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Started by ADulay, October 24, 2021, 04:25:58 PM

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Had to spend a week or so "up north" in Minnesota and tracked down a few casinos while I was in the Minneapolis area.

Three places I went to were the Mystic Lake Casino, the Canterbury and a smaller Little Six casino.

Didn't play at Little Six as it just didn't appeal to me at all.  Barely got into the place before we turned around.  Just a weird feeling.

The Mystic Lake Casino is their big casino and had all the usual amenities EXCEPT for baccarat!!   Say what?

They had every card game, slots, bingo, and probably a few things I might have missed.

Finally checked out the Canterbury Casino and that was my sweet spot.   All cards, NO SLOTS!

Yes, not a single slot machine in the place but plenty of poker, baccarat and blackjack including a stadium blackjack area.

As my normal casino does not offer the Panda/Dragon setup, I was slightly taken aback the first time I had a good win on Banker and didn't get paid due to the Dragon scenario.   Had to take a break and regroup for that table.   Finally got it figured out and had a good, albeit frustrating, day on the table.

The lady friend wanted to play blackjack as all her "girlfriends" raved about it awhile back so we sat down at the stadium setup for blackjack.   An unusual $1 to $300 spread with what I can only assume was a continuous shuffle machine that the dealer kept feeding after each hand.   Also a "bad for the player" 6 to 5 blackjack payout, but we were teaching a new player and at a dollar a hand, not much harm can come of that.

She eventually won $30 (on a series of $1-$2 bets) and we called it a day.

I never realized just how noisy a casino is with all those slots going.  When they are gone, it's a very relaxing atmosphere!



Baccarat in the Twin Cities is either Canterbury on the south end or Running Aces on the north end. 

Canterbury has two tables going which are the larger style tables like 9 or 10 people can be seated. 

Running Aces has the more traditional ones but they are the higher style rather than the standard lower baccarat height table.  Running Aces has 5 or 6 tables all the time and a bit more baccarat action because the Twin Cities has more Asians in the northern suburbs than the south ones.

But both casinos you can place up to three $300.00 wagers if no one is occupying the seats.  Or, you can place your chips up to the $300 per spot max for as many people are playing.  Say 6 other players have $50.00 each on their spots.  You can place $250.00 on as many as you want.  Also you can wager banker with your $250 even if they had their wager on players. 

Also you can wager $25.00 for $1,000 win on Fortune 7 or $25.00 for a $625 win on Panda.  You can also wager as many spots with no limit on those two wagers that are unoccupied or up to the $25 limit if someone else is wagering on a spot.

Yes the Twin Cities sees a lot of baccarat action.

For some reason Mystic Lake has never had baccarat.
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Thanks for sharing your experience at the casinos in Minnesota. It's always interesting to hear about different places to gamble. I agree with you that a casino without slots can be a refreshing change of pace. By the way, have you tried betting online? I recently had a great experience................ (>>>>>The following is from forum Administrator: From here on out zero tolerance, banned for spamming. New members are not allowed to post links, spam, phish, etc. etc., and try to rip people off and sell unauthorized online casinos that the majority of them are cheating houses.)