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A Section
« on: May 17, 2021, 08:30:20 pm »
A  Section

The Power of a Section

It does not do anything for you to figure out what the shoe is going to present, if you do not wager on it. What so many write about, what so many advise people about and how to wager after so many 'no bet' losses or wins, etc. All that will do is add stress, pressure, frustration and most of all--false sense of confidence to your game.

Waiting to wager for a certain trigger or event to come about with live chips will only confuse you.  Do not do it, in my opinion.

What I see at the tables are the highest majority of the players attempting to figure out what is going to occur because of what has happened and why it cannot continue rather than what is happening and capitalizing on it.  And the most successful way that I have found is extremely aggressive within small sections of a shoe, which I define a shoe to have 3 to 5 sections normally. 

Those are two distinct and very key series of events within a section. Once you figure it out and understand the difference, you might be able to see which is better to wager on, what you want to happen or what is happening. Outside of a section, they do not continue or repeat themselves with any type repetitive presentments.
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