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Vision, Consciousness & Recognition of Funds 8-24-2019

Started by alrelax, August 24, 2019, 06:54:06 PM

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'Vision, Consciousness & Recognition of Funds'

Whether it is bank roll or buy-in or win funds.
Does not matter.  A portion of players will handle their funds extremely consciously, very intelligent and with the knowledge and constant recognition, that the funds they possess, on the table, in their pocket, or those that are available,  should not govern them in their decision making processes, whatever that may be.  Pretty much straight forward and simplistic to the easiest ABC's and Gambling 101's.

However, I have asked many people that do play baccarat, as to their views and thoughts on 'win' money in particular. 
The rest the money situation and how each thinks about it, really is too varied and too complicated to understand without knowing those people 24/7 for huge amounts of time.  So, here it is from the 'horses' mouths as the saying goes.

I asked H-Money the other night.
Me: "Say you won $100,000.00 from the casino and left with it, went and purchased two cars for $50,000.00 each.  Then you went back next week to any casino and lost your check of $1,500.00 that night.  Would you be down $1,500.00 or what"?  H-Money:  "No, I would be not be down, I would be up $98,500.00 if that was my second time gambling". 

He further went on to say, "You have to keep a running total in your head, as to the amount you are up or down, because you are free to play if you are still up and you have to be careful and play more cautiously if you are down, until you get up again." 

WOW! I actually heard almost that same thing from another two baccarat players that played the game for a couple of years or so.  Interesting!  I do believe that money management systems and thought/beliefs about 'win' money, go hand in hand--with how a player thinks, cashes out and gauges his play/session times at the table. 

I have definitely concluded for myself that 'refreshing and resetting' during the sessions as well as at the end of the session, no matter the outcome (win or lose) is vitally important and in your favor tremendously. 

Viewing 'wins' as not yours is extremely dangerous;
Viewing, 'cash outs' as 'up' money is extremely dangerous;
Running tab---of wins and losses and gauging yourself according to same, is extremely dangerous.

The above leads most players to, 'have to make'; 'have to earn'; 'pressure'; 'false positive reinforcements'; 'forced sessions to produce'; 'visions that cannot be seen or realized are even happening in front of them'; 'possible reinforcing of negativity or caution that hampers their winning ability'. 
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