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Topic: Truth, Money, Winning, Emotions, Lies, Attitudes For Gaming  (Read 595 times)

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You can't handle the truth and you lose money not necessarily because of the game itself.

Western cultures tend to think in terms of rightness and truth and being innocent and right is more important than anything else. Westerners are taught to respect objectivity and facts, more than anything else at least in my opinion and from what I read. The law applies equally to everyone the same or at least it's supposed to and our behavior is something that should be directed by our consciences. But unfortunately it is not always that way.

In the West your honor and your face is more about your personal integrity. We tend to admire the Integrity of those who uncompromisingly face objective truth regardless of how self damaging the results may be or actually turn out.

In the United States you can admit and apologize for your shortcomings and gain respect for your honest efforts to correct yourself and learn from the past, at least the majority of the times. Americans are generally forgiving if someone takes responsibility for their problems or situations that they created.

As a result Chinese ethics has never been based on universal principles of good and bad or anything of the likes. Instead they are more based on the circumstances of the moment a system that the West calls, situational ethics, much to the chargrin of the people doing business in China.

Similarly the Chinese concept of the truth is not black or white either. The emphasis is less on always telling the objective truth and more about what the situation and relationship calls for at the moment.

The difference helps explain the cultural differences on lying. The Chinese will go through great lengths to protect face, their own as well as others. In fact it's perfectly acceptable to tell a lie even a bold face one if it serves to protect face. China's culture of shame does not think of lies in terms of right and wrong. Instead the goal of Chinese truth is often to protect the face of an individual, group or even the region or nation that the person telling the lie represents. In these situations both parties can usually read between the lines and know when the truth is being repackaged to help protect face and they unfortunately will often assume that westerners will know as well.

The truth is Success doesn't come by accident. It comes from consistent hard work in pursuit of a dream or a goal. It comes from a passion that drives you and it also comes from consistently and diligently employing some key habits that position you for such greatness. The Success I'm talking about comes from the desire to win but don't confuse that with greed or an immediate goal because those are two different subjects.

Gambling is by far the hardest and most toughest of professions around on an overall scale of making a living. Do you know why? Because it involves the person controlling their emotions more than anything else. And also involves controlling thoughts when you are in a Zone and you're down financially which just compounds the problems. Do you have the patience and skill to keep it together mentally when you're losing money at the table? That's why it's totally two different things, to try a theory, a system, or a fallacy online and in practice mode and play for real money in a casino.  I'm still sure most people will never understand that.

Can you walk away and come back the next day, just as strong, just as fresh and win twice the amount? See when you lose your mind you lose your money. When you lose your money you lose your mind.  Surely there must be a winning attitude and habits that winners apply right? I have considered this for quite some time. From what I have seen over the years the best of the gamblers will take credit when they do win either the first time or they recoup their winnings and keep winning and then they just curse their bad luck and blame others when the losses come. The difference between the losers and the real winners in my opinion or should we say the average person that losses and wins at various times and the elite minority that continues to win the majority of the time, is their state of minds.  They think and do things differently, they have that winning attitude and the richness from their own mind not from their pockets that always provides a false positive and the wrong frame of mind that contributes having a poor State of Mind and the wrong attitude for gaming which actually contributes the negative and detrimental decision making process that is blamed under the label of bad luck and caused by others.  There, if you read that without twisting and turning and pointing fingers, you just found out why some win and some lose.

Sad but true.

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