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General Discussion / A Question about Crypto
March 05, 2024, 08:47:14 PM
I have a serious question(s) for those of you who are involved with the Crypto game.

What is the actual PLAN for your crypto "investments"?

Is it merely to make money, as in any gambling endeavor?

Is it to build something for on down the road when retirement looms large?

With your holdings in crypto, can you use it to live on or plan with for future expenditures?

Do you consider it a real investment in the future or merely something to dabble in while stumbling forward in life?

If you have a substantial amount in crypto, do you sell some to hold back some kind of profit or do you plan on just keeping it until it hits the magical 1 million dollar mark?

Do you have a tax strategy for any of this?

Can you use your crypto holdings as collateral on something in an emergency should the need arise?

I see the alure of the BTC game to many people but somehow I just don't see or visualize the outcome of this.   There simply has to be something I'm missing here.

I just moved another $70,000 from an asset that got called into another product that will produce a similar profit moving forward.  I would not even think about moving that money into a BitCoin.

Am I truly a Luddite in the 21st Century of money management in real life or am I simply not seeing the big picture in the digital world?

Off-topic / What else besides baccarat?
November 06, 2023, 05:38:11 PM
WEll, I was kind of bored today as I got up way too early and after reading through a few threads decided to start this one.

Things we do other than the casino.

Here's my Monday nights.


Other Casinos / Canterbury in Minnesota
October 24, 2021, 04:25:58 PM
Had to spend a week or so "up north" in Minnesota and tracked down a few casinos while I was in the Minneapolis area.

Three places I went to were the Mystic Lake Casino, the Canterbury and a smaller Little Six casino.

Didn't play at Little Six as it just didn't appeal to me at all.  Barely got into the place before we turned around.  Just a weird feeling.

The Mystic Lake Casino is their big casino and had all the usual amenities EXCEPT for baccarat!!   Say what?

They had every card game, slots, bingo, and probably a few things I might have missed.

Finally checked out the Canterbury Casino and that was my sweet spot.   All cards, NO SLOTS!

Yes, not a single slot machine in the place but plenty of poker, baccarat and blackjack including a stadium blackjack area.

As my normal casino does not offer the Panda/Dragon setup, I was slightly taken aback the first time I had a good win on Banker and didn't get paid due to the Dragon scenario.   Had to take a break and regroup for that table.   Finally got it figured out and had a good, albeit frustrating, day on the table.

The lady friend wanted to play blackjack as all her "girlfriends" raved about it awhile back so we sat down at the stadium setup for blackjack.   An unusual $1 to $300 spread with what I can only assume was a continuous shuffle machine that the dealer kept feeding after each hand.   Also a "bad for the player" 6 to 5 blackjack payout, but we were teaching a new player and at a dollar a hand, not much harm can come of that.

She eventually won $30 (on a series of $1-$2 bets) and we called it a day.

I never realized just how noisy a casino is with all those slots going.  When they are gone, it's a very relaxing atmosphere!

Roulette Forum / Florida Roulette
July 13, 2021, 02:48:29 PM

Roulette has finally arrived at my closest casino here in SW Florida.

As I have been shying away from the baccarat tables of late due to excessive manipulation of the chips during play and the fact that the bac tables are always crowded with some really odd people lately, it was a nice change to be able to sit down and not touch anything while playing for awhile.

Although the Tampa and Hollywood casinos have had roulette for a long time, it has just recently come to the Immokalee casino.

I'll be glad when some type of stadium baccarat comes to my local casino, but I'm thinking that won't be for some time way off in the future.   For now, if I want to avoid playing with chips, these roulette tables will have to do for now.


Off-topic / Immokalee Casino
September 10, 2017, 07:38:43 PM
With this hurricane about to tear up my neighborhood in a few more hours, I wonder if I could have used the Immokalee casino as a shelter?

Would have been nice to sit at the table and play instead of sitting here at the "table" in the kitchen and watching my boat take a beating out the window.

Oh well, tomorrow brings a new day and we'll see what happens overnight.

AD (about 4 hours away from getting center punched by Irma)
Off-topic / Building a forum is difficult
September 07, 2017, 02:31:44 PM

  I do believe that "Stephen" is finding that running a successful forum is much harder than it would appear.

  After storming out of here a month or so ago, he has collected 8 members in "his" forum of which probably three are actual real members.

  Of course there is no content to speak of other than more advertising and wild claims about his "service" and writings.

  If anything of substance shows up, I'm sure someone here in this forum will mention it.

Baccarat Forum / I"m Back from Sturgis
August 12, 2017, 07:04:44 PM

  OK, so I take a week or so off and come back here to some kind of bizarre wasteland of silly threats, outlandish, undocumented claims and all kind of non-sense between supposedly adult members of the gambling community.

  Enough of this.

  If Stephen (who is currently moderated) wishes to write about his system play, he can do that without undue pressure from the other readers.  However, as with any system seller, he does have to produce some valid results or will have to suffer the consequences that any other system seller would face when confronted with valid questions.

  The questions should be system based and not another "beotch slap" of each other.

  Free advertising is all well and good but continued spamming by new (and suspect) accounts will not be tolerated any longer.  EVERYONE is put on notice on this account.

  If you absolutely love a published system, it takes more that just spouting off about it AS A NEW MEMBER to gain any credibility.   Without any supporting data, the claims are just that, wild claims for advertising purposes.   Stop doing that.

  The various childish rebuttals and threats won't go more than a post or two before being moderated or removed.  This is an intelligent gambling forum and will not be dragged down into some kind of school yard bully pulpit.

  The moderators have been very lenient on a lot of things while the entire Tabone Trilogy has been developing.   Members like him come and go but he has staying power, at least for now.  Run for very long outside of the rules and anyone can get axed.   The moderators take a lot of flack but attempt to keep this forum on "high ground".  Do not make us pull our trump cards to make it all work.

  It's Saturday and I need to get a warm up session in this afternoon at the range as I'm preparing to classify for the International Revolver Championships in November.  When I log back in tonight, I expect to see civil discussion or NO discussion at all.   Speak and act like adults or you will be treated like children.


Baccarat Forum / Thirty dollars?
July 19, 2017, 02:15:28 PM

$30.00?  Really?

Can we all wait until it comes down to $5 where it should be before rushing out, en masse, to purchase it?

AD (no names in this thread, thank you)  C:-)

Baccarat Forum / My casino is lazy
July 08, 2017, 02:35:09 AM

  Well, it's been getting a bit worse each time I decide to drive down there and play at the B&M Indian casino south of me.   They are very slow to open new tables and they do let the players get a bit "sloppy" at the table.

   Now I understand that the Asian guys really like eating 7 course meals while they play.  I don't get it, but they ALL seem to do it in the "high roller ($100) table area.   OK, you can eat prime rib over your shoulder.   Seems odd, but I guess that's the current state of "being cool" I suppose.   Me?  I'd rather sit at a comfortable table in a the lounge and carry on some pleasant conversation while I relax and have dinner.

  But I digress.

  I show up to play baccarat tonight and the ONE TABLE in the regular area is packed full.  Chain smoking?  Yep, got that at every position.  Bottles, glasses, cigarette packs, miscellaneous debris and ashes everywhere?  Yep, got that in spades.

  I ask if they'll be opening another table soon.   "Not tonight" says the man with the suit and tie behind the curtain.   I tell them I'm not about to play "over the top" of any of these guys and walk away to take a break and dabble on some easy slots.

  I come back to the ONE OPEN TABLE later and most of the players are gone, but their detritus is still on most of the table and there are only two other people there.   The dealer mentions that they have not left, they're just taking an "extended" break of some type.   I told him I was not about to play over their positions, even if they were not currently there.

  Still no new table to open up.   And this is a Friday night!!!

  OK, so I take a hike and decide to just blow it off and head on home.  It's a good night for a motorcycle ride and the 120 miles clears my head nicely.  I figure what the heck, I'll just go home and play out a shoe online and chalk up tonight as an aberration of some sort.

  Wouldn't you know it, I log into BPH and their system is down and I can't get into the live game, at least not from here.   Arrrrrrgh.

  Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I'll be halfway down to the casino anyway so I'll check it out on a Saturday afternoon.


  Hmm, I didn't realize I could start a new thread in this area, so instead of posting up in the "General" area, I'll use this one.

  As several of you have Stephen's book and are testing his play, you can use this area to post up your worksheets showing the ongoing development of what originally started out as a mere OPP play.

  Stephen has the option to remove this from his area if he wishes but for those of you who are working this play, here's my first post on the subject.

  These are the three "fake" shoes that Alrelax posted up a few days ago.  If you haven't tested your play on those, you are falling behind.   

  If our results vary in the extreme, then some of us are not on the same page.  So run those sheets and see what you come up with.

  There are three different plays being run on each sheet.  Zip/F12 and TUBS and of course VDW.


Off-topic / What else do we do?
April 09, 2017, 02:44:39 AM
As this is the "Off Topic" area, I figured I'd post up something other than a gambling subject.

One of my other past times is flying the Phantom drone around.

I have been waiting for about a year to catch this particular train coming out of the trees and crossing a specific drawbridge over a river down south of me.

This would be the result.   

Not my best effort, but it was getting late and the wind was picking up so this is what I managed to edit to completion.

AD (hmm, didn't realize it would fill the screen here)

Albalaha's Exclusive / A good start to the year
January 02, 2017, 11:45:08 PM
Yes, we're off to a good start.  It's only January 2nd and Albalaha has already closed a thread.

Well done.

Baccarat Forum / What an odd shoe
November 16, 2016, 09:50:21 PM
Well, it finally happened, at least for me.

I played a shoe that had NO "Perfect Pairs" on either side, until the very last hand.

It was the 51st hand and the final hand of the shoe and came out with a pair of aces on Player.

The PP players were getting killed, big time.

And no TIE until the 38th hand.   Ugly for the guys system playing a Marty on the Tie.

It's like we've all said, the game will produce some very strange outcomes if you wait long enough!

AD (I don't play PP or Tie so it didn't affect me)


Online Casinos / 5 Dimes
June 17, 2016, 06:30:20 PM
As the above mentioned online casino is currently in discussion in another thread, I would like to ask if anyone here is actually playing there lately.

I have been researching their site and rules but haven't seen any mention of our forum members who play there here on the board.  (with one exception).

So, if anyone has any FIRST HAND information to relay, this would be a good thread for that data.

It doesn't matter if you're a $1 player or a $100 player, just real time, first hand information would be nice.

One just never knows when they might need a back up online casino.

AD (this editor is driving me nuts)
Baccarat Forum / It finally happened
June 17, 2016, 03:10:43 AM
Ran over to the local Indian casino tonight after a meeting in Fort Myers.   I usually do this as the meeting is halfway to the casino anyway, so I may as well use the time to get there for a bit.

EVERY baccarat table was full.  Not just full, but standers at most spots.

Low limit.  High limit.  Chock full of chain smoking players.  Most of the high limit players were eating prime rib at the table.  (I just don't get that at all).

Anyway, I was shut out.  Could not get on ANY table and after a half hour, I headed home.

There was an unopened low limit table ($10-$2500) but they wouldn't open it for me in spite of the people all standing at the one next to it.

Oh well, there's always online tonight.

General Discussion / It was me
October 20, 2015, 07:45:38 PM

  Yes, it was me.   I removed Rolex-Watch/Johno/Mahatma and whomever else he comes in as at least until the end of the month.

  The continued harrassment and negative attitude towards other players, continued disruption of threads and overall bad attitude just got to be too much to let ride for free so he has been put on the "No Fly List" so to speak.  He is not banned.  He has been put on the "Group W" bench as it were.  If you're old enough to know what that is, you'll understand.

   He will be welcome to return later as a fellow gambler, as long as the never ending hatred demonstrated over the last several months is left behind.

   In a message earlier today he has stated that he "is out of here" as this forum is of no use to him.   We shall see if he'll keep his word.

   So when another brand new member shows up later this afternoon and starts slamming the active posters again, we'll take it one day at a time.


Baccarat Forum / Prove you win
March 28, 2015, 06:40:04 PM
This was originally a very long message, now reduced to one question so as to not tax the intelligence of the assembled herd.

How do you prove, on the internet, that you are playing a winning baccarat game?

Hmm, now that I think about it, perhaps a secondary question is needed here.

Why would you need to?

General Discussion / Really? Deleting messages?
March 09, 2015, 01:44:31 AM

  Really guys.   Is your ego so weak that the mere mention of a comment or remark that "you" don't like causes you to blow up and start deleting individual messages?

  Although when the topic came up in an Admin meeting, I voted against having a thread starter being able to delete messages, I was outvoted and the ability became a reality.

  So, let's give some thought about removing messages in your own thread.  Unless there is a true reason to remove a message (something not suitable for a civilized human to view/read) then leave it alone.  Thread continuity is important and although we've had several "high profile" members literally take their ball and go home, removing entire threads, we really don't need to behave like that.   In other forums where this has happened, it just looks silly and childish.   Uh, kind of like it did here!

  So, if you have a problem with a message, mark it for the Admin and let them take care of it.

  Or, if a few words really bother you on whatever it is you've written, you may be in the wrong sport of gambling.

  AD (insert some lame video or photo here attempting to impress the unwashed masses)
General Discussion / Really?
January 08, 2015, 02:32:26 PM

  Is it really necessary to completely remove any thread that may have a post in it that the "owner" of the thread doesn't like?

  Kind of defeats the "let's discuss stuff" theory of a strong forum.

  Sorry if I've offended anyone with a mere comment, but evidently there are those among us who don't take to rebuttal in any manner!

  Besides that, I've never subscribed to the theory that anyone who starts a thread can automatically delete it on a whim, but it's not my call here.

One of the advantages of being the person making the wagers is that it's up to YOU to decide what to wager and when to leave.

Some people shoot for the moon when they play.  They show up with $200 and expect to take home $20,000.   This is not a good plan of attack.

Some people like to come up with some pretty convoluted "solutions" to any baccarat presented and will "over analyze" the entire game, in the process losing track of why they are there!

So, without futher rantings about mysterious and nebulous secrets to winning at this game, and in this case, the shoes that Alabalha has already posted.   Here's the "secret" to making $40,000 on those eleven shoes:

Play the standard [smiley]aes/brb.png[/smiley] ??? ;D method and play it to make  :no: in each shoe.

You can make your stop loss pretty much anything you can live with, but in my case and to keep the test consistent, I used [smiley]aes/stop.png[/smiley] as the stop loss, assuming it would ever show up.   Actually I cheated on the last shoe and exited it, as a loser, at -10 units.

So, if you would like to learn the mystic secret of winning at baccarat on these shoes that Al has graciously posted for us, merely remit $9900 to my PayPal account at "ICantBelieveICanBeSoGullible@ToBelieveThis".

Or you can wait until I get back from the doctor tomorrow and I'll post up the "secret solution" to these shoes.

AD (The Evil Andy)

Don't listen to that jerk [attachimg=1].

Play it TBL to win +6 in each shoe.   Use a -6 stop loss.

This is not a difficult game.

On those shoes it will produce +43.

This is not rocket surgery.

AD (the good one)
Off-topic / Any Shooters Here?
June 10, 2014, 08:35:40 PM

  Well, this is the "off topic" section and I was feeling a little bored this afternoon so decided to post up this video of something I do when I'm not wasting incredible amounts of time doing casino stuff.

  Yes, I'm a shooter.  I have been all my life.  For those of you who are not from "The States" you may not understand our ways with these things, but it's just something a lot of us were brought up with and it's no more odd than carrying a cell phone.  (Which I don't normally do!)

  Hmm, now that I think about it, I carry the sidearm more than I ever carry a cell phone.   Oh well, I like Chicken Fried Bacon too.   Go figure.

  So, to make some sense of this video, my friends were giving me a ration of junk about my shooting for the night and wanted to see if I'd go for a tough shot right out of the box.   One of the clowns puts a tin can on the opening target and I'm supposed to take them both out.  They figured two shots and some time.  I figured to split the difference.  Take a close look at the can on top of the white, steel target for the first shot.

  Also notice the complete lack of respect I get from these "friends" of  mine.   Obviously it's all in good fun, but they just never relent!

  The gun is a Glock 23 and the Seminole Indian Casino in Immokalee, Florida was kind enough to pay for it after a session at the baccarat table last year.

  AD (hopefully this shows up as a video and not just as a link)


General Discussion / 2013 Net Results
December 27, 2013, 01:41:39 AM

  Well, it is that time of the year when we determine just how well we did (or didn't) in the casino environment.

   As no one will be able to see how anyone voted, you should at least try to be honest with yourself and your fellow forum members.

   The poll will run for 30 days which should give everyone a good chance to participate.

   Hopefully we'll have a few "winners" in the bunch.  No names are attached so let's try to be honest about it and see where we stand.

Online Casinos / Checked out this Bovada place
November 03, 2013, 05:11:48 PM

  I keep hearing about this Bovada place (evidently it has something to do with the Wiz guy, who is a topic all its own) and I keep hearing good things, good games, etc.

  So I go over and the sign up is easy enough with just enough advertising to clutter up most screens, but that's pretty typical for the internet side of things.

  Then I go to play some test games on the live baccarat games.

  Hmm, things come to a crashing stop at this point.  There is not any LIVE baccarat game.

  OK, at least I didn't make any deposits, just merely signed up and got an account.

  So I rummage around the place.  Seems nice enough but without a LIVE game, it's pointless (for me) to even think about playing for money there so I at least take a look at their RNG baccarat game.

  Played 20 hands.  Won 19 of them.   Yep, that seems legitimate to me!  I'm sure once I had plunked down some money, that this instant 95% winning pace would continue.

   So, it would appear that my hour of time was not completely wasted.  At least I confirmed to myself the RNG gaming, especially for play money, is kind of out of whack.


Off-topic / I got it right in roulette!
October 21, 2013, 01:53:37 AM

  Yes, I finally got something "right" in roulette for a change.  Literally "predicting the future" as it were.

  Had a chance to drop into the local Indian casino in the middle of the state and the automated roulette machine is GONE.

  The first time I saw it, I commented to the manager on duty that they needed to change the minimums on that table or it would be gone in 6 months.  They asked why and I told them that old, retired folks who show up on the bus to play bingo will NOT play roulette with a $5 minimum on EC's and a $1 minimum inside.

  We discussed it for awhile but they were pretty sure they understood their customers.

   The machine is now gone and replaced with two banks of slot machines.

   I called it but missed by a few months on the timing.

   Oh well, I don't normally go to that one and they don't have baccarat so it's back to the southern casino from my house again.

Off-topic / What do we do when NOT at the casino?
June 20, 2013, 05:10:08 PM
Well, let me start this one off with one of my favorite things.

Shooting with my buddies for beers and burgers!

The guy taking the video is the one I needed to beat and he was not about to help me out at all.  Heckling is usually NOT part of this sport, but among friends, anything goes!!

I figure this can be in a gambling forum because of my tee-shirt.