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Topic: What has changed in casinos since the reopening  (Read 560 times)

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What has changed in casinos since the reopening
« on: July 14, 2020, 06:23:51 am »
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  • What has changed since the casinos reopened. First of all, what a lot of people don't understand the rules that are in effect at the casinos are guidelines, rules and regulations of the casino, and they have been adopted from many sources. They are not laws in most cases unless it's so mandated by the local government where they are located at. The Gaming Control Commission and the State Department of Health and the CDC will influence what the casino have adopted in the way of these guidelines, rules and regulations. The casinos local governing Authority has huge powers that most do not even realize are setting many of the guidelines for the entertainment businesses which casinos fall under such as movie theaters, shopping malls and other entertainment type of businesses and places of gathering.

    Different rules and regulations at the casinos will vary from property to property. And those will be different from state to state in the United States. Things have tightened up but awareness while it has been increased, still cannot be a complete guarantee of 100% safety in any environment in the casino, a mall, a supermarket or anything of the likes. If you are worried, scared, paranoid or against Casinos or just plain congregating of people, don't go. Problem solved.

    I have been in four states, two casinos in the first, two casinos in the second, three casinos in the third and one casino in the fourth. What has changed and the details I can think of follows.

    Parking has been changed and that will vary greatly.  They try to control entrance and exit points for the lots and garages as well as how the people enter the buildings, which will be the second thing.  There was one main entrance at all of the casinos I've been to. How they allow the people to come in will vary greatly from requiring a mask at the very beginning to only one of them takes the entering person's temperature such as other businesses are doing in the community. As far as the masks go for the players, two of the states mandate that and in two of the other states it's optional for the players.

    Seating has changed at all of the casinos at the baccarat and the blackjack tables, three or four seats depending on which casino it is as the maximum at each table. Generally there is no standing behind the players and back betting or handing chips for a player to bet is strictly not allowed.  If you're already seated at the table, you can give another player your chips to bet if your below table minimum or your making a side bet and you don't want to bet on your spot or cannot, etc. But there is absolutely no back betting allowed or standing over anyone's shoulder at any of the four states I've been to any longer.

    Two of the states have done away with smoking at the table, a third state it has not been allowed in many years within the casino. The fourth state you can smoke and that is a state that requires a mask,  so you lower your mask you do your smoking thing, you put your mask back on. Three of the States you can drink at the tables, one of the state's you have to step away from the table take your drink set it down off the table and then go back to your chair at the table resume playing. All the self-serve beverage stations have been closed in three of the states, one state has reopened them.

    Dealer-to-dealer things will vary how things are enforced with the players in all the locations I've been to, as well as floor person to floor person how they enforce and what they say to the people. Some are very lenient, others are extremely strict.  All of the dealers are wearing masks some have masks and face shields and disposable gloves and others are wearing only masks with no gloves I will add that most of them were wearing no gloves.

    None of the 3 States had partitions at the baccarat tables because those tables are bigger, some of them have them at the blackjack tables and other table games. One state had the partitions at the baccarat table and they since removed them, but left them at all the other table games telling people that the baccarat tables are bigger, so they felt no need need them.

    In midi Baccarat some properties still let the players handle the cards and some do not. Two the states where they were letting players take the cards are temporarily not letting players take the cards and the dealer only in MIDI. The other two states remain unchanged, players take the cards.

    One of the places has new chips with a new coating on the chips, that they claim makes it more sanitary and easier to clean, the other places have the same chips. One of the places make you sanitize your hands every time you go to pick up the cards in midi bac, you have to take a shot of the sanitizer, the other ones allowing midi do not do that, only when you first sit down at the table.

    The hours of the operation of each Casino have changed and usually from early in the morning till midnight to 3 a.m. and reopening anywhere from 8 to 9 a.m. in the morning.  As well, table and pit openings have changed and those are not really set hours just on demand or whatever the casino has set but definitely has changed from the past 24/7.

    The last thing are the restaurants, they have all changed in all of the casinos with limited options, but definitely increasing as the days go on and kind of mirrors the outside restaurants off the property.  About half capacity for the dine in places and some of the items on the menu are not available with none of the buffets being re reopened, that I have seen. The food courts and the takeout places within the property are about the same with some of the items on the menu not available or one of the several places possibly closed. But pretty much the restaurants within each Casino mirrors the outside restaurants in their own community in the way they are operating.

    All of the rules concerning game play, buying in, cashing out, CTR's,  SAR's. how to wager, wagering and all of that, everything is exactly the same as before March of this year.
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