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BetSelection Board Rules & Regulations PLEASE READ

Started by alrelax, June 12, 2018, 09:53:59 PM

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Rules and Enforceable Guidelines

#1  First and foremost personal and family privacy is sacrosanct here in BetSelection.cc, members and staff alike bear a responsibility for reporting such violations immediately. We take privacy seriously. We have zero tolerance for invasions of privacy, which includes publishing anything including links and other information/contact data, etc., to any member of this board for any reason whatsoever without the express consent and permission of the member you link or other information refers to.

#2  Our staff is not immune to these rules. As much as there are temporary mutes and permanent bans for members, we can remove moderators temporarily or even ban them entirely from exercising such duties in response to complaints from members. The correct course of action to contest a mod action is to open a thread in our Council section. We are malleable. Rules are for everyone here in BetSelection.cc

#3  To maintain harmony on the forum we ask that all members refrain from making any comments about ethnicity, religion or politics.  Such comments can so often lead to inflammatory, defensive posts from others. We don't want such a thing happening here.

Please Note:
You can describe others in your writings with the use of Nationalities, Male/Female, Age, Appearances, etc., in a generic, neutral and general way without those descriptions being used for derogatory or harmful purposes to the party involved.  We do not allow the use of ethnic, religious, political, gender, etc., comments regarding an individual on this board or otherwise when used in a specific manner that is inflammatory, defensive and judgmental against that individual.   

#4  It goes without saying:
No trolling. No name calling. And no personal attacks on individual members because you dislike, or disagree with, what they wrote.

No pestering, badgering, following/chasing around the forum ad continually posting in a challenging, defensive and/or aggressive type of message to any member.  A certain level of respect should be maintained by all members and at the very least, a level of neutrality will generally accomplish just that.

No, 'Belittling--Chastising--Humiliation--Degradation' is allowed.  PM's are to remain private between the 2 parties involved at all times.

Copy & Pasting of any PM without the original senders permission of such, is a blatant and forbidden violation of this board:  Simply, 'copy & pasting' a 'PM' on our board or any other message board/forum/website is dead-on wrong and against our rules.  A 'PM' is a private message and a contract to remain private which was conveyed and took place over the messaging system within BetSelection.  Without the permission of the original sender, the entire message remains private and confidential between the two parties.   

#5  We also ask fellow posters to refrain from using 4-letter words in their posts. By that we mean words associated with procreation, private body-parts and bodily functions in particular.

#6   No posting or uploading material which is available commercially or still subject to copyright.

No sales or published links of any kind to any commercial cause/website/program or item, without the express permission of the Board Moderators or the Administrators.

No direct selling or linking to a member?s or member?s affiliate of any kind without the express permission of the Board Moderators or the Administrators.   

Copying & Pasting: Within normal use, responses, references and dialogs, the linking or copying & pasting of YouTube items, news items, and other publicly published items of a general nature, can be linked or copy & pasted if there are no warnings that same cannot be done.

However, research and technical articles, University/Trade School/Consultants published info and data on the internet or otherwise, other related material, will almost always have a disclosure, warning and/or instructions, within the article/info about the publishing/copy and pasting/linking of it, etc.

Those warnings must be followed exactly with a copy of the permission being forwarded to the Board Moderators and/or the Administrators prior to your posting of that type of posting.

Small passages from a published novel, fiction or non-fiction books, etc., there should be no problem with quoting, along with full reference to the publication such as, Book Title, Author's Name, Publication Date and the Publishing House.

#7  Since this is a space for posting and analyzing bets for making conclusions: No bloviating, no hinting-only.

#8  We reserve the right to fully or partially edit, reinstate or remove content from posts and issue bans for any "reasonable reason" as considered by the staff, including a member or thread not matching our site's productive spirit.

#9  No Real-money betting among members allowed.

#10  Please note this is an English-speaking forum. While we welcome people from all over the world to enjoy us, we kindly ask that all posts are always written in English only. This way we all keep a common ground to foster union.

#11  Personal links to a members or other persons email, website, or other message board/forum of any kind (including those of the casino/gambling/gaming nature) must be approved by a Board Moderator or one of the Administrators, prior to such placement within a post/thread.

#12  If anyone brings up, makes reference to, copy & paste, links to---any other board with a derogatory, negative, drama seeking post that anyone made here on BetSelection then it will be deleted, and the member will quite likely invoke a consequence.  The same applies to bringing up previous postings on BetSelection.  Simple -- don?t do it.

Violations of the above may result in a discussion, warning, or a form of moderation from temporary to permanent, depending on the type and repetitiveness of the violation(s). 
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