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Cheating D'Alembert

Started by VLS, January 27, 2013, 08:18:40 PM

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-      On a lose we only move the unit up by +1 unit at a time, as in the standard D'alembert..
-      We always reset to base unit when we tie or reach a new bankroll high.
-      On a win, we can lower MORE than -1 unit at a time using the following criterion:

We compare both, the amount if we take -1 from the last winning bet (as in the standard D'alembert) and the amount of units we are below from the bankroll.


We start with 200 units.
We place 1 unit and lose.

We have this:
-      D'alembert says: 1 + 1 = 2 as next bet.
-      We are -1 unit below: 1 as next bet.

We chose 1 as our next bet since it is the lower.


Another example:

We were up at 230.
We are currently at 220.

In our stream of bets at this given sample time we are placing 4 units.
We lose -4 and are now at 216.

-      D'alembert says: 4 + 1 = 5 as next bet.
-      We do the math (High bankroll – Current): 230 – 216 = 14 units as next bet.

We always pick the lower, so in this case we pick what D'alembert says: 5 units as next bet.


The third possible example is: at times it will be the same value on both, the D'almbert and the loss units. No brainer. Just use that value.

I.e: You start with 200.
Place 1 unit. Loss.
You determine 1 unit as next bet and lose.
Now D'alembert is 1+1 = 2 as next bet AND you are -2 units below = 2 as next bet.

Same amount, you use it.


Of course, as with everything, you need to back up winners somewhat consistently for this to make a profit. But by the +1 rising only I like this one. Better than the cancellations or martingales which rise quite a lot more.

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-- Victor



If we  bet smaller chip value and put more than one at start. If we start with winning and we bet only one at the time, and later the winning streak ends we start to add.

I we have 10 at the start and win ten in a row we are down to one, but a larger gain, then bet one a the time. 

The outcome of the first 20 bets can differ a lot depending when the wins come even if half are winnings.  10 win in a row follow by 10 loss or ever second win.

We cheat it so we try to keep the bets rather even . Up 2 sometimes and be not afraid to reduce in some cases to run trough a bad streak, we can  increase the stakes later like 2 on a loss when the losses are less frequent (that we can not know, but sometimes the guess is right).