Author Topic: New Even Chance Alert in Roulette Key Gold  (Read 2828 times)

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New Even Chance Alert in Roulette Key Gold
« on: April 07, 2017, 09:53:21 am »
New Even Chance Alert in Roulette Key Gold

In every Roulette session there comes a time when 18 numbers remain unhit.
It usually happens between 20 & 30 spins.
And over the last few weeks of testing this bet it has always won within 5 spins and usually much sooner(for me). Naturally, I can't guarantee this will always be the case but I've only had positive feedback on it so far.

This new even chance bet has now been built into RouletteKeyGold and appears automatically when due.
It displays for about 20 seconds but can be re-displayed if necessary by clicking on the red number 18.

It's easy enough to place the 18 number bet at an RNG casino but to be honest I'm not quite quick enough at live casinos.

In the video below I'm playing for real money. The bet appears after 34 spins it wins on the first spin.
In this instance I decide to double up and bet again. It wins again.
I then stop this bet (with hindsight I should have doubled up an bet again) and waited for the hidden dozen, which lost 3 times before winning.