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Topic: Bis 5x5x5... or Throwing Mud until it Sticks!  (Read 2254 times)

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Bis 5x5x5... or Throwing Mud until it Sticks!
« on: July 01, 2013, 07:28:02 pm »
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  • Lets throw some mud at a little idea, a "friend", just suggested.

    Triple Mud Winging.

    Take spin number. Say #5
    Throw as much mud at it as possible, until something sticks,
    for three following spins.
    How I hear U ask................?

    Like this.
    Number#5,= 1st Dozen, 2nd Column, Low, Red, Odd.

    Mud 1.
    Cover his means of traveling out of the table.
    That is #2, #5, #8, he can not get out either towards Zero, nor out thro rest of 2nd Col.
    Mud 2.
    In case this number, 'beams its-self up" into a shape changer number, we cover its Finales/Exits
    That is #15, #25, ya now.
    Mud 3.
    In case its thinking of escaping in the EC group bus, lets cover that too....
    That is #1, #3, #7, #9

    So, total bet is:- 11 numbers

    Spin for three events only....flat bet.
    On a win, play same number again.
    On a loss, add additional numbers based on next spin.
    Repeat for three loses.
    After the third loss, re-track.