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Topic: RULES & REGS: Posting/Engagement on BetSelection, Guidelines & Aura  (Read 7872 times)

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Posting/Engagement on BetSelection & Some Other Things

Regarding the posting and engagement within threads here on BetSelection, I will offer the following.  This is not a complete and definitive list by any means.

More or less, guidelines and an expression of my vision, thoughts, what I believe the correct aura and reflection should be for the board here. 

Engage, but engage in a gentlemanly and proper engagement.  This is not the easiest thing to put into words or protocol.  But, I have to put something in as a start and here goes.    I ask you to engage in the proper way, not a '1-line' sketchy, redundant, universal-fit all, 'never really answering/defining a point' but just reinforcing a generic stance of mostly others, etc.  But do not confuse what I just said with that of a proper, short and concise 'defense' whereupon you choose not to go into great detail for sake of not repeating yourself in the defensive efforts of something you posted, etc. 

IMO and that of countless others, things are not explained many times on message boards and many readers interpret those '1-Liners', especially the seemingly negative and strong ones that are extremely repetitive, redundant and thrown out there time and time again with a few other members ganging up and 'bullying' those that actually do desire to engage past the level of sidewalk-yelling and street sparring. 

State your case and if that happens to be a line of total stuff, theory, reasoning, weird or out-of-left field things, great.  So be it.  If it is based all on mathematical, statistical, educational, classroom, long proven theories, textbook knowledge, whatever, great also.  So be it.  Both sides and anything else is totally acceptable.  But explain, engage and defend with gentlemen like tones and over views, summations, monologues and closures, etc., etc., and so on.  Stop the attack mode, the strutting up and pushing an OP's/Members shoulders and provoking, because that is wrong, dead on wrong. 

We are a gambling board with a bit more technical, professional and experience than the recreational gambler consumerish type of message board out there with a few sections/rooms on certain types of table games and slots.  Anything and everything in proportion to gambling, casinos on-line, etc., is allowed--unlike what some think or attempt to enforce or embarrass others into believing it also, where they only desire pure wagering related threads and discussions.  If you don't like it, if you don't like the author, enjoy the author, find the author interesting or useful, if you do not think you can learn anything form the author or member, if you cannot turn what the author or member did wrong into a positive path or finding, etc., etc., just skip the author/member's postings and threads.  Do not engage, stop the conflict and the holding down of anyone for anything.  Move on, the exact same as you do in a book store or a supermarket, no different, none whatsoever. 

Please act and post/answer in a sportsmanship like conduct, that is all I ask and desire.  Because when you do post, you are setting the tone and aura for this board, our board, your board, your base, other people's/member's bases, it is all one place, period.   

As far as the on-going debate and stance of gambling, casino playing, and 'Us' players and members of the board.  The bottom line with the current arguments and stances on this board is really derived from the 3-Ways of wagering while gambling, with whatever style of gambling you might subscribe to.  The way I define and see it, are the following.  Style A)  Mathematical, statistical, following the published and historical beliefs by the already deemed 'greats' of the various industries and past, long run adherence, pre-scheduled protocols and everything else along those lines;  Style B) Employing experience, reality recognition, complete clear vision, in tune with psych----emotional and self-guidance that you believe provides yourself the best path to profits and everything else along those lines;  Style C) Anything and everything else anyone finds, believes in, attempts, gambles with or by or because of and anything else along those lines. 

So are the numbers and results of one style going to outdo and outperform with certainty, protocol and that long-term continued profit, etc., against the others?  Is your way the only way?  So, since others came on here to write about,'their way' because they have found whatever it is they have realized or think they do, so wrong?  Will they eventually go broke or give back what they claim they profited by the employment of their style, so wrong?  Will they eventually get rich employing their style?  Will they eventually find their 'way' turns negative, etc., etc., and so on?  Maybe, maybe not, possibly, yes, no, could be, never.  I don't know and you don't definitely know either, in most cases anyways. 

That is why we have this message board and discussions.  Use it as such.  But do it with the proper engagement and sportsmanship like conduct, which is what I ask.  Unlike Vic, I gamble and I gamble very actively, I post and I have hard-core feelings and beliefs.  Those have nothing to do with the Admin side of the transition we are going through.  However, I might be a bit more involved on the baccarat and B&M casino table game side than the other sides as far as the content and my own personal results and endeavors, etc.  But the personal side will not and does not control the Admin side of what I have to do.  And, if it does I am sure one of the other Mods will point it out to me and I will be adjusted.   

Everyone here, IMO that has any experience on other message boards, gambling or otherwise (Admit it or not) knows you cannot go on those other boards and express a certain steadfast type of stern, strong, apparently your own fixed protocol, fashioned under the premise of being extremely educated, no room for neutralizing, not (NOT) believing someone else has something that can help another, 'open a path' let everyone speak, etc., except I will dominate and attempt control because I am right and there are no other legit ways no matter what anyone is really doing in reality, type of aura.  It does not fly. 

You can post anything you want in regards to gambling, don't get me wrong and don't twist what I am saying.  Just post it, explain it, defend it and don't push it upon everyone and everything and then reduce yourself to one sentence definitive and repetitive lines which tosses that proverbial monkey wrench into the arena, stopping community involvement because most members do not desire to dance and attempt to appease that drunk in the middle of a busy intersection.

Simply, if you don't agree, don't like the OP/member or his/her personality, messages, content, results, etc., just skip over it after you state your initial case.  This is not a sparring contest.  And do not misinterpret what I just laid out as being restrictive and weird?Because it is not.  Also, if 2 or more members want to actually spar in a thread---that is okay, but keep it to those member's threads that actually desire that, NOT universally across the board with most every thread.

Finally, if you do not agree or find the means to live with I outlined, you can simply find a suitable base elsewhere.  Oh yeah, while I am on the subject, I bought the board here from Vic because I have a certain vision and purpose.  Including adding practice and live tables for various reasons, instruction, competition, etc.  Producing podcasts, live studio type of programming, interviews and industry related material and activities, etc.  I did not purchase the board to rule it 'have it all my way' censor or anything else of the nature a few other members came up with.  Vic lost interest and is assuming other avenues rather than the message board and platform venue we have here.

I want the board to be everyone's board but I want a friendly, neutral, read what you want and engage with whom you have interests with and find purpose and reason for being here.  Use it as a base or not, but don't provoke, spar and chase those around the board that have a different purpose or pursuits you might not fully agree with. 

I hope that explains my vision and what I am doing with some of the reasons why.
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Re: Posting/Engagement on BetSelection, Guidelines & Aura
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  • This is a definitive statement from the new owner outlining his overall philosophy and expectations about members' behaviour and their posts.

    Membership here is not a right. It's a priviledge that carries with it certain responsibilities. And those resposibilities include obeying the Rules and respecting the forum owner's wishes.

    If anyone has a problem with its contents then, quite frankly,  they should leave the forum and not indulge in unwarranted and undeserved negative comments about it.

    Therefore I've locked it and made it sticky so it remains prominent and easily referred back to.