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Cuts & Chops Wagering
« on: December 26, 2018, 01:47:44 pm »
I have mentioned it and I have pointed it out. 

It seems as thou the greatest amount of people at any given baccarat table these days, do continually and with an almost every hand wagering repeativness, wager for the 'cut', the 'chop', etc.

Meaning, always to the opposite side.  Streak and repeats, they wager the opposite side for the switch, the cut.  I understand all of that reasoning.  3s are easy, 4s and 5s get touchy, 6s happen and after that, it becomes lesser and lesser likely.  No problem.  They say, I will jump in at the 5th one and bet opposite and only have to risk one or two marty's. etc., to make one unit. 

Then when it is alternating, chop chop, they all say, let's wager for the repeat, can't stay making chop chop, etc. 

Bottom line, almost never wagering for anything redundant except the cut (to the opposite of whatever the shoe is presenting). 

Dealers have mentioned and agreed, for years almost no one hits a streak any longer of any type for substance, especially the whole table the way it used to take place on a regaular basis.  A streak meaning, anything of continuing presentment within 5 to 15 hands or so, does not have to be jsut a run of Bankers or a run of Players.

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