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Cross of Changes
« on: July 25, 2019, 09:22:41 am »
There is a winning system for every table and a winning table for every system.
Everything could make you win or lose, play the game in your mind and see how it unfolds...millions of possibilities but one could lose only by his/her selections, amounts are irrelevant because they don't determine results, a won bet is a win regardless of the units standing upon it, the same goes for the lost ones.

I'm going to show you 2 bet selections for roulette, both are single number flat betting.

The first has to do with what are the last 6 spun numbers, we are looking for a repeat which is accompanied by 2 single hit numbers which are being located within 6 pockets to the right or left of the repeated number, thus 2 hits for the targeted number plus 2 more hits for its satellites, 4 out of 6 last spins should be like this.
When you have such event bet the repeater only for as long as:

1) hits at least once per 36 spins
2) while betting continue checking for another event, if there is then change immediately to the next target
3) if 36 bets no hit then stop betting and wait the dealer to change or change the table
4) if no event to trigger the betting within 37 spins then wait for new dealer or change table


My second method is being used when I've no opportunity from the first.

Check the matrix to see the last number, from that number find its triangle numbers, for example say last number was 18, directly across the wheel is number 27, on the middle, between 18 and 27 there is 24, from the other side number 15, so the triangle of 18 is the numbers 27, 24 and 15.
Every number has a triangle, this is just an example.

So the next step is to see if 27 has hit within last 18 spins, if it did NOT then start betting it until:
1) if 18 hits twice before 27 once find another target
2) if 15 or 24 hits then change your bet to the opposite number of the one which hit, for instance hit 24 then change your bet from 27 to 15.

The triangulate method is based that on every single hit should be polarized with another one, but when 2 hits on the same number within last 18 spins then the opposite pole number should be avoided.
Also when the horizontal pole pair is being activated it is time to change if you are on the vertical pair and vice versa.
We don't wait a number to lose many times, we determine our selection by cross reference.

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