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flat bet winning possibility: method with teeth

Started by wannawin, October 10, 2017, 06:26:30 AM

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This method looks good to conduct long term study . progression analysis would be interesting.

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   kj smooth   Posted: 04-Sep-10 20:14   
I know some will play this and I'll never hear a word from them, I accept that. Some might even rip the method AND still play it. lol This is flat betting. I use units of $15, $10 and $5 but use whatever fits your budget the best. I try and separate fact from opinion. A fact is, in 'X' number of spins, we will get a complete street hit, all 3 numbers. I do have to thank Bayes ahead of time, he helped me a bit.

Ok, on to the method >> I keep track of the last *12* numbers hit. When the next number hits, cross off the latest number, we will always be looking at the LAST 12. Any street with TWO of the numbers hit, is what we are looking for. Example: the 14 and 15 are hit within the 12 recorded. We flat bet the 13 UNTIL either a win OR until either the 14 or 15 is NOT within the 12 recorded anymore. I have done lots of testing recording the last 11, 10, 13 and 14 spins, I have found that *12* works the best. Anytime all 3 (a win) are within the 12, no more betting on that number UNTIL it drops back to two within the street.

EXAMPLE: We were betting on the 13, it hits and we have a win. Lets say a couple spins later, the 14 drops from the last 12 recorded. We NOW have the 13 and 15 hit so we bet on the 14 until either a win OR until either the 13 or 15 is NOT within 12 recorded anymore. Don't make this tougher than it is. Sometimes I over explain stuff. lol There are some spins where NO betting will take place. Now, what about multiple bets going on? This is what I do in terms of betting. 1-2 bets: I bet $15 per number, 3 bets: I bet $10 per number, 4+ bets: I bet $5 per number. It is very rare to have 4+ within 12 but you MUST have a RULE for every situation.

My BR is 3K but use what you can afford. No progression here, that should make a few happy. Its VERY common for a street to hit within a short (12) period of time. What I like about this most, we are NOT betting on semi-cold streets. My win goal is 1K, then go home. Any questions, just ask. Thanks for reading. Ken

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