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Topic: RULES & REGS: Disrespect, Attitudes, Inciting Needless Animosity, Etc.  (Read 6738 times)

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BetSelection and a more detailed explanation of posting guidelines and the 'aura' of the board:

We do not seek constant 'Needling' and 'Negativity' by members towards other members.  Provoking or annoying someone on a repetitive basis by especially the continual criticism or questioning, taunting, pestering, harassing, prodding, teasing, grouping up of 2-3-4 members and ganging up with the same come back/statement/questions towards another----will not be tolerated, not what we are about and is not what the highest bulk majority of those here seek. 

You can also add, "insinuation by proxy" which for those of you, that say what the heck is that?  Well, that is a slick wording of an insult, the turning around another member's words, or the covert wording of a derogatory and negative statement meant to provoke and prod the others, simple.  Not hard to figure out after a few continually engage with that on a regular and consistent basis. 

No need to taunt, pester, harasses any member here, if you don't enjoy, find interesting, learn and engage with them in a positive or a neutral way, skip their content.  If you disagree, post such and move on.  Do not continue the type of provocation and insulting remarks I mentioned above.  It will not be tolerated.

For those of you that desire to be disrespectful, cuss at and label the Admin/Moderators or Regular and Steady Members, demeaning and negative terms---I suggest you go do it to Keith, Sonya, Mike, or any of the others and see how long you last without a complete ban on their boards, as well as having your IP address blocked from even signing on their websites.

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