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Playing around with Roulette Extreme!
« on: July 30, 2017, 10:18:05 pm »
Hello guys,

I was playing around with the roulette software and an idea struck me! (not sure if it's an unintelligent one yet or not, lol)

Here is a screenshot of 3000 spins.

All I was doing was playing the same 4 numbers throughout the 3k spins and you can see the peaks and troughs. Now I should add that I have run the same type of sims for a while and the 4 number bet seems to have a good bounce back factor where it can swing from a nice profit to negative territory and then back again.  The image above shows it climb to around 850 (+350) dip down to around 320 (-180) and rise back again to a high of 1100 (+600)

So my idea is to record the spins (by the way, this would require a fair bit of patience) and capture the first peak......then you watch it dip and wait for it to reach the first peak again. Then you bet for it to reach a new peak (obviously up to the player to decide when and if to stop) If it drops below the first peak....STOP! Wait for it to climb back to the peak and go again.

Now I suppose one obvious question would be what if it doesn't reach the original peak over many spins.....well, you have not lost anything if you don't play but I think it would be a good idea to do a lot of testing and see what parameters occur. Maybe there is a sweet spot of spins where you have to completely reset and start again!

It sounds too simple an idea and actually a bit crazy  :)).....but on the other hand, has a bit of logic as well!

When you play once spotting the peak, you could lose a few bets before you stop betting.....but then nothing to stop you incrementing your stake slightly on the next attempt etc....even if it's only by a small percentage. Also what happens well you are away from the table has no real relevance considering the numbers you mark down are your own personal permanence. Reaching a profit could take1-5-10 or more sessions. So it's a bit of a unique approach to take.


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