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Juggler FINAL
« on: April 05, 2016, 07:42:50 am »
This is a real simple, yet effective hotnumbers system, it's 3 numbers bet, FLATBET.

Procedure: Begin with noting down Every hotnumber that hits (numbers hit twice during a 10 spin cycle) Now, when you got 3 hotnumbers those are bet.


(1) Note down every numbers that HIT in the list of hotnumbers (in the sequence they hit)
(2) When a NEW hotnumber comes (that is also noted down in the list!), then re-bet: RE-Bet the last 3 numbers from the list of hotnumbers.

That's it!

First tests was played with 5u bets.

Stoploss/Bankroll needed

1u bets 200u
5u bets 1000u

10/10 Games won