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Silver's Room / Re: Roulette Player - FREE roulette software
« on: September 02, 2017, 03:45:35 am »
No activity on forum - doesn't mean there is no activity with software.
I still receive requests to create scripts - basically via emails.

Silver's Room / Re: Roulette Player - FREE roulette software
« on: March 09, 2016, 05:06:47 am »
Roulette Player - new version

It is really free without any restrictions with free test assigned casino and all available roulette systems / projects.

If you do not have Roulette Player Software please download it here:

Thanks for notice this. Fixed.
Also - numbers within the matrix - can be changed anytime by users.

At his time - within we have next systems:
- sleeper system with some extra options
- Kimo Li Matrix - roulette systems
- double dozen system
- system that bet on last landed number, split, corner, line, street, dozen, column - with some extra options
- CustomBox - with systems that our members asked to be coded
- ThomasBox - a project inspired by our friend Thomas Grant
- WinnigSys - a special winning roulette system

there are some videos (created by Thomas Grant) on our site about all these systems ...

Roulette Player - RP - new look, new ideas, new philosophy ...

I want to inform all interested people - that was released new version of Roulette Player.

Within RP you may:
- play already existing bots - based on most popular roulette systems
- ask to create new bots based on your ideas
- discuss about new roulette ideas within community - and create common new project
- share results and win as much as possible

All projects may play
- within casino
- run on numbers loaded from a file
- run on internal Random Numbers Generator
- etc.

Also there in RP - is present an earlier coded project WinningSys_01

Also we have Kimo_Li Matrix System.

Silver's Room / Winning system + coded bot + proof video
« on: August 18, 2014, 06:06:23 am »
Based on ignatus's idea (member from roulette forum -
Wait until one group hit 4 times in a row.
Then bet for the opposite group - straight up numbers.

I have created a project (bot) in RoulettePlayer software
Anyone may play this system within RoulettePlayer for FREE.
Visit - download and install the RP software.
read some instructions -!!!-must-read-!!!-before-run-any-rp-project/
Run RP, select the project Ag.WinningSys_01 - ENJOY !!!

Last week I have played this system on Tropez Casino - Real Money Account.
It was great
- 1st session have won 20 units in about 10 spins
- 2nd session have won 16 units in about 100 spins
- 3rd session have won 24 units in about 50 spins
So in about 30 minutes I have won 60 units.

Session 1 and 3 I have video.

Ophis' MST / Re: [MST] Clicker Request...
« on: August 07, 2014, 08:16:09 pm »
profitable in this sofware is RESS
Maybe you mean RSS / RSS_Pro.
Our software are alive and working at 100% - at Playtech, BetVoyager, RealTImeGaming.
Also a new FREE software was released -

Silver's Room / Re: Roulette Player - Kimo Li's Matrix project
« on: July 02, 2014, 05:51:40 am »
In RP was added new project

Kimo Li's Matrix.

Silver's Room / Re: Roulette Player - FREE roulette software
« on: May 11, 2014, 07:24:51 pm »
Thomas have did great course for those who want to build his own roulette bot.
Also - using RP - anybody may play all FREE projects.

Also - using RP - anybody can earn $$$ money - by selling his ideas - details in this topic$-by-selling-your-systemsideas-rouletteplayer/

Also I want to point your attention to our w project - that have 9 roulette systems within it.
You may try it for FREE.

Earn $ by selling your systems/ideas - RoulettePlayer.

Create new projects in RP and earn $$$.  ( RP = RoulettePlayer )
You have some roulette system/idea, and you think it is winning system.
You are thinking to share it with other persons for some fee.

Now this is possible with - RoulettePlayer.

The process is next:
- I may create a RoulettePlayer project - that will exactly follow your system at 100%
- you obtain owner rights for new created project (using RoulettPlayer software)
- as a result you will be able to sell access to your projects to other members.

Note - by default all projects obtain a full GUI with Save/Load settings, buttons Pause/Continue , etc. (see attach)
In rest the GUI is specific to the system.
How to sell access to the project:
1. you set some price ranges - only you decide how much will cost access to your projects.
Ex: access to your project for 1 week - 10 USD, for 1 month = 25 USD, etc. Free trial period - 3 days.
2. You receive payment by any methods convenient to you (PayPal, Skrill, Netteler, etc.) - here are no restrictions. It is your decision.
3. After receiving the payment - you grant access to your project via Project_users_Access list. So your customer will be able to use your project.
4. Via Project_users_Access list - you may manage your customers: remove expired rights / grant new rights / update existing rights
Any questions may be asked here.

I may create also a demo-version for your project - that will have some limitations, ex: play only 500 spins, or play only till reach +5 USD profit, etc.
In order that any interested person may try your project - before pay for full version.

RoulettePlayer may play at any Playtech casino - may read landed numbers, spin the wheel, place bets, ... etc.

I don't sell any roulette system.
I want just to point you attention to new absolutely FREE software - RoulettePlayer.
Using this tool
- you may play already existing FREE projects
- you are FREE to create you own projects (you may do it yourself or with my help)
- you may play your projects for your own
- you may earn $ by selling your own projects (note - that you will sell them).

So this is a tool that may be used in different ways.

Silver's Room / Re: Roulette Player - FREE roulette software
« on: March 03, 2014, 07:38:37 pm »
Have to inform people about some news:
1. the site roulette player was finished and have now more info about the tool
2. my script AgSleeper+ was also modified -
 - have added  Low-High range for alert,
 - have added "Multi" - how many multiple bets will play at the same time
 - some system improves
 - new features will come up soon - as soon I will see persons are interested in my script.

Silver's Room / Re: Roulette Player - FREE roulette software
« on: January 08, 2014, 05:05:11 pm »
There was some reconstructions on the site - and it was down few days. Now it is ON.

Here is the link to download page with always last version -
From attachment  - you may download the setup file for current version 1.7.
* RPSetup_v.1.7.rar

Silver's Room / Re: Roulette Player - FREE roulette software
« on: December 29, 2013, 01:55:22 pm »
Qu 1:   So now, why would anyone bother to buy MMM?
Well, there are some MMM products that have nothing common with this new software.
So I think that will be some persons who need exactly those products.
Anyway - now there is more choices - to use some type of products but paid or to use some other type but FREE.

Qu 2:  Have you split from MMM and become a competitor?
I continue to work with MMM.
They have some things that I would do otherwise. But these are their products - and they decide.
I continue to write RSS_Pro scripts for interested persons - based on their strategies.
Some persons reported about good results with scripts I have created for them.
And a lot of other persons (also used my scripts) that say nothing about their results ... maybe they also have good results and they are silent ...
And in the same time - I work with new software - Roulette Player.
Create FREE script for it - so everybody may download this FREE software, run any FREE scripts, and work in any Playtech casino.
Read landed numbers, place bets - everything is fully automated and FREE.

Silver's Room / Re: Roulette Player - FREE roulette software
« on: December 29, 2013, 07:43:57 am »
The RP - is a new software related to the MMM.
And this software is absolutely FREE.
My part - is the script, created using this software.

Silver's Room / Roulette Player - FREE roulette software
« on: December 28, 2013, 12:26:24 pm »
I want to inform all interested people - that was released new roulette software.
Roulette Player - RP.
Using RP - there is possible to play already existing projects (created by somebody and shared), or to create your own bot.
A lot of features -

Here are some screenshots with my project "Ag.Sleeper+" that may be used within RP.
Short description of Ag.Sleeper+
Basic Sleeper for all base elements. All settings are changeable.
Save/Load settings, Pause/Continue  buttons, etc.
Built in progression calculator
Fully working.   ... more features will come up soon ...

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