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Shoe presentment sequence
« on: October 08, 2018, 09:24:23 pm »
One of the most frequent reoccurring shoe presentment sequences, is the chop (alternating B-P-B-P) sequence after a strong opening or a strong section around the midway point of the shoe. 

One of the indicators is the 6/7 Player side consistently winning with the 1st two cards, or the first two card total is low for the Players side, and then the Players 3rd card brings the Players side point total to a 6-9 for a number of consecutive wins.

As far as the Bankers side, Banker prevails with the first 2 cards while the Players side reduces itself or never betters itself with the 3rd card Player draw.

But there is a sequence when all that happens.  Not following or before anything, I might add.  Just a frequently occurring sequence of presentments.

Lots of times in the very beginning of the shoe or 1/3 or 1/2 way.  The strong sides for both the P and the B or a real strong P or B with a slightly strong opposite side appearing as well within the section. 

Then comes the chop-the alternating longer section, with a couple of doubles or a 3 time repeat once or twice, but a longer section of pure chop, alternating B's and P's. 

Point being, ride the sections.  Do not ingrain your play with the attempt to apply one, two or several wagering bets that you are expecting the shoe to switch up and match what you are thinking. 

The shoe presentments will not conform to what you believe in, or conform to what the people wagering want.

The above sequence is a frequent repeater and one of the most occurring on a repetitive basis.  Stop looking for how many of this or that and what trigger will influence the shoe to produce a certain something.  Instead, identify as to what the shoe is actually doing.  If you cannot justify your wagers with say, 2 or 3 or 4 correct wins, then you are not on the same track as the shoe presentments and what is happening within a section.

It does not matter how accurate your statistics are or how many times your method of what will be presented happened prior to the shoe, whether in real play or computer simulation.  It only counts with the shoe in real time and the shoe you are sitting down in front of.  That is the shoe where you will win or lose money.   

The information I attempted to outline above can be used both ways.  To ride the strong section or to stop wagering it as well.  Likewise, to wager the chop, the alternating B's and P's, without attempting to score on the repeats.  IMO, it is easier to identify the section that the chop-the alternating presentments will continue to appear, rather than the stronger section.
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