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The Shower System

Started by wannawin, August 09, 2014, 09:10:00 PM

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Record 60 spins.

Look for a group of minimum four numbers next to each other hit two or more times.

Numbers must be bordered on either side by numbers hit only once.

Qualifying group must include minimum one number with 3 or more hits.

No more than two qualifying groups.

6 or 7 numbers need a minimum of 3 numbers with 3 or more hits to be qualified.

8 or 9 numbers need a minimum of 4 numbers with 3 or more hits to be qualified.


Bet the qualified groups x 30 times.


It is recommended to monitor at least 4 wheels to maximize the chance to qualify one after 60 spins.

Never bet more than 30 spins.

100 units for bank. 100 units backup.

When you double the bankroll you must double the value of the unit.

If the bank lowers the unit lowers back too.

say things directly to show respect for other people's time. Walter.