. Losses at the front of the shoe on the Left Hand side with groups 3 and 4 showing. Then Losses at the back of the shoe on the Right Hand side.

In all my testing so far, playing for Losses is going better than playing for Wins. Now if I was playing for real money and only betting for the Wins. I would be pulling my hair out by now.


Shoe 3.

8/10 losses on the right hand side.

People will think you are crazy in the Casino when you are celebrating another loss.

By tracking the left hand side and the right hand side, you are really allowing for any short term variance to show up. Working in pairs also naturally helps as you have 4 pairs as opposed to just two results (Banker or Player) in a normal game.


A shoe on 7th Jan 2015. Shot at perfect time. End of shoe.
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