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A Me, You & Them Posting

Started by alrelax, October 13, 2019, 02:49:58 PM

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You know, I browsed a few other gambling forum message boards early this morning.  Comical, super comical.  The fighting, the insults, the come backs and the few (FEW) intelligent and real members of each that attempt to share and communicate.  Seems like the majority of each are there for drama, insulting, fighting, arguing, and belittling each other.  Why on a gambling board?  The other boards have huge audiences and countless engage like a Civil War all day against each other.

I deduced down why on gambling boards these types continue to exist.  because there is not much resistance or challenge to them on the smaller boards.  They feel as through they have the number spot, limelight, spotlight, etc., etc.  They prop themselves up and feel mighty.  That is the only true reasoning it could be. 

When you explore further into it, you will see those types I mentioned, their postings and threads are next to no value at all, at least in my opinion. 

And then there are the others that split their postings, devotions and time on the boards with a great deal of each.  Something was posted on another board and it is so spot on, so accurate, so brutally honest and pure, I will quote it.

"That is, You can see it in politics and celebrities all the time.
If you cannot produce anything of value on your own because you are not capable of doing it -
your other option is to attack the leader for attention. One way is through praise and another
is through attacks. These people just decide to attack in order to get attention.
A better way to become relevant is to actually post and help others - but when the best you can
pull from your purse is....."
and then those types go on to post something about gambling which
would be along the lines of confusion and obscurity at best.

"You cared enough to post it originally - and you cared enough to reply to it.
And it was you who started it with your nonsense insult towards me.
Strange how that works right? I'm minding my own business, you attack me, I reply -
and now I'm a jerk. It's almost.... typical."

I still say and I have written it many many times.  Which is: You would not go into a Barnes & Noble, pick up a book, browse through it, find conflict, personal notes and passages by the author which you find conflicting to your own beliefs, theories or experiences and then proceed to the counter and chastise, belittle and humiliate the store personnel.  And certainly you would not get the authors contact information or the publishing house info, and go onto a rampage of writing emails and letters to them for the content and the authors beliefs as published.  You would not and do not.  But gambling boards, Oh heck, let us engage and go into drama, arguing and humiliation.  For those that do, your real side is exposed and whatever you claim is usually just the opposite in reality.  Reality is harsh to those and reality is never going away. 
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If any of you lost money playing baccarat and feel depressed, it could be a  lot worse........as this article shows.


This poor individual definitely needed so advice on money management.


Here is an article some of you my find interesting.......it was written by Dr. Harlow who was my Professor in Finance when I was in college.................it is sort of long and deals mostly with stock trading but the
concepts also apply to other forms of gambling and speculation.



This is an interview with a magician and the use of his skills in the world of gambling................after reading this, I would never play in a home poker game because you really do not know who is shuffling and dealing the cards, and if he is stacking the deck.


Here is a brief story of what a good magician can do..............some time ago I was doing accounting for a famous doctor ( who will remain nameless ) and he decided to give an after work party for his 20 employees..........so he hired a magician to do some card tricks........so the magician put up a small portable table and did his card tricks in front  of about 5 or 6  people .......and then he folded up his table  and was about to leave and set up his table again for the other employees, and then he asked one of the women who was watching his tricks what time it was, and as she looked at her wrist...... her wrist watch was gone and the magician said are you looking for this?  and then he gave the watch back to her.

Of course everyone laughed and then the magician moved his small portable table to do some more card tricks for the other employees and I followed him to the other table, and as the other employees gathered around to see him do the card tricks,  I said to everyone gathered around the table " Be careful of this guy, he can steal the watch right off of your hand!" 

And then he did his card tricks on the table and as he was folding up his table to leave, he asked me what time it was....and you guessed it.............. my watch was gone and he was waving it in front of my face and laughing and I can't even remember him touching my arm or even coming close to me.

And if you ever see Apollo Robbins walking towards you, run across the street to get out of his way because he can steal your underwear off of you .......and the video below shows just a little bit of Apollo's skills.



Thx 8OR9 for link to article by your former Prof : Dr. Harlow. Excellent read and most certainly related to gambling(especially even-chance weighted type wagers).

A great line: "...It seems that the capacity of the untrained human mind to resist the intrusion of knowledge continues to be virtually infinite..."   :)

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