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Topic: RULES & REGS Explained: The Muting of a Member and my Summation Why  (Read 6781 times)

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I attempted to discuss with Xander the aura and the nature of some/quite a bit of his posting on the board and he became aggressive, defensive and 1 sided-1 way to the max.  I really did desire to be neutral with him and kind of ?wipe the slate clean? such as I did with ?GreenGuy?, bringing him back and active from full-ban status, etc. 

I asked Xander, plainly to be a bit more respectful, some other stuff and mostly to stop the ?one-liners? and ?one liner hits?, because they are offensive types of innuendoes the majority of the time and with his repetitiveness he demonstrates, he does become dominate with that very type of posting.  Problem being, not the content?but the aura of it and it attacks many others that are part and make up this community.  I have had numerous complaints about him and a handful of others that do what he does to a much lesser point.  My analogy to it is a drunk person walking down the sidewalk minding his own business or sitting on the bus bench not bothering anyone?generally doesn?t get brought to the attention of the police.  But, the drunk person jumping up and down and causes havoc by dancing in the middle of the intersection will get immediate confrontation, handcuffing usually following a scuffle and then jail. 

Anyway, I really tried the past 48 hours or so to talk with Xander, I wasn?t getting anywhere except attacked.  All fine.  I stated my case to him and I told him, we don?t have to be friends on here, just exists and be respectful to everyone, in so many words.  Once you disagree, move on?stop the constant and repetitive ?chasing? with the one-liners.  Engage the proper way or move on, in so many words. 

Xander, re-contacted me after that very late the other night and wanted to engage in industry related talk/discussion and so on.  I simply answered him, ?Why are you still contacting me?, etc.  He stopped at that point.  Last night, I sent him about 3 PM messages and stated my case one more time and to cease and desist the disrespect, the repetitiveness of the one-liners, when others go to great trouble, detail and explanation of their sides and he persists with the one-liners and just adds a derogatory and negative aura that turns so many off and actually does stop others from posting or they cut back at posting.  In other words, he desires to spar but fails to engage in the proper way with a decent amount of ?anything? except what I mentioned.  This is not an isolated one-time thing with myself or another. 

Xander is a master of ?twisting and turning? of other?s statements/beliefs and posts.  He picks a word or two from a sentence, or a sentence from a paragraph, or a paragraph from a longer more detailed posting and then uses the twisted and turned, isolated words/words, against the OP/member.

That is wrong?dead on wrong?unless it is done in complete friendship, fun and humor with longtime friendship type of situations.  And that is NOT what Xander and a few others do. 

Another issue that I will not get into here is a more serious one with copy and pasting of research, technical and report type of work without the proper citation and/or written permission as stated within those copy and pasted works.  We are not referring to YouTube, News Articles, Websites links, etc.  Xander clearly violated them with aggressive and defensive and negative actions towards BetSelection and myself in regards to that area.

I am personally tired of it and will not have that ype of aura and behavior on this board.  It does not happen on most other boards, especially those with more of a technical, factual, and professional aura rather than the consumerish ?he said-she said? type of boards. 

For the gist of it and in summation, those are the reasons I placed Xander into ?pre-moderation? last night and then he decided to name call, demean and say certain things we don?t need to go into here.  Another official of the board up?d the moderation level after mine.  I hope this explains or enlightens the action, it fits along with the other 2 areas I am in the process of posting today; Rules of BetSelction; and Posting/Engagement Guidleines and Aura. 

I do wholeheartedly believe that we have a much more lenient moderation and tolerance policy/aura than the other boards out there.  However, I will not have a 'free for all'.  No way--shape--or form. 

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