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CALCULATED BETS Computers, Gambling, and Mathematical Modeling to Win

Started by wannawin, September 21, 2015, 09:16:23 AM

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"This is a book about a gambling system that works. It tells how the author used
computer simulations and mathematical-modeling techniques to predict the
outcome of jai alai matches and bet on them successfully, thus increasing his
initial stake by over 500 percent in one year! His methods can work for anyone;
at the end of the book he tells the best way to watch jai alai and how to bet
on it."

say things directly to show respect for other people's time. Walter.


Believe it or not, I actually have that book here in the house.  I bought it a LONG time ago.

When I lived in Orlando, I was wagering $1100 a week, every week, on Jai-Alai.  At the time you could "advance wager" up to two days in advance of the actual game so every other day the wife and I would drive up and make the advance wagers.

I was seriously into computers and this was a time when almost everyone used pencil and paper to track what they could.  I wrote several very nice routines on those old computers and had DAILY printouts of which games and players to wager on.

When I left the area, computers still hadn't caught up with Jai-Alai and I had some very interesting offers to purchase my years of data.  I eventually gave it away to a very deserving older individual that I had struck up a great relationship with on Jai-Alai and all things worldly.

Now, everyone and their brother has the data basically handed to them with each program for a dollar!!  What separated my data from the current data was the depth and percentages that I carried over time.

Yes, I did show a nice profit year after year in the pari-mutuel arena, but it was literally a daily grind.  I loved the game so much I actually learned to play it from the pros and played in the open public leagues that they had there.  Jai-Alai is a beautiful game but I can only see it now when I head over to Miami or Dania to visit friends.   They closed the Tampa fronton about two weeks after I moved to the west coast of Florida.

That book that you mentioned had some good data in it but it is now terribly dated.  It did give me some great programming ideas at the time though.

AD (amateur Jai-Alai player of no note whatsoever)


Friend. Thank you for sharing this story . I have never played jai-alai and admire one who can play. Congratulations on being a man of sports and gambling . Two activities that seem at first to belong to different domains but are more closely linked together today than ever.

Computers have changed many areas of life , The stakes have been no exception.  Good to see someone who can claim to have been on the positive side of the equation. Quite refreshing.
say things directly to show respect for other people's time. Walter.


As a side note to all of this, I've found that everyone I ever dragged over to the fronton to watch (and wager) on Jai-Alai really liked it.  ALL of them said they preferred it to dogs or horses for wagering.

For me, the main reason I never got into dogs or horses was the time in between races.   You can go a half hour or so at the track while Jai-Alai is a strictly timed EIGHT MINUTES between games!!

You had better have your picks ready and at the window to make the wagers.   That's also one of the reasons we did a lot of "advance wagering" as I generally had my picks ready for the entire session at one time.

All that and you can sit down right on the screen/mesh and literally be in the action on the court.

All this talk has the wife saying we really need to make a run over and catch the matinee one of these days.  Dania Jai-Alai is closed for renovation and a new casino setup but the Miami Springs Jai-Alai fronton is open.   Hmmm.   Road trip!!