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ayks tracker explained

Started by 6th-sense, June 10, 2019, 05:59:47 PM

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had a few pm,s about ayks tracker
and how to use it,,link is here http://ayk.bplaced.net/tracker8/

ok basically it's a roulette tracker which tells you what's out and spin count in the boxes under the number out..each 37 cycle changes colour when new cycle starts...

tracker is self explanatary...

the config tab is to set the amount of spins you want it to show results...any number you selsect be it 1 to 100 or more will automatically turn it into a rolling tracker..a lot of features on this tracker ayk put into it from the basic one he did..top left is the unhit..unique repeat count...the repeat count has two results..one is actual numbers that have repeated..the other is the total repeats..the discrepency is when a number repeats more than once,,..the numbers directly underneath is the difference between the them all
next is the feature if you click on unhit unique repeat tab or all or any of them...they will highlight on the input table..ie the roulette carpet...numbers under dozens is the dozen count that has come out same for columns..
same for ec,s..its all there..

the step button feature if you click on it a box will open up..you can then copy and paste numbers in there and click import..
you then can press step one click at a time and your numbers will appear in the tracker..i asked for this as i like it in rx and wanted it similar..

works excactly same as on import export spins..
the random button if pressed will come up with a box to choose amount of spins which will only import the amount set in config..
numbers are linked to random.org..

screenshot is a great feature just click it an it,ll save a screenshot of your results..just send it to a location or folder on your desktop..

layout button switches your results to wheel layout or table layout..

underneath the box of spin results are more numbers underneath..1st shows the unhits in grey box..light brown box shows uniques..next blue box is the numbers that have repeated..the next bluebox is the total numbers of repeated..ie when a number shows twice..it,ll show one result in 1st blue box..the total in next..for low end of table or high end of table..there's two lots as you can see..click the layout button and you will see it changes..that's for one side of zero and the other results for other side zero..

you will also see my personal tracker on right..showing results in a big box...

at the top of that box you will see locations...T is for table and W is for wheel...
its for the normal table layout..and the wheel layout if it was made into a new table..in order from zero..i will attach the picture of that and a picture of ayks tracker too..

reset button is just that..it resets and clears all results..


ayk tracker been offline for ages...heres the tracker again..download extract..click on index and it,ll open up in your browser