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Hello everyone.  Here is my official announcement about BetSelection Website and Forum Board.  Factual and putting to rest the free for all and the unedited negative and unproductive posts of the past several weeks.  I am making following announcement today as it was released from our counsel which is this:

"I have purchased the Website and Forum, BetSelection from VLS (Victor).  I transferred the money on Friday to our counsel and it is currently being forwarded to Victor.  Victor has confirm that, after he received the confirmation from our counsel.  There is nothing else to post, answer or question regarding the transaction that occurred.  The transaction is subjected to a legal confidentiality agreement and other legal binding terms prohibiting Victor and myself from answering Q&A inquiries regarding it.

The entire site is now owned by me.  I plan to move forward with positive creations, posts, rooms, blogs, and other forum matters, including YouTube and other personal interfacing related areas of involvement.  There will be the Rules & Regulations of Betselection posted and highlighted today within the General Discussion Room.  Please review them and take them serious.

I state here and now, we will not tolerate the discussion of, innuendos, and bringing up of past indifferences from this forum or any other forum or website. This includes twisting and turning, attempts at negating, chastising, humiliating, degradation, etc.  I am sure there are a few that will not choose to follow what I just laid out and those will suffer moderation and/or being banned.  The rules must be followed without question.  I cannot name everything that will be challenged by the negative naysayers and the drama driven members, but you have the gist of it within this paragraph.  If you cannot enjoy, learn, find interesting, and contribute things in a positive and noncombatant way, move on to another forum or form of social media.

I wish everyone well and thank you for your patience and abiding by the Rules & Regulations of the Betselection Forum".

Signed, Alrelax/Admin, Board Owner & Blog Author (Glen)
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