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Roulette At Home Amongst Friends

Started by AMK, March 11, 2013, 09:32:08 PM

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Started the thread to understand what the possibilities are.

With a few friends we play roulette at home.

Can we play in a poker fashion?

Have not thought about this yet and don't want to rack my brain too much : )

Could we perhaps play through the internet against each other instead of the casino?

How would this look and is it in everybody's favor?

Any insights?


This is interesting.

It can be made in a contest-like way: each player places a buy-in, then the winning player gets the pot.

First thing in mind  to declare a winner being the one with the most units won takes the pot.

Other options to factor-in the different payout could be to play a certain set of consecutive spins with the player with the highest Z-score taking the pot.

This way players doing high-volatility locations equate to the others.

Just musing ideas. Very interesting proposal.
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It's a nice idea. We could have a monthly comp and an honours roll for a bit of fun.

The only problem I would envisage is having everyone available at the same time because of all the different time zones.

Where would the spins come from? The best option would be using live spins from one of the online casinos. However I could see that presenting a few problems as well because of the limited timeframe between spins.
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Another option would be to generate spins from a TRNG (i.e. random.org)

If we agree True RNG's aren't influenced/rigged, then it should be valid :)
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I told you guys that I live far from land based casinos. Once I got an offer from a local businessman to play against him. He will be from casino side. All winnings or losses of casino will be his and vice-versa. We can play with live dealer or RNG, whatever we wish. I liked the idea but could never try. In many countries, they even run casinos (specially illegal ones), this way.
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 In many countries, they even run casinos (specially illegal ones),

I was......uh,better shut up Flat.


QuoteI was......

...... the Dealer  ;)

On the German Forums they have a monthly Competition going on. Don't know about a buyin but they do that regularly.

And , the guy with the wheeldistance wins 9 out of 10 contest. I tried to get some information, but he refused to talk to anyone less than 1000 posts.....

But anyway, "I'm in !!"



You can buy a full size roulette carpet and chips with you name on them ...
And buy a smaller wheel in wood with ball ...

That sound like fun ...


Sounds great. Then you have  some friends around  who again  bring some  friends and  before you know it there is  a full blown  underground casino operating . just like in the movie classic  Dr. Mabuse , The Gambler 1923 directed by Fritz  Lang .Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, Part I - The Great Gambler: An Image of the Age


Hello everyone,

Thanks for the great posts.

Your right Nathan D. However, this is not an illegal casino. World wide friends play poker at home for money, no big deal in my opinion. We would only have a select group from the forums, not just anybody.

I posted this idea in this section for a reason, no harm done.

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Please keep us posted rayhd63!


It is  a great idea even with the caveats I mentioned. Just proceed with your plan.



Hello NathanDetroit,

You spelling seems off in your last few posts?

Would Frank play in this group? : )


Thanks  for pointing out the  spelling.  They were actually typos.


P.S. Frank certainly would have joined such a group.


I never liked playing roulette. I think roulette is just a gamble where you lose money. I'm not saying, I've been to the casino before, but I always play poker only. At least I'm convinced that winning is based on me, not luck. For some time I only play online at ................................................ . To be honest, I don't have enough time to go to the casino, plus it's very convenient to play online on this site.