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75% Money Management

Started by VLS, July 06, 2015, 04:55:23 AM

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This is the upgrade to the 50% MM, the 75% MM version:


It can prove itself useful when dealing with "streaky" methods.

The gist of this upgrade keeps on being maximizing unit size when on a positive tram of winning sessions, and minimizing the losses when things aren't going your way.

You may want to check the 50% MM thread for the original discussion:


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-- Victor


The whole procedure:

  • 36-unit bank of minimal unit is the session bank.
  • Each session is comprised by several "attacks".
  • Each attack is ended on any hit giving you a plus (or breaking even).
  • You compound the unit as per the 75% MM's rules after every attack (important).
  • If the next bet would dip the balance at or past -36 from current balance high, the session is over.

Any "leftover unit" from the session is added to the minimal-unit bankrolls. A "leftover" unit is what remains when the amount of numbers to bet would surpass -36. For instance, if next bet is 4 numbers and you are -33 from your highest, you stop the session and save the remaining 3 units as leftover from the attack.

It is advisable for the initial unit to be divisible by 10 (at least). This means if you bet with 0.10 as base unit, session bank is 0.10 x 36 = $3.6 and your casino must have a 0.01 chip. If you bet with $1 as base unit, then your session bank is $36 and your casino must have 0.10 chip to apply the MM comfortably.

You must round down when dealing with decimals you can't place exactly with you available table chips.

Generous table limits are better because there is no stop-win for the session(s) with this, only stop-loss (important too).

It is quite an exciting thing to see the unit rise with this MM (the 50% to compound part). Also, knowing that no matter what happens you will have some units locked as you hit is reassuring. At times even the "leftovers" with an engorged unit can make-up for a tasty gain in initial unit-value. Of course, it is a downer to see the unit drop when starting again with minimal units, especially after the unit is very engorged, but it doesn't matter because you know even only one session going the right way can make you rake-in several "cushion" banks and your 25% cut also rises with a higher successfully-compounded unit.

The 75% MM is VERY recommended for those methods where the winning streaks truly clump.

Don't miss trying this baby with your favorite streaky/clumping method. In my book, the 75% MM has the double thumbs-up when you find that special method that clumps its wins and losses steadily.

Splits and straight-ups are preferred of course.

Cheers again!
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-- Victor


hey Vic,

thank you for this very interesting MM :) i have some clarification though.

1. why do we need that 0.10 chip when our base unit is 1? what is it for?

2. i have this strategy using 8 numbers that hits in 3 or 6 spins depends on the position of the planets ;D.

session 1 bank : 80u

spin 1(miss): -8 ; remaining session bank: 72u
spin 2(miss): -8 ; remaining session bank: 64u
spin 3(hit): -8 ; remaining session 1 bank: 56u ;  +36u

should i apply the 75% rule like this?

a. apply the 75% rule on the 36u won.

win: 36u
session 1 bank(50%) : 56u + 18u = 74u
session 2 bank(25%) : 80u + 9u = 89u
me(25%): +9u


b. apply the 75% rule after we refill the 80u starting session 1 bank.

win: 36u
session 1 bank: 56u + 36u = 92u (total units on hand)
                        92u - 80u = 12u (total units after refilling session 1 bank; applying the 75% rule here )
                        80u + 6u(50%) = 86u   (total session 1 bank)
session 2 bank: 80u + 3u(25%) = 83u
me(25%): 3u


Quote from: marvin on February 28, 2016, 06:05:31 PM
hey Vic,

thank you for this very interesting MM :)

You are welcome Marvin, it is posted in the hopes it helps the fellows around :)

Quote from: marvin on February 28, 2016, 06:05:31 PM1. why do we need that 0.10 chip when our base unit is 1? what is it for?

You need it to be able to divide/split the session when compounding the unit.

For instance, when you have to play 1.7 per location you would place $1 x 1 and $0.10 x 7.

Quoteshould i apply the 75% rule like this? [...]

For the 36-unit attack illustration made in the post above, the 75% is applied after every successful "attack".

An attack being defined as any hit leaving you in the positive.

You can of course apply it as you please. It may be after every win OR after every successful session with your method thus making it an inter-session money management.

It can be used both in-session as well as inter-session. Up to you!

Cheers :thumbsup:
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-- Victor


Victor. - unfortunately this assumes that you will win eventually and what to do with the winning money.  I wish I win with my methods.  >:D