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9-1-2019 A Thought for the New Month Today

Started by alrelax, September 01, 2019, 04:39:24 PM

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Many do not realize, but it is so true.  At the baccarat table, on the gambling forums and within life in general.

When you do well you become a sign of hope to the optimist, but to the pessimist, you represent the stink of their very own failure and mistakes.

Furthermore, those pessimists will swear up and down with great fury and sometimes convincing belief, spread that everything you have accomplished or discovered is really what led them to their downfall or mistakes. 
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Baccarat, actually a mixture of Watergate, attacking the Gotti Family and the famous ear biting Tyson fight leading to disqualification and a near riot.  Bac has all that & more.
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