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Stats for all the states sports betting, handle, hold, revenue & taxes

Started by alrelax, October 03, 2022, 12:01:59 PM

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Stats for most all states concerning sports betting revealing the following:

Handle: Amount wagered over the time period.

Revenue: Amount of money kept by sportsbooks out of the amount wagered.

Hold %: How much revenue sportsbooks keep as a function of handle.

Taxes/state revenue: Taxes collected by state and local jurisdictions; or state share of proceeds in revenue-sharing markets.

The numbers reflect all reported numbers starting in June 2018 to date.

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Thx . Interesting data.

They too experience Variance. e.g., Note this in two consec months for Delaware with an approx 4-year avg hold of 14.7%:

November 2021    $15,567,067    $4,567,120    29.3%    $3,391,917
December 2021    $12,638,955    ($968,520)    -7.7%    ($992,897)

Also note the difference by state.

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Delaware Sportsbetting hold by month:

December 2021    $12,638,955    ($968,520)    -7.7%    ($992,897)

*I do recall AsymBacGuy made the trek to Delaware,USA back in Dec of 21'. Coincidence, I think not. :)
"There are many large numbers smaller than one."