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Personally, I'm partial to Bellagio's. First class atmoshphere along with well trained professional staff.
The ranking IMO is reasonable and justified. I've played many times at all (except Aria). I seldom play at Aria but hear good things from locals, so I don't have an informed opinion.

Red Rock is nice, clean, and a quiet atmosphere. I don't play there very often.

Any and all opinions are welcomed.

KungFuBac / Merry Christmas
December 25, 2023, 03:18:57 PM
Merry Christmas to all.

May the wind always be at your back throughout the new year.

Continued Success,
KungFuBac / Baccarat Lucky Six
December 03, 2023, 04:56:31 AM
KungFuBac / New Baccarat Game:3 Dice Baccarat
October 02, 2023, 01:59:57 PM
I typically don't play Bac on Sunday. However, a bac comrade asked I travel with him to check out a new Bac Version: 3 Dice Bac by Galaxy Gaming. The design and rules are as follows:

Three dice are placed in a cup for each side Player and Banker.
Each cup has a clear lid. The dealer shakes each cup and flips the cup upside down in front of the players and raises the cup upward from the lid exposing the three dice with the top of each die(3) totaling the respective scores.
The totals are calculated like cards(e.g., 3 Die total of 12 would result in that sides' score being 2)

*Commission Free
     *Push on a win with totals = 3-0( for both sides).
*No drawing rules
*Several bonus wagers such as any 3-0 win, with payout of 35-0. So players could hedge on the above push if one desires.
*My research indicates that some casinos will allow the players to shake the cup. Though the casino I played did not allow players to shake the cup.
My Questions:
Anybody played this version?
What is the house edge for the 3-0 Push?
Addendum thoughts and suggestions?

Thanks in advance,kfb

From Billy Walters, the world's greatest and most successful sports gambler.

A great read with several applications to other types of gambling. Thanks to forum alum AsymBacGuy for recommending this book. I purchased a couple weeks after its release and concur with Asym's opinion.

Gambler Secrets from a Life at Risk(Billy Walters,2023)

Continued Success,
Other Casinos / Winstar World's Largest Casino
August 26, 2023, 06:14:56 PM
I play here sometimes as its about a 3hour drive. The casino is over a mile long. Thousands of slot machines and though the following article suggests 100 tables it now has closer to 200 table games.

Personally, I prefer smaller casinos. This is near Southeast Oklahoma/Texas border. A safe town, with very little crime, along with nice dealers and locals.

The following link is from youtube by a poster named Naser.
The title is: Baccarat-Banker or Player-Don't lose your money by thoughtless decisions.

Any thoughts?


Continued Success,
August 12, 2023, 03:07:14 PM
Hi all. Enter your extreme shoes and sessions HERE. Thanks in advance,kfb

I'm always speaking with Bac players around the globe via WWW or sharing a table. We often discuss extreme shoes (played or heard about) as well as extreme sessions. Some we have witnessed firsthand and others we heard about from a Bac comrade, or we walked through a Bac pit and took a picture of a tote board.

I also like to chat with other players and with dealers and a common question I pose: What is the longest streak or craziest shoe you have ever dealt,...etc?

Since dealers often rotate through many different games (usually 20-30m each) they may not deal just Bac. However, I would guess they at least deal 2-4 bac games per shift multiplied by several years. So, most have observed alot of extreme shoes.

The most common response I receive re: longest same-side or opposite streak: 11-14ish. I found this a little surprising as I expected to hear reports with longer streaks.

Of course, we see many other streaks that are commonly ignored or seldom noted: 1-2,1-3,2-2 ,...etc.

My personal longest streak played (16 opps). I caught 13ish as best I recall. I've seen other non-traditional streaks such as a 15 in a row of 1-3:(BpppBppp) or 2-3,...etc. I've witnessed a couple shoes with 15-16 Ties.

I frequently have Bac comrades across USA market forward a pic of extreme streaks and I "think" a 25 P run and a 19B run have been the longest. These photos were taken in the morning after the previous night's tote board were still on display. So, who knows if real or not as I do know casinos can fake tote boards(At least they could at one time when the dealer entered each outcome manually).
I once observed a dealer enter three outcomes as he opened the table for the first session: BBB with a Dragon7. I was sitting behind his table at a vacant table sorting my scorecards. He then snickered /laughed with the pitboss. The pitboss just shook her head and walked away. In about 60seconds the table was full,lol.

*Recently I was discussing the above topic with a husband/wife dealer team that I have known for a couple decades. They have each dealt approximately 25-30 years.
The husband indicated their longest streak dealt was a 30P run.
The wife said a 28P run. The wife said it was a hi-limit room in Vegas and half the table busted their buyins(Some more than once), and the other half pressed to Tmax(10K) and collected to the end.

**I played recently with two players that indicated they played a shoe once that had 22 bonus bets wins (8deck shoe). They caught one bonus bet. This was a 5-Treasures Bac table that has numerous bonus bets. At one stage they said a long string of approx nine consecutive outcomes for P8/D7: p8,d7,p8,d7,...etc.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your posts.
Im thinking the casino employee(s) should have seen a couple red flags when "The 23-year old Gutierrez" presented himself as the hotel owner. Is it possible a couple accomplices helped this intellectual sleuth???  Cmon man.

Hi everyone. This Pic is me packing up to head home after a 12-day Bac run. (Hopefully I can get the pic to upload)

Ok, I didn't make quite that much but one of my better cash extractions in the past four years of full time play.

I just returned from a gold mining expedition at the Bac tables. Ill try to give more details in a day or two as trying to get caught up on a few things(plus I have road fatigue after traveling 800 miles each way to several casino markets).
The sweet part of this expedition is that I made it home with approximately 96% of my highest net+ during this run. Plus I have one very pressed up wager still alive from the original buyin that started this run.

I've mentioned in previous posts that most of my local tables only have 2K Table Max (so potentially could wager upward to 4K) if one can cap a fellow players wager (and they are not appreoaching Tmax).
My M.O. is that once Im fortunate enough to get three wagers above my local Tmax of 2K I then travel to a market with 5K Max. Sometimes I don't get three wagers to that level within one shoe or streak so it may take a few days or weeks and I simply set the wager aside until I have time to make a 4 hour overnight trip to the 5K tables. If Im successful and get three wagers above the 5K table(seldom), I then head to a 10K market,...etc. So alot of IFs.

Well, this original buyin (and gold mining expedition) started over two weeks ago as I caught a shoe starting with 16 Ps in first 22 hands. I jumped on it and pressed aggressively from the beginning. It produced five wagers above the 2K table max (2000,2060,2475,3275, plus the wager that produced these was (next bet at 4475). So two days later I was headed to a 5K table.

More to follow........
This is a great casino in Black Hawk, Colorado, USA. Great casino destination in an old gold mining town. Approx 25 casinos together between adjoining towns Black Hawk/ Central City. I have played at Monarch many times. Though my wins were <= $500K, as best I recall.


Continued Success,
This has alrelax written all over it  :) .

"...The Gaming Streaming/Video/Photo Policy is launching for the Nevada properties in May 2023," the memo shared. "The new policy is aimed at allowing our guests to take photos and videos, and, when appropriate, to share that content in real or in near real-time via social media broadcasts..."


Continued Success,
KungFuBac / 7 Biggest Baccarat Legends
May 13, 2023, 02:49:42 PM
7 Biggest Baccarat Legends--Scroll to the bottom for the link. Thanks for viewing.kfb

The following is an excerpt from #2 John Gates:

"...His wife, Dellora, wasn't thrilled about these marathon poker sessions. But John kept diamonds in his vest pocket and gave them to Dellora to calm her down and keep his poker games going.

Gates once wagered $70,000 on a horse race in England and won $600,000 dollars. The story was exaggerated to claim that he won $1 million, which only furthered his reputation as Mr. Bet-a-Million.

Yet another famous Gates gambling story is when he bet on which raindrops would fall the fastest on a window. He and an associate made wagers worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the falling raindrops.   ..."

I could possibly consider playing online "Live" dealer Bac (Where we can view dealer cutting/dealing live.
Has anybody played Bac in this manner??? Thoughts/ Opinions ?? Thx in advance.

Live Casino Online - Best Live Dealer Casinos & Games May 2023
The following link shows historical/recent Nevada Gaming Revenue (by game). I was a little surprised at the low Win% of (~~5-6%) for Slots and Sportsbook vs Table Games (~~12--20%).


Additional info at same link above. Click on Home and All Reports. Then scroll down as several other reports I found interesting.

Nevada Gaming Revenues: Long-Term Trends. Las Vegas: Center for Gaming Research,
University Libraries, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2023
With A 1.15% H.E. Why Is Casino Hold  @ Baccarat ~~ 13%--25% Most Months??

Bac Hold %