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Colour coded tracker

Started by Bayes, December 09, 2012, 09:14:39 AM

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Thanks Bayes. Very nice indeed.  :nod:
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Thanks guys. Actually, this was something I uploaded to the rf.cc forum some time ago, but maybe you missed it. I just thought "Bayes' ware" was looking a bit empty, but I'll have some new trackers and stuff coming soon.


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This is v nice  - thank you  :thumbsup:


A nifty bit of programming.  Very well done  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Getting the colours to display like that must have caused more than a few headaches!!


Quote from: Bayes on December 09, 2012, 04:49:00 PM
I just thought "Bayes' ware" was looking a bit empty, but I'll have some new trackers and stuff coming soon.

Yes I look forward if you will publish some of them.

I collected all your software you published by now. Most of them for me are more then usefull and good.


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Bayes this is great, thanks for posting!
It would be a great thing to be able to save a session and then reload after a reboot. I think the larger the sample the less betting opportunities but provided the table is fair more accuracy?
User defined color changes for the SD would be great too. I think you would have a saleable tool there if you did but it is simple and unique as is.


Hi Binom,

Glad you like it. Unfortunately I've lost the source code for this program, so can't add the ability to save. But I'm testing the concept of "personal permanence" in another program, which I'll upload here in due course.


Not lost yet this session tracker.

Sorry for my English.

Regards senti