Top 5 Casinos to Play Baccarat in Vegas 5/22. Please Cast Your Vote.

Started by KungFuBac, July 30, 2022, 03:53:28 PM

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I copied/pasted instead of full hyperlink as link came from advertisement for online gaming site.

Personally I prefer Bellagio though often play the most at whichever cas is providing my free lodging.

?Which casino do you prefer? and why?

Thx in advance for you reply.kfb

Top 5 Casinos to Play Baccarat in Vegas
While dozens of casinos in Vegas offer baccarat, there are a few standout Las Vegas baccarat casinos. Here are five of our favorite casinos offering baccarat tables in Vegas:

Caesars Palace
Caesars Palace
One of the most famous casinos in the world, let alone Las Vegas, Caesars Palace is an iconic gambling destination. Hosting legendary performers and sporting events, Caesars Palace is now one of the top casinos for Las Vegas baccarat.

While Caesars Palace mostly caters to high rollers (the vast majority of its 50+ tables are $200 minimum bet), casual players can also play from just $20 a hand.

The beautiful Fountains of Bellagio welcome players to one of the top Las Vegas baccarat destinations: Bellagio. With over 30 tables, Bellagio is a prime destination for baccarat high rollers. Most tables offer $100 a hand minimum bets but there are tables for casual players ($25) and high rollers ($500) alike!

Bellagio not only offers an excellent baccarat experience: you can relax at one of the many on-site restaurants of take in the spectacular water-based show 'O' performed by Cirque du Soleil.

Gold Coast
Gold Coast
For Las Vegas baccarat players on a budget, you can't beat the off-Strip's famous Gold Coast casino. As one of the best local casinos in Las Vegas, Gold Coast offers the best minimum bet baccarat tables in Vegas. For only $10 a hand, you can play at any of their 20 tables!

A technological marvel, this eco-friendly resort is one of the top Las Vegas baccarat destinations. Aria boasts over 30 baccarat tables, with the majority focusing on high rollers with minimum bets between $100 and $500.

Beyond baccarat, visitors to Aria can visit the world-renowned poker room or try Kobe beef at one of only ten restaurants in the US to serve the authentic version of this Japanese culinary treat!

Red Rock
Red Rock
Nestled by the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, Red Rock casino may not be located in the heart of Vegas but it is a prime destination for Las Vegas baccarat players. Red Rock offers some of the lowest minimum bet baccarat tables in Vegas with both $15 and $25 tables available to players.

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Caesar's and The Bellagio for myself. 

I agree about Red Rock, nice place 15 mins straight west of the strip.

Palace Station was a great place a few years ago, don't know what's happening now, but I think they have between 12-20/bac tables and 10k limits. Low mins.

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