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Topic: Our live casino 5 position baccarat bankrolls I administer  (Read 779 times)

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Our live casino 5 position baccarat bankrolls I administer
« on: September 21, 2020, 01:27:52 am »
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  • My name is Dan and I have been reading this forum for some time now.  I am friends with the Admin and another member here as well. 

    We have two bankrolls from 5 people for live casino play that I administer. I'm one person and there's two people off the board as well as two other spots.  The way we have been running, is doing a  2 week sprint and then divide up the money at the end of the two weeks unless each person wants to roll it over with their initial investment and take only the profit or cash out totally.

    I play with two bankrolls, one bankroll is $10,000.  Comprised from each of the five people of $2,000 each. The other bankroll is $20,000.  Comprised from each of the five people for a total of $4,000 each. The profits from each are offered at the end of two weeks and during that two week period no matter how many times I play it's cumulatively used within each bankroll and like I said split at the end of two weeks or rolled over, if desired for additional profits if available.

    Our systematic bankroll from 5 people for 5 positions, works extremely well due to little to no emotions from someone sitting at the table with up to $30,000 of their own money as compared to the way that we do it.

    Emotions causes pressure, pressure causes loss of focus, loss of focus causes problems with wagering all the time. If you do not believe me take $30,000 or close to it of your own cash and go risk it. You will quickly find out what I stated is a sheer undeniable fact.

    That causes the biggest downfall in the game of baccarat. Been there and done it on my own and the pressure was immense as compared to our systematic bankroll of 5 people with the 5 positions as I described.

    We offer the actual baccarat card that I record with each shoe I play, the hands played, how much the wagers were for, and what the profits were. We transmit money by PayPal, Western Union as well as other means.

    I was taking 10% of each person's winning at the end of the two weeks for my allocation as I was paying all the other expenses and investing my time to make this happen. But a couple of weeks ago I was given one of the players positions that cashed out in the bank rolls that we have. So now I have an active position and I do not take 10% of each person's winnings before transmittal back to them.  The only things that are deducted from a person's profits are the expenses that I had to layout in the facilitation of the operation of this.

    Another player is cashing out this weekend as they are requiring all of their funds for their family's purposes.  We currently have one position open as of right now in each one of our bankrolls. If you have interest please p.m. myself and I'll answer your questions and we can talk on the phone.