Trip Report May 2021' The Motherlode

Started by KungFuBac, June 15, 2021, 06:11:39 PM

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If this was a gold mining forum I would title it : The Motherlode as huge gold nuggets everywhere.

*I play mostly in Midwest and primarily: Mo,Ks,OK, and sometimes in Mississip. Many Indian casinos which typically only have 0,1,or 2 Bac tables.

Low Tmax and mostly Ez Bac and no Midi or Big tables. Limited hours and often only open first table in afternoon to early evening.
3 player max at each table since April 2020. I play several shoes per day /4-6 days per week.


Table Min: $50, T Max:$2000

My Modus Operandi is primarily a Posprogression /I like to accelerate the wager early /get to where Im going. Set aside my primary wager when Im less confident in the current pattern continuing--continue with a 1.0U bet til the pattern ends. Never leave a winning streak or pattern. So no E.D. (Early Departure) here.  :)

Buyin: 40Units. Typically parse out 2-3 Units for potential bonus bets. I don't always wager bonus bets.
Typically wager 5-20 Primary bets per shoe though have wagered as few as one.

Wager Size Base Unit: Typically is approx .025 of Buyin

?xy? : Indicates an error in recording or transposing and order of outcomes may or may not be perfect

1:  indicates i reduced primary wager to 1.0Units and continued wagering

Hopefully the string stays in order so the underlying w/l will track--for most part I was simply wagering B2--B4 with primary/then reducing to 1.0U to finish whatever the current pattern.

        *F7 here                                                                                               **F7 here
  www11  L    www          w  L    www  (1L) www1  LwL                 www1111   L  ww                 wL     ww ww ww L            Lw         L L

Total Ties ended at 4-5. I didn't wager any ties.

Overall strike rate ~~32-13
Net Units Won: 184(and counting) as I hit Tmax on 3 bets and set aside with addendum press amount to continue at larger casino with higher Tmax,  til it loses. (I played two other shoes at this cas this day and -4.5u and +21u ), so I received favor most all day long.

Longest Win streak for Primary wager=12, meaning consec winning bets on primary wager.

This was just one of those shoes that most any observant player would have been insync with fairly quick. At one stage I recall looking at tote board and noticing B was in the 20s and P still single digits. Another stage it was 33-16 w either 3 or 4 ties at that moment , I believe. Like most players at the table I kept thinking "P has to come back--This can't keep going" and really had to do the mental self talk to keep a larger wager out there on B. Four players busted out during the shoe as it seemed like they were doing a neg pro with one large wager to recoup around 5th or 6th B. Two of the four neg pro players busted very early in shoe. I didn't notice exactly how they were wagering other than they were doing a steep marty. One that started as negpro switched to Pos pro and best I could tell made as much or more than I did --as he kept his higher wager out on the spots where I reduced to 1.0U and where I started my progression over after having set aside my primary wager for future session.
Another pos pro player was just doing 1w2222222,..etc til it fell. He seemed to have a very nice/efficient win as well.

I looked back and found a couple places I prob made errors and could have done better. One was on the run of TerrificTwos near latter stages-- I was a little slow on recognizing as I was still in anticipatory mode expecting a B or more likely a P-side run.

I decided to post this trip report for two main reasons:
(A) I just wanted to brag a little about a nice win/share the nice win with my fellow Bac Comrades, and
(B) This shoe encompassed several things we all see nearly every session and that Alrelax has consistently pointed to in the past ten years of posts.

1)Bet the current shoe and what is currently occurring
2)Low Ties: Often suggests that whatever patterns are presenting are more likely to stay strong longer vs a high-tie shoe, if all other variables are the same
3)Exploit the great shoes and be willing to accept the losses on the not-so-great shoes with the activation of our loss-limit.

*Shortly afterward I was speaking with a mentor  about this shoe and laughing that I was guilty a couple times during the shoe of daydreaming /wishing I was at Bellagios or Caesars with higher Tmax. I would have been saying to myself :  "just one more hit--AND it's a new car for Kungfubac.

Continued Success,
"There are many large numbers smaller than one."