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Vegas and Atlantic City / Re: Top 5 Casinos to Play Bacc...
Last post by alrelax - Today at 03:48:53 PM
In my part if the central to upper Midwest, all I believe are using 8 deck shoes. 

The non-Macau style games are all using dual deck continuous shuffle decks.  Once the shoe is finished, the dealer removes approximately one deck from the discard tower and washes on the table.  Repeats 8 times.  Then reinserts into the machine.  Removes the other shuffled stack, cuts, burns, places into shoe.

Macau style games are a bit different all over.  But most in Midwest and Vegas are basically, pre shuffled shoe in locked plexiglass container is put on table from floor supervisor, zip lock ID cut & opened, deck cut by player if desired and cards burned.

I have witnessed a few casinos willing to do a quick mini shuffle of those after press shuffled shoe opened.  Depends on property and staff.
Hi AsymBacGuy
Thank you for the prompt reply.

I misworded my initial question. I meant to ask about CSM (Continuous Shuffle Machines)in Vegas.

*Most of my casinos in the Midwest, USA utilize two 6-deck blocks of cards and alternate when one block has been completely dealt. It doesn't matter if they are ordered as preshuffled they still run through the shuffle machine. When one 6-deck block has been completely dealt the block currently in the shuffle machine is brought out/ribboned(cut and burn procedure completed), placed in the table-top smart shoe, then dealt to the end,...etc.

I found an informative link below regarding shuffle machines.

A deep dive into Continuous Shuffle Machines

Hope everyone has a good week,
AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable ...
Last post by AsymBacGuy - Today at 04:24:40 AM
First, if A<B (that is we're betting an A math disadvantaged proportion) we're supposed not to go anywhere yesterday, now and in the future.
Yet, at baccarat A/B successions are more dependent that many would think about, schematically we could split such successions into three different categories:

1) Slight/moderate fluctuations at either side;

2) Strong fluctations at A side (positive);

3) Strong fluctuations at B side (negative).

Obviously itlr 1 > 2 and 3 and of course 2 < 3.
The proportional damage of 3 will overwhelm the advantage of 2, but 1 category still includes the vast majority of situations, meaning that they are easily controllable by a progressive betting scheme.

In some way, both strong positive and negative situations (2 and 3) should be avoided by putting the most emphasis to the more likely "intermediate" world.

Obviously a more likely world cannot get rid of a basic statistical assumption that a given propensity must come out more clustered than isolated, thus setting up a kind of negative pattern "boundaries" (stop) along the way.
Such boundaries are naturally counterbalancing a more likely flow, but differently than this one, are way more finite in their apparition as at baccarat key cards cannot disappear from a shoe especially if we'd consider the model as an infinite (!) multistep battle between two sides.

To be worthwhile a progressive plan shouldn't be oriented to get a positive outcome around any corner, just focused to classify the possible negative boundaries permutations happening along any shoe dealt, always privileging the lower classes of apparition by a clustered fashion.

We know very well that very often possible "more likely" scenarios will come out intertwined by less likely boundaries patterns but this thing cannot last for long, so the boundaries problem shifts to the different levels of profitable patterns probability, ranging (for example) from singles to 4 streaks.
Or, it's the same concept, from single isolated sequences to two or three single runs.

Pretend to take the casino's part

Casinos do not give a fk about their math edge (besides side bets), they rely upon more likely pattern distributions belonging to the 1) class, considered "undetectable" by most.
After all, bac players like to hope for strong deviated scenarios constituting the lesser amount of total hands dealt.

Technically casinos must concede some room to such strong deviating opportunities, knowing very well that things will change sooner or later toward a more likely "mixed" distribution.

Well, it's the same thing we should aim for.

Some examples of our progressive plans

Say we want to evaluate the 5th row EMPTY RANGES happening per every shoe dealt.
Ignoring singles and doubles, 3s and 4s streaks will make some empty areas and since 5/5+ streaks are well defined in their average apparition, we'll expect some 3rd and 4th rows to be empty at least two times, obviously this is the same thing that wagering toward clustered 3s and 4s streaks.
The plan has a so high probability of success that we can also add to our wagering options even doubles.

The same about singles successions: 3rd or 4th columns not giving room to any row formation (always considering the clustering effect) are quite rare to happen, giving plenty of room to the more likely 1 or 2 step singles formation.

Obviously some random walks will make those scenarios way more likely to happen, anyway at the end what seems to limit (or not) outcomes' distribution gets an esponential probability to succeed.

It's like that either the actual distribution will form a more likely number of streaks or that such streaks will belong to low classes being clustered.

General Discussion / Countries of Origin Reference ...
Last post by alrelax - Today at 04:01:42 AM
Just thought some of you would like to know (as if we already all did not) where the majority of the new members signing on, first or second posts, attempting to insert their Links, Phishing, Spamming and everything related to those 'low-life' computer journey livelihood ventures people originate from.


There are others, but those are the top 3, that I catch, when I run their IP Locations.  Yes, some do use USA or other country 'Proxy' servers, but there are ways to catch those as well. 

And to reiterate myself and my policies here, I am not against well known and regular posting members inserting links to their posts.  However as far as links to online gambling websites, I rather those are not inserted for various reasons. 

One of those reasons is that I feel most of them are not honest in their business practices.  I tried to deal with a couple of them that are on other forums as well.  I have proven their business practices to be dishonest in many ways.  If they are dishonest in their business practices, I can only imagine what they engage in with their players. 

As far as someone that is honest coming on board here, posting and promoting honest and reputable gaming sites, I am open to that.  But, I want to know who the member is beyond an anonymous, by proxy, email contact only, as well as whom the gambling site is with references and certifications, etc., etc.  Then the person can sponsor our forum and promote business in a real and open way. 

Most likely won't happen because the way I look at those attempting to Link, Spam, Phish, etc., is the same as those that call our cell phones with their robot or off-shore call centers trying to sell after market car warranties, house warranties, burial insurance policies, etc., etc., etc.  And if you attempt to redial and call 99% of them back, your cell phone carrier will tell you, the number you reached has been disconnected and is out of service.  The more creative ones actually have started using your own area code and first three digits as their originating business number, and it is not.  Others have found computer programs to actually show call back numbers of real live businesses and others, that are in no way connected to them.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Right along with those texting they are from the USPS or UPS and there is a package waiting, etc.,etc., just click the link to get it delivered.  Oh yeah one more.  The one about the $1,537.17 charge to Walmart or Amazon and if we made it there is no action required, but if we did not click the link to stop the pending credit card charge, etc., etc.

So, I have nothing against someone that desires to promote honest and reputable online gaming, but I want to know who the person is as well as the business.   

AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable ...
Last post by AsymBacGuy - Yesterday at 09:52:50 PM
Later I'll try to discuss some points about progressive plans.

AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable ...
Last post by AsymBacGuy - Yesterday at 09:48:41 PM
Quote from: alrelax on February 28, 2024, 05:04:49 AM"Of course when in doubt we won't risk a cent".

You are being facetious, right?

Or is that your rock solid m.o.? 

Almost always r.w. 1 takes the lead over r.w. 2 but it could happen that that shoe is more consistent with streaks limited by r.w. 2.
Now if at a given hand r.w.1 dictates to bet Banker but r.w. 2 dictates to bet Player, we simply don't bet.

Taken the issue from a general point of view, yes, we are always in doubt...it's the nature of the game :D

Vegas and Atlantic City / Re: Top 5 Casinos to Play Bacc...
Last post by AsymBacGuy - Yesterday at 09:33:32 PM

Basically when players are not allowed to touch the cards a machine is used, so yes every casino in the list offer machine shuffled shoes (By now we do not know about CP).

Sometimes new fresh decks are shuffled by a machine even if touching the cards is allowed, but obviously we're not interested to play them as a played shoe is discarded and not alternatively reintroduced with an additional one in the machine.

About Biloxi you should ask Alrelax, maybe he knows.

General Discussion / Re: Reference Posting Links an...
Last post by manar26216 - Yesterday at 04:26:34 PM

This new member has a problem following rules and regulations so I banned him and referred him to The Wizard of Vegas Forum, maybe they will tolerate an unsponsoring member posting advertising, links, phishing and spam. 

Forum Owner and Administrator
Baccarat Forum / Re: Great Shoe
Last post by KungFuBac - March 02, 2024, 04:47:30 PM
"...Remember, all I write about concerning low ties 0-1-2-3. Apply it and make money the majority of the times! A great superior indicator in my opinion, experience and when I remember some of the best shoes I experience.  Not a single doubt.  ..."

I agree low-ties shoe seems correlated with a strong event shoe(Strong meaning whatever is happening stays dominant). Its my opinion this is partly due to more events occur thus whatever is strong has more distance to keep happening. Its my opinion that Ties hurt the strong event more than the weak event. For example, if low ties we may get 78 decisions out of a possible 82ish outcomes. However, a high-tie shoe we may only get 70 decisions out of 82ish possibilities. Just my thoughts and my logic could very well be faulty.

Any other reasons or thoughts or counter arguments???

Thx in advance,

Baccarat Forum / Re: Coincidence Vs. "RRR"
Last post by KungFuBac - March 02, 2024, 04:37:17 PM
Good repost alrelax. I thought I had read this but didn't recall after reviewing. So, Im glad you brought it up again.

"..I truly believe after all my years of casino play, that it is not unlikely and unexpected for the results of typical and not so typical baccarat shoes.  The unlikely and the unexpected only gets inserted by the player because he missed or ignored the opportunity when the shoe began to produce the types of results that he classified as unlikely and unexpected, etc..."

"...For me, after so many years of gambling, I either win or I cannot.  There is no in between for myself. I recognize that.  I assume at times, that this is a good thing and at other times, it is not.  But like I tell most everyone, if I cannot win with whatever I buy in with, no matter what amounts I fund my additional re-buy ins, I will still continue to lose. ..."

IMO one of greatest attributes a skilled gamer(investor) can utilize is to only lose down to zero(0) once per really bad session. Yet do NOT limit the upside sessions(We shall see both equally). My preference is to play within a say 5%--10% Risk-Of-Ruin, or say an approx -3.0 SD. If I can't get in sync with the results, I simply accept my beat down. I have never (NEVER) rebought into a session where I busted my buyin. It's extremely difficult for me to bust a buyin in any one shoe simply because I don't wager very many bets in any one shoe. Plus, I mainly do a Pos Progression and if I'm not hitting I'm mostly wagering base-unit sized wagers.

Continued Success,