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Whatever happened to Roulette?

Started by Bally6354, November 01, 2023, 10:55:42 PM

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Roulette was my first love although I did play a bit of BJ before that. I think around 1990 was the first time I played roulette and I still play it and enjoy it to this day.

Baccarat was never really on the radar for me until Alrelax took over the reigns here and I started reading his posts along with GR8Player and a few others.

I spent years trying to come up with a winning roulette strategy and there were a few times I really thought I had something close to the grail but unfortunately they were not as successful as I hoped and thought they would be. It wasn't through a lack of desire or hard work and I must have spent a small fortune on what were considered the best up to date books and not just your usual Martingale nonsense.

Anyway, I kind of gave in and thought I would put my energy into Baccarat and I am glad I did but I still had a bit of the roulette bug because the ego was telling me not to let it go completely and I have kept searching the last few years.

They are a lot of clever people who write on the forums regarding roulette and it's easy to get sucked in to what sounds plausible or maybe a new way of looking at things but if I had to give a vote to anybody, I would say 'Turbogenius' was the best. His approach seemed logical rather than fanciful and you can replicate a lot of the things he has shown and achieve pretty much the same results.

So I will write up over the next few days my take on something which Turbo laid out and has proved to be more effective than anything else roulette related that I have ever played.


Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.


Any hardcore roulette enthusiast has likely heard of ''Turbogenius'' I can remember him on forums as way back as 2004. He gets a lot of love and a lot of hate but I respect him for sharing his ideas.

A couple of years ago, he posted a few threads which struck me as a very good way to try and come up with something good. The main premise behind them was repeaters and he produced a chart showing that a lot of the time, the lead numbers would stay in front and that actually, there was a kind of order amongst all the chaos for the most part.

I will show a pic of one of those charts and I am sure most people reading this have probably seen or read about it before.

When you look at the chart, you can see a consistency amongst the top numbers and quite often, you will see the same 3 numbers repeating row after row. (that's what the matches column to the right shows you)

I played around with all this a bit but one of the problems with a game involving 37 numbers is that the variance can still have you waiting a long time for the lead numbers to appear even though they remain on top. The laggards can appear 2/3 times trying to catch up without putting a dent in the top 3 but that's costing you time and money and so it was something I wanted to try and see if I could fix.

Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.


Hello dear Allan! Nice to see you're active :nod: :thumbsup:

Quote from: Bally6354 on November 02, 2023, 10:30:02 AMAny hardcore roulette enthusiast has likely heard of ''Turbogenius''

Indeed! I remember the "gambling.projectsydney" VIP forum with a fond heart.

It is amazing how time flies!

BTW We have a dedicated section for Turbogenius as well:

I for one am truly glad to see Ed active after all these years :applause:

Roulette is a lifelong hobby for more than a fellow around; so it's the community :rose:

Thank you once again for sharing your views on the game.
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  Yes, roulette was my first true gambling play when I was first going to Las Vegas and the Bahamian casinos.  I still enjoy it to this day as well as baccarat, of course.

  It is nice to have a change of pace in the casino environment, especially if the tables are all loaded up with obnoxious players and you can get out for awhile at roulette when it's open.



Thx for link to roulette postings by turbogenius(great name handle :thumbsup: ). I also appreciate you recognizing a fellow gamer that selflessly tries to help others improve their skillset.

I didn't really discover roulette until past couple years. I was one of those that ignored it because of the higher house edge on its even-chance wagers(vs Bac or Craps line bets,...etc). In past I mostly played it with my free play.

I recently started playing it more often(In past couple yrs or so) as many of my casinos don't open Bac tables until noon or 2pm or 4pm, or whenever they feel like it,...etc. So, it offers another opportunity to play as I wait.

I have found posts on the RouletteIdeas site helpful. I've read some of the essays by our alumni posters such as albalaha and gizmotron. I found them helpful and informative as I try to expedite my learning curve.

I am currently doing very well with a four number method/with a trigger that I will share more as  additional data is collected.

*Does anyone personally know Gizmotron as we haven't heard from him in a while??

Continued Success,
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