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Author Topic: 5 (20) Groups Tracker / Clicker  (Read 3791 times)

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5 (20) Groups Tracker / Clicker
« on: June 16, 2015, 10:16:30 pm »
Hi all,

I would like you to test this piece of software.

Download Linkk:

It is a configurable Tracker e/w a Clicker in Microsoft Excel format that will help you to place your bets in time when playing online Roulette. This free TRIAL version will play for 30 spins, and will track 5 bets selection of your choice (Full version will track 20 bets selection and won't have number of spins restricted), and place your bets on the table of an European wheel casino in few seconds with a "Bet" button.

Easy to use:
Click Settings, enter all your Bets Selection to track. rename them as needed, save them.
Select the windows to use (the casino window) for placing bets.
Record all 37 numbers locations, save.
Adjust tracking value of missing appearence alarm for each group, adjust clicking speed.
That it, the clicker is ready to use!
Now enter the session numbers as they come...
When a tracking value is reached, a visual and audible alarm warn you to bet.

No How to? video yet but will come soon...

Enjoy and let me know what could be improuve.

Thanks, Normy