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Systems may expire per person?

Started by wannawin, September 02, 2014, 07:28:52 AM

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There is an intriguing question that is revealed in the experiences shared in these forums. A person claims that he has a good system which can be winning to him for years on average. Another person claims that he used the same system and quickly exploded in his face. Then each person can have an estimate of success or failure? The system expired fastest for a person than another? And no matter what he does that system is over for him forever again.

If this is so, then how could you take advantage of this? You could raise money with the players which has systems that work for them? While they work of course.

Maybe another technique is to introduce the system to people absolutely new in the casino game and partnering with them as their beginner's luck lasts.

If the system will explode to him then time to find another victim. pardon, a new rookie partner.
say things directly to show respect for other people's time. Walter.


This idea intrigues me cyclically. I recently was at the casino and saw a man playing at another table. While everyone is betting on the numbers, he gambled dozens. It caught my attention because he added a chip on each spin. mmm it is a unintelligent system which pays 2-1, he is increasing more than what is required.

The truth is that when he won back top bets he earned more, up a chip of it at a time makes more money. I saw no rhyme or reason to the dozens he chose. It was not the most sleepy. Nor was always the last dozen spun. At times he won but continued to rise only to drop back after a hit.

It was earning well, perhaps thinking he had the ultimate winner with that over-betting system. It recalled me this question of systems may expire per person.
say things directly to show respect for other people's time. Walter.