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PI network social coin that one can mine now for free

Started by Albalaha, March 16, 2024, 05:11:47 AM

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I start with a disclaimer first: " Pi is NOT free money. It is a long-term project whose success depends on the collective contributions of its members. Pi is dedicated to helping everyday people participate in a utilities-based ecosystem on blockchain fueled by a cryptocurrency without the need for traditional intermediaries. If you are looking for quick money, look elsewhere."
      let me introduce you an upcoming crypto that you can get for free and mine on your mobile phone or PC. This is Pi network, a reform  where you earn from crypto technology  without investing a penny, at any point of time. Although it has not been listed on any major exchange yet, it is trading near $50 already on Bitmart and some other exchanges. Joining under my username " sumiteshwar" you can get one PI for free and u can mine one PI in 100 hours now, effortlessly on your mobile phone. With added team of miners joining under your invitation, you mining speed could go manifold.
 Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford University PhD, with over 47 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/sumiteshwar and use my username (sumiteshwar) as your invitation code.
 Come in my group and I will be guiding you always on all tips, tricks and updates. This may go listed any moment so do not miss the opportunity of getting the initial PI for free and great mining speed available now.

Starting from a mining speed of 1.6 Pi/Hr, through halving now the speed is 0.001 Pi/Hr. which will further reduce by halving as Bitcoin did with its halving to keep the value at a graceful level.

  I have seen the advent of Bitcoin and did not take that seriously. I was offered 5000 Bitcoins in early days in lieu of a system of mine worth $200 then. Pi might not ever become as precious as a Bitcoin and probably no coin will ever touch that but its growing prelaunch acceptance is unprecedented. Let's take a bet in it, for free. With 1- 2 minutes daily invested in it could earn for us a substantial amount in the future.

More later.....

Update: PI is being accepted now to buy USDT through P2P on Binance the leading platform for crypto trading.
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Hi Alb. Interesting proposition. This is probably an excellent time to introduce any /everything crypto related. Since the Bitcoin euphoria doesn't appear to be declining at present 3/16/24. Good luck with it.

As a side note, I also think one has to be cautious in clumping "ALL" cryptos together like it has something to do with Bitcoin. I am guilty myself in calling or referring to cryptos as bitcoin. It reminds me of the name recognition for the soft drink Coke(Coca Cola). Most all soda-type drinks have always benefitted by association. Bitcoin certainly benefits from being the first crypto to the party(And always will,IMO).

Most are not connected in any way, shape, or form to bitcoin. Many have been created as a joke amongst friends. Many of these crypto originators have even made these exact statements from the beginning, yet have received millions of dollars from investors (e.g., Doge,Shibu,...etc). Most cryptos originators are simply playing upon Mans innate desire to gamble and take risks, with proposed potential to get rich quick. Thesis by KungFuBac.

 I noticed that not only are hedge funds and financial industry now pushing out crypto ETFs, but now (Grayscale I think) is proposing a "Mini" crypto ETF as an additional derivative. Of course, anyone investing in these ETFs and or "Mini" ETFs own absolutely (0) Bitcoins.

Best of luck to all crypto investors.

"There are many large numbers smaller than one."


PI is a social crypto backed with over 50 million users to start from, before it get launched for open trading. It is doing with gradually creating an ecosystem before launching it for masses, that makes it unique. Early birds will bnefit most as happened with all stable coins. Its halving will make it rare day by day, so one can plunge in this easiest to mine by mobile times.
          I predicted very accurately about bitcoin halving  and a new all time high that is proposed to happen in 1-2 months from now years back. I make a prediction about Pi too. It is here to stay with a concept that can make it stronger than ethereum if not bitcoin, within five years from now. I missed the boat of bitcoin in early days, denying its potential. Pi is a bet, where we have nothing to lose if we enter it now. Get a crypto without spending a penny and join a team of over 50 millions supporters worldwide.
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Important update : Pi network established ATM machines and cards to strengthen this digital currency. Don't miss this anymore.
Email: earnsumit@gmail.com - Visit my blog: http://albalaha.lefora.com
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Ponzi or Pyramid seeks your money to be invested. Invest yourself and get other invested in a Ponzi scheme. In Pi, none is seeking even a penny and all pioneers get to  earn and mine PI without paying a penny.
 I predicted for the new all time high of Bitcoin in 2024 years back. I do predict that PI will stay stronger and in maximum 5 years from now, it will reach over $1000 rate.
Email: earnsumit@gmail.com - Visit my blog: http://albalaha.lefora.com
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Important update: Shared on XTwitter)by Pi news officially:
China grants a license to the Pi network: The network heralds a new era
 Of billionaires
 Breaking news reveals that China has granted a license to Pi Network to operate within the country.  This event has created a wave of excitement within the Pi community, with many believing it to be a sign of the impending implosion of the Pi Network
 And the possibility of creating many new billionaires.
 The license granted allows Pi Network to operate in
 The following areas:
 .  Electronic transfers: Pi Network will be allowed
 Providing electronic money transfer services to users
 inside the state.
 .  Commercial (financial) payment: Pi Network can be used
 To pay for goods and services in stores and businesses that accept .Pi
 .  Mutual funds and fund investments
 Currency valuation, financial guarantee service, and management
 Trust Pi Network will be allowed to participate in
 Financial and investment activities, including fund management
 Mutual investment, mutual funds, currency valuation
 Financial guarantees and trust management.
 .  Withdrawals from ATMs: Users will be able to...
  Network to withdraw cash directly from ATM machines
 Automated using Pi.  This license is an important development for Pi

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QuoteBreaking news reveals that China has granted a license to Pi Network to operate within the country. 

Well that certainly makes me want to rush out to my local ATM machine to see if I can acquire some Pi pseudo-currency.

Seriously.  What are all of these newly created Pi Billionaires going to do with all that Pi money?  Sell it for BitCoin?  Purchase a new Buick?  (Shanghai has a GM Buick plant, I've been there).

Personally, I wish the best for anyone attempting to get in on the bottom floor of still another digital coin or currency.  It's fun to watch but still looks like a gambling adventure rather than an investment for the future.

BitCoin appears to be in a spiral of people who have a fear of missing out (FOMO) and this new Pi coin looks like the same mind set may take over.

I believe we've seen this picture before and we will most assuredly see it again in the future.

Good luck to all in this new venture.

AD (I haven't been to an ATM in many years)


Hi all,

Re: This aforementioned Pi coin Alb mentions above. I had never heard of it(the crypto not Pi) and haven't researched it yet.

Great name/marketing opportunity. They (Pi network) didn't ask me, however, I would have made the Kiosk with a Gold-plated face board at top of kiosk. Maybe made it the shape of a pie (with a 1/6 slice removed)...etc. They could make their token a gold coin with the Pi symbol (Similar to bitcoin except replace the "B" with the "Pi" symbol. I would have launched it on March 14(3/14), maybe they did and I didn't notice. I believe there is a large international club (Pi club) that have a national (maybe international) membership that has an annual meeting and celebration each year. Maybe a good group to pitch it to as some would sign up just for fun. Just some quick thoughts. I wish them the best of luck.

Continued Success,

"There are many large numbers smaller than one."


Pi has been accepted by over 100 million users called pioneers and has over 50 millions active members. Over 2 billion coins have been mined and a large chunk of that lies (almost one third) with developers.The total coins will be 100 billions over a very long span and gradually the mining will get tougher and tougher
   Price of any such currency depends upon the level of acceptance and Pi has started better than any other crypto had ever done and no such coin ever had so much acceptance worldwide in prelaunch stage.
  It has two shortcomings, so far I can see now. First It is absolutely free and those pioneers who have been mining for years have amassed a huge pile. So, people will rush to get free money in early trading days that will make its price go as low as few cents to begin with.
 Secondly, having too many coins in circulation could create deflation type situation in its early years in its ecosystem. Pi has countermeasures to control these, in beginning.
 I believe that when it gets at trading stage, there will be no referral benefits and mining will yield negligible coins.Then it's prices will rise rapidly getting past $100, in a few years.
Email: earnsumit@gmail.com - Visit my blog: http://albalaha.lefora.com
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