Author Topic: Earn $ by selling your systems/ideas - RoulettePlayer.  (Read 4145 times)

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Earn $ by selling your systems/ideas - RoulettePlayer.
« on: May 11, 2014, 07:22:43 pm »
Earn $ by selling your systems/ideas - RoulettePlayer.

Create new projects in RP and earn $$$.  ( RP = RoulettePlayer )
You have some roulette system/idea, and you think it is winning system.
You are thinking to share it with other persons for some fee.

Now this is possible with - RoulettePlayer.

The process is next:
- I may create a RoulettePlayer project - that will exactly follow your system at 100%
- you obtain owner rights for new created project (using RoulettPlayer software)
- as a result you will be able to sell access to your projects to other members.

Note - by default all projects obtain a full GUI with Save/Load settings, buttons Pause/Continue , etc. (see attach)
In rest the GUI is specific to the system.
How to sell access to the project:
1. you set some price ranges - only you decide how much will cost access to your projects.
Ex: access to your project for 1 week - 10 USD, for 1 month = 25 USD, etc. Free trial period - 3 days.
2. You receive payment by any methods convenient to you (PayPal, Skrill, Netteler, etc.) - here are no restrictions. It is your decision.
3. After receiving the payment - you grant access to your project via Project_users_Access list. So your customer will be able to use your project.
4. Via Project_users_Access list - you may manage your customers: remove expired rights / grant new rights / update existing rights
Any questions may be asked here.

I may create also a demo-version for your project - that will have some limitations, ex: play only 500 spins, or play only till reach +5 USD profit, etc.
In order that any interested person may try your project - before pay for full version.

RoulettePlayer may play at any Playtech casino - may read landed numbers, spin the wheel, place bets, ... etc.

I don't sell any roulette system.
I want just to point you attention to new absolutely FREE software - RoulettePlayer.
Using this tool
- you may play already existing FREE projects
- you are FREE to create you own projects (you may do it yourself or with my help)
- you may play your projects for your own
- you may earn $ by selling your own projects (note - that you will sell them).

So this is a tool that may be used in different ways.
RSS_Pro/RoulettePlayer - coder expert.
RSS_Pro/RoulettePlayer - is limited only by your imagination ...