Author Topic: flat betting,,,,the patience of a stone  (Read 3098 times)

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flat betting,,,,the patience of a stone
« on: July 20, 2014, 09:41:04 pm »
after reading the ideas of what if possible a flat bet or just simply a winning system or bet is or if it in fact is really possible i,ve come up with two conclusions...

1st conclusion is we bet and progress to gain units/money quickly....we hope to win more than lose and think we are doing is after all our reward for our risk....we need to progress to make money quickly...time ratio to earnings and all reality we win we lose ...hopefully most of us break even....we don,t gain anything...but enjoy the thrill of the hunt for a HG

2nd conclusion is the flat bet way...i love the idea of betting bigger units because we are not progressing to an extortionate amount...more money in the kitty then....the reality here is the patience of a stone is needed...there are ideas that different systems played in tune to what you see displayed in front of you is the key....good idea except that when you do recognize that it could well and truly be too late....i can assure you the certain people who make this claim could be making millions if it were that simple..

the true way is to follow the  tables fluctuations ...the ebbs and the flows ....taking 3 steps forwards and 2 steps back...slowly...much beyond anything i could do with the sheer tediousness of it...the sheer numbers of spins that are needed to flatbet could take many thousands of spins from the run from hell to get back from the pit of doom but it can be theory that is a picture from over 100 000 spins from a system nick made a long time back   5875-0

this is flatbetting all the way..checking on it time to time i did notice it was down from highest point over 80 euro,,,but it recovered...take no notice of small red lowest amount the bot doesn,t show the true losses in a way a graph would....i have the opposite sheet to this also....which flatbets and works the same...but has slightly more bets placed than this one...both opposites but both win....
the sheer spun numbers to make this work is impossible in a bricks and mortar casino...and more so at betvoyager or online casinos through connections being cut....

so my summary at this present point is  yes it is possible to win but impossible to implement it...drawdowns need a lot of time to come back from flatbetting but can be done in theory ...progressions can be lost many times and never be recovered....except in imaginations

patience of a friends..patience of a stone [smiley]aes/coffee.png[/smiley]