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random vs random
« on: August 12, 2014, 02:55:53 pm »
ok ....i always wanted a random vs random sheet made up for the bot so i,ll explain the best i this sheet in COLUMNS  BJ...BK..BL...BM...BN..under insert your own bet selection... you can actually edit those list

to either bet for...or bet against using the tab button on COLUMN AT....FTL is follow the last which is used if you want to try and match any hit in that sequence you have put in in any of the columns  under insert your own bet selection...OTL oppisite the last which means you want to bet oppisite any sequence in the columns you have inputted..under insert your own bet selection.

on left of sheet you can see BLACK BOXES above each each ec and dozens columns...2 are ticked in the picture...these black boxes can be ticked or unticked which allows you to choose any from 1 to all  boxes to use ...ticked as in picture means you are or have chosen the picture i have just 2 ticked and just playing them....

again in COLUMN AT  there is an RNG FEATURE which allows a random bet in every ec..doz or col...that is in play that you have ticked...this overides your selection you have inputted and well...just makes its own choices randomly..

there is a progression chart for the ec,s in column bf...also one for doz and cols in COLUMN BG ....also one more progression in COLUMN follow the last on dozens and columns is a single dozen NOT a double dozen as in opposite the last ie otl...

all progressions are fully editable which means you can put your own in there...

so not a usual sheet you would expect and is bot ready or input your own numbers...i think nick excelled himself here and did exactly what i asked for and more...

i have all my stuff uploaded now to mediafire and will if i have time put up a system for bot at least once a week..and if i can remember how i designed them hopefully an explanation too

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Re: random vs random
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2014, 07:30:48 pm »
Mirrored in our server!

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