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truths and deleted messages.........

Started by wannawin, October 02, 2016, 11:34:19 AM

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Recently a topic discussing one of the presidential candidates was erased. one always wonders if one candidate is favored over the other. careful with this: for many to erase the thread is their answer ............ I better stop here.

Although it is my blog I ask: please do not mention names of any of the candidates in this thread. would like opinions about the fact and not the content. thank you.
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vo rogue

hi wannawin,  i replied to "alrelax"  thread,  with a counter viewpoint, it disappeared, (heres hoping his preferred candidate does),
al why did you pull that one ?.


The owners did not want a political discussion, which I attempted to keep it non-political with facts only.  They removed a post or two and left the OP.  So I deleted that to make them happy.  Hope that explains.
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